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All right podcasters Welcome back. My name is Jared Johnson. I am the founder of platinum pesthole and along with my wife Jennifer Johnson.
She’s the mother of three kids two boys and a girl. We are Tulsa’s premier exterminator Tulsa. We get the job done so you don’t have to.
We are family-owned and operated company Serling’s servicing the greater Tulsa area. You can always reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or Regis online at Puttnam pest and lawn dot com. All right podcasters. If you’ve been joining us you know we’ve talked a lot about past recently that phone over podcast we’re talking about past. Our goal is to educate you so that we know how to best deal with the situation at your home. Exterminator Tulsa
What’s going to be best for you and your family.
And so last less I don’t know seven-eight podcasts we’ve been talking about rats. How nobody likes rats. Having your house disease they carry and everything else they are no good aka no Bueno when it comes to rat.
I’m broke.
We’ve before in the past we have come up with a lot of trivia. We have talked about how many dust mites there are in a square yard of carpet. That answer if you remember was one hundred thousand. Yes, that’s right. There can be 100000 dust mites in one square yard of carpet. We talked about how long a rat can swim before it drowns. The answer was three days. OK. Can Swim for three days before it drowns. We talked about mice and rats and their litters. How many babies they can have. One single female mouse can be responsible for a hundred and fifty babies in one year. OK. They give birth at a rapid rate and they have a lot of babies. They’re prolific breeders. Now my skin in order can enter your home through an opening the size of a dime. OK, they’ll pin the size of a dime whereas rats it’s actually the opening the size of a quarter. It takes two to have them come into your house. If you think you have any of these openings Do you think there are areas that they can actually come into your home? The best thing to do is to google Ekstrom near Tulsa. You’ll be able to click on the link that will come right out there and get that taken care of you. We also talked about roaches fleas ticks all sorts of things. You know if you were a flea. Right. Exterminator Tulsa
So size-wise if you’re OK so you know how these are very small they can get extremely high for their height. If we were a flea we’d be able to jump over skyscrapers. Pretty incredible. OK. But you are not you are human and you might want to get rid of fleas. But today we’re going to be talking about spiders. We’re going to be talking about spiders for the next I don’t know probably the next six podcast here. So we’re anti-glare spiders which I like about them which you don’t like about them. Most people don’t like a whole lot about them. But the thing is that’s what we’re going to address as we’re going to talk about. And so that’s what we are going to educate on during this podcast. It’s going to be about spiders. Now there are so many different types of spiders. In fact, there’s no there are over 35000 different species of spiders. Yes, you heard that correctly about 35000 different species a spider. What I want to talk about today is I want to talk about the ones that are found here around the Tulsa area, of course, brown recluse spiders are found around the Tulsa area. We do a lot of termite inspections for people buying homes. We see brown recluse spiders or at least evidence of brown recluse spiders and just about every single home that we do inspect. OK. So brown recluse spiders very common sputter around here also wolf spiders are extremely common spiders over around these areas. Also black widows.
Most of the time people see black widows they’re going to be in the next year the home. Now many people see Black Widows on the inside of the house. That’s extremely rare but it does happen. You know I would say extremely rare it is pretty rare but it does happen here and there. And then also not only black widows but we see a lot of Sellar spiders on the inside of the homes also. Also yellow orb spiders on the exterior. But there’s also a lot of spiders you know some furry suppliers that you might see in so and so they come spiders around the Tulsa area there. Thirty-five thousand different species. There are the ones that you’re most likely to encounter if you’re here in the area you want to see a train as well. They are out there. You know we see them quite a bit. But the thing is if you see a tarantula or if you see any other type of spider that you just don’t want around your home. Look us up. We are extreme near Tulsa. Give us a call. We’ll come out and we’ll take care and limit your spider issue. A quick and quick response time. That way you just simply don’t have to deal with it. You don’t have to mess with it. OK let’s talk a little bit about spiders. Now we get this usually about this time of year you will get a call someone and says hey you know what I saw this spider inside my house. It looked bumpy It looked like there were bumps on it. But as soon as I smashed it here like multiplied into 100.
Right. And all these little babies just started crawling everywhere off the spider’s back. And that’s typical of a wolf spider. Right. So first of all if you see a spider let’s say a spider that looks like it’s very bumpy. Call us OK. Don’t hesitate. And you might have driven by that billboard that says exterminator Tulsa. Hopefully, you jot down the number because it’s going to be our number. Call us. We’ll come out there and we’ll take care of it. And that way you don’t have to worry about those those little spiders spreading everywhere because that’s usually what happens if people kill them inside their house or they just smash them. A lot of times people don’t know that those are babies that are hitching a ride on their back. And so what happens is you smash them and once you smash them you know all those other little babies start scrambling. They start going everywhere. And so and so you don’t want to deal with that you don’t want to have that happen. And we’ve had calls and people say hey I sprayed them and all of a sudden those little babies went everywhere. All right the best thing to do is just to leave it up to the professionals if you’re dealing with the spiders. You know whether you’ve seen them on the inside you’re seeing on the outside whether you seen the spiders or the bird touches of flu or the Blackwood’s spiders or whatever different spiders you are seeing the best thing to do is just leave to the professionals will come out there will take care of it.
We’ll get it. We’ll get it handled there for you. That way you don’t you don’t have to. OK. Exterminator Tulsa
Now all spiders lot we will see those out in the grass. Some people comb grass spiders. But most of the time they’re going to be what’s called wool spiders. They’ll come inside. In fact, I’ve seen on numerous occasions where it’s the middle of summer. It is so hot outside. I mean in those days when you step out and you start drenching It’s like you’re taking a shower in your own sweat. So pretty nasty. But we’ve had these days we get those days like here in Oklahoma sometimes in Oklahoma can be brutal. Now you don’t want to be outside at least I don’t want to be outside in that weather either. I’d much rather be inside with an air conditioner. So some of that is that that is actually cooling me down but also the spiders want that also as well OK. They want to be here. That’s Cornin down as well. And so what I’ve seen happen is I’ve seen as I’ve knocked on doors on homeowner’s doors. I’ve seen Wolf spiders over there hanging out in the corner outside the corner and what happens. They’re hanging out by the hinges and when that door swings open they see the cool air and they come right on and I’m right there by the hinges and I’ve seen it happen. Oftentimes the homeowners don’t see it. They don’t know what happens as that’s one way that these are so that these wool spiders actually come inside when you open the door and they just sneak right on through. But here’s the thing.
If you don’t want to deal with those fires you don’t want to deal with any type to spider. Exterminator Tulsa
Give us a call just google exterminator Tulsa you will find our number and we’ll come right out there and we’ll get you all squared away and we’ll get you all taken care of. OK. But not only do we take care of spiders we take care of mice we take care of rats take care termites take care of corporations owners ants typical and some people call them to piss ant black cats. I mean we take care of spiders brown recluse spiders black spiders all sorts of different type types of spiders. We will take care of them will eliminate you from your home. We also take care of webworms. Take care.
Ones you know Mole’s Voelz you name it we’re proud of you. Take care. So if you’re going to give us a call Rees’s at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Or you can reach us on the web at Platinum Peston Lynda.com But remember when you use platinum pest and lawn we will leave you with the perfect lawn.
In the past gone and this just in your first service when you use platinum Peston on your first service is just one dollar. Exterminator Tulsa


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