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Welcome to welcome back podcasters. You are.
Awesome. Number one, because you are listening to a podcast, is going to help but educate it. It’s important to invest in ourselves invest in our own education. That can be formal education or they can be either in technology that’s going to help educate us. This podcast is designed to educate. Hopefully, you’ve been educated Tulsa’s you’ve listened in. I am Jared Johnson co-founder platinum pests along with my beautiful wife and mother of three children. Jennifer Johnson, we are the premier exterminator Tulsa. We take care of your pet’s needs right. Your pets need your we control your turf needs. We want to leave you with the perfect one in your past gone. We are family-owned and operated company. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us on the web. That would be the interweb aka the internet. Platinum. Pest. And lawn dot com. All right. So what are you doing to stay cool. I’d like to hear from you. Exterminator Tulsa
Are you getting in water balloon fights with your children maybe with your coworkers maybe with your enemies? Maybe though maybe your neighbors that you do not like. You know that name they just never Mose’s lawn and lets it grow up. You know the neighbor that just leaves stuff all over his front porch. The neighbor that just died just doesn’t keep things up and tidy right. And you secretly despise a water balloon fights with them to help stay cool. Are you doing a slip and slide or are you going to the lake?
Whatever it is Tulsa I hope you’re figuring it out that way you don’t overheat. So. If you’ve been listening to any of these podcasts you know we’ve been talking a lot about all sorts of different past. But first and foremost if you do have any pest concerns or pest issues. The best thing for you to do is to google platinum pest and lawn dot com. Actually you type that in or you can just Google externe near Tulsa. We will be number one on the Google listing. Just click us we’ll come out and get everything squared away and taken care of. That way you don’t have to. OK, we have the talk we’ve done all sorts of trivia Tulsa all sorts of the tour in the past talked to all sorts of insects for them. You know Brown recluse spiders are termites to you know to mosquitoes you name it we’ve talked about it. Dust mites vessel. Trivia questions on those last six podcasts we’ve been talking about mice and we’re going to keep up the trend of the mice. We’re going to be talking about mice again today. We know you just can’t get enough about these roads here. Up. And so that’s what we are talking about that’s what we’re speaking about just a little review on on on the trivia that we’ve we’ve dropped on you Tulsa. Exterminator Tulsa
One question that we’ve asked is What size hole does it take for a mouse in your home. The answer was just to die. Just the size of a dime and they can come in. And the thing is with that is mouse mice are excellent climbers. Right. So you think they think oh my house is still off. I’ve got to go or my home there’s no way that they can actually get into my house. False right. My syncline miles mice are excellent climbers. They will climb up in the inner need to be near your home. They will do what they need to do to enter your home. They want to get in because it’s more comfortable there. Right. So here’s the thing if you suspect that mice might be entering your home they have access to your home once ever. Give us a call. In fact, just google exterminator Tulsa quickly on early. Give us a show. We’ll come out there and take a look at the situation and devise a plan with you that we can eliminate these guys from your home. Right now it’s up there mice. 20 15 and 20 times a day and they leave behind anywhere between 40 and 100 droppings per day per mass. So if you have a family in my shoes you need to multiply that.
By the number of my set are in the family my son swim really well so I know if you’re trying to cool off right now or in the summertime, you might run into a mouse if you’re swimming in a river or creek or over there at the lake. Yeah. But the thing is that with mice that are living outdoors in the wild they typically live only about five months. That’s simply because they have a lot of predators eating them. Exterminator Tulsa
Right. So what is the time that might actually come into your home? Well you know we found out most people are Googling exterminator tolls usually between October and February when it comes. Right because that’s when they’re entering the shuckers that’s when they are entering their homes. That’s what most people want to do something about it. So those were the new Nick Kuria a lot of diseases and they reproduce like crazy a mouse and a female mouse can have between 6 and 10 litters a year.
That is just crazy talk when it comes to comes to mouse numbers and then not only that but after they’re born they can reproduce two months later just incredible prolific breeders. We taught them about the deer mouse and how the deer mouse gets his name. Caught or contrary to popular belief. The deer mouse is not named because it follows deer around the woods all day long. Great this not how they get it. Exterminator Tulsa
That’s not how they get their name. They get their name because their fur actually resembles a deer for its actually pretty fur. I’m kind of like that. That you might have eaten all your flowers in your yard or hopefully just in your weeds right. Hopefully studying your pretty Bermuda or your fescue they usually leave Bermuda alone so hopefully, they’re just in your weeds. Or if you’re one of our customers and we come out there and treat your lawn you’re not having any weed so they’re probably munching on your flowers right. So you know what to eat. Surprisingly the insects know they prefer insects but they do eat grains. You don’t know that other types of food there. But the thing is if you get grains around your home croplands around your home or if you just have food left inside your house is something that you want to do. They can invite them into your home to eat and defeats.
OK, so you know what you’ve learned. Let’s say you’re a farmer and let’s say your farm and your crops and let’s say your fields border a highway well next to hideaways oftentimes is what’s called billboards big advertisements. If that’s the case if that’s you you might have seen one that says exterminator tolls. If so that one is most likely going to be our billboard. Right we’ll take care of your mouse problems that you may or may not have. OK now here’s the thing with your mice is that they make the home outdoors so they’re living strictly outdoors. They’re going to build their nests in logs or piles of garbage where they can have structure and keep their offspring warm. But they are primarily nocturnal and so they sleep in their nest during the daytime. And of course, that’s where they raise their young that’s where they rear them and protect them whenever it gets cold outside. So wintertime. But now dear mice do come inside but when they do that they prefer a quiet area. You’re most likely in the attic or maybe back behind the walls of your home. But either way, they’re going to want to go in and choose a quiet area. That way they can get away from everything and that way they don’t have human contact they try to avoid human contact. As much as possible but that’s not always possible and when they do they’re going to run for me. They’re not going to jump on you. They’re not going to stare me down.
They’re going to run that way ensures them the best chance of survival. Exterminator Tulsa
So here’s what you do though. If you think let’s say you have seen a mouse most likely is more than just one but let’s say you’ve seen one or are you seeing evidence of mice that say you’ve seen their droppings around or nearby. What you want to do is you want to google exterminate or Tulsa you’ll find us there on the web on the internet. Click on us click on the link give us a call we’ll come out and we will take care of it for you. Tulsa so you don’t have to do that when you can focus on golfing and doing whatever it is that brings a smile on your face might be swimming in the lake right now. But whatever it is that brings a smile in your face that way you can enjoy the focus on that. But if you’re having those issues you can give us a call you can reach us at Platinum pest and lawn dot com or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 you can raise an e-mail just. Just go to our website you’ll see where you can write an e-mail do you have any questions we will respond. We will get you. We will get you taken care of but mailing we take care of mice but we take care of all sorts of different paths. Termite’s brown recluse spiders ants. Silverfish house spiders cellar spiders mewl crickets mosquitoes fleas gnats houseflies.
Train flies. Exterminator Tulsa
You know we we we service all sorts of all sorts of places we service residential homes with service commercial buildings we service health facilities health care facilities you name it we’ll get it taken care. But here’s the thing you don’t say here’s what’s so awesome. If you get a call your service is just one dollar. Yes, you heard that right. Your first service is just one dollar. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call we’ll leave you with a perfect lawn and your past gone.


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