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All right so welcome to another podcast with me Jared Johnson your host aka exterminator Tosa aka the founder of platinum pest and lawn. We will take care of.
Of any pets you have and we’ll leave your lawn looking beautiful. Exterminator Tulsa
OK. And we are a family-owned and operated company. We have been in business in the Tulsa area supplying pest solutions for our customers and leaving them with a big grin on their grill. If you want to find us you can pick us up you can go to Google exterminator or Tulsa. There you will find us. We will be number one on Google. Click on to our Web site or you can just type in our web or web site is platinum pest and lawn dot com or you can give us a call reaches 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7., Either way, any way you contact us is a good way and we’ll come around and get you squared away to get you taken care of. Make sure that you don’t deal with any past error or pesky weeds that you might have growing in or around your home. And so if you follow the podcast for any length of time you know that we usually start off.
With a podcast with a little bit of trivia, we’ll come at just strong. Put on your thinking caps and get ready. There are some pretty interesting questions from the past we have asked. How long can roaches stay in the water? How long can they hold their breath? The answer was 40 minutes on that one. We were asked how many dust mites on average are on a mattress. Exterminator Tulsa
The answer was over ten thousand dust mites. Isn’t that crazy. We’ve asked about fleas. We’ve asked how long a flea can stay frozen and still survive.
The answer is one year. So there are tons of fun little. Facts about bugs that we like to give. Yeah, we like. To throw at you every now and then.
But here’s the truth here.
Here’s a good fact for you. If you have any type of pest problem or a weak control problem out in the yard go ahead and Google.
Exterminator Tulsa. That way you’ll be able to see where the information will be number one click on us. We’ll come out there and we’ll get everything taken care of for you.
That way you do not have to. OK. So I’m back for about ticks. OK let me ask you this. How long can Tick’s live without food or water without food and water? How long can articulate what this thing about humans. How long can humans live without water? I think it is between 3 and five days. I mean you can live without food longer than that but. Exterminator Tulsa
Not a very long stint in time so we need food we need water to function on making sure our bodies are functioning properly. Ticks are designed a little bit differently. They can live as long as two hundred days without food or water. What. Yes, let me say that again. They can live up to 200 days without food or water. That is just ludicrous. So that’s why it’s important that if you do to ticks in your home outside your home I don’t think they’re just going to die off right.
There’s plenty of food for them. You’ll live in around your yard meaning in rodents any animals birds dogs cats humans those type things that they will feed on. So if you suspect you have ticks anywhere near.
Your home or your loved ones you probably want to contact the premier exterminator Tulsa and that, of course, is going to be us but we will eliminate that issue there for you. OK. Did you know that ticks more closely digital that takes are actually closer? Let me start all over. Did you know that it takes? Or
actually relate to spiders den and scorpions and other insects that are more closely related to spiders and scorpions than other insects. Kind of crazy to think isn’t it. You know we wouldn’t think that but that’s just the way it is. That’s how it’s happening. But here’s the thing is tits are no fun to deal with. If anybody who’s been bit by tick before. They know that it is you you pull the tick off each ear. It’s up to a month later and really just drives you mad.
So if you’re the type person that doesn’t like to get bugged by you you should give us a call just from Google Ekstrom near Tulsa you will find her information. And so from there just click on it give us a shout.
I will make sure that I stay away from your home today truly from your theory and that they stay away from from from your loved ones.
Oftentimes people get takes when they go for a walk in the spring summertime you know and the word is especially you know they live in Tripoli they live in the long grass. So you’ve got to watch out for them. You know they’re going to get on you if you’re walking in these areas anywhere around the Tulsa area you know in the summertime. And so and so it’s important. That you take precautions before you go out and venture into the woods during this time of year. May she spray down with quality DEET and that way you can make sure you don’t get the ticks and chiggers as well. But if you suspect that they are around your home you do not want them around your home. Give us a call. And you can even talk to your friend about the best exterminator to say. And most likely they’re going to be talking about us. And so that’s that that would be us we’d get that taken care of. And that way you and your family can go enjoy the outside enjoy your yard and make sure the animals don’t don’t get a bit as well. Now to fix it there are basically a couple different types. There are lots of different types of ticks for they can be broken down to a couple of different categories that there are ticks. There are hard ticks and they’re soft ticks are mostly going to be found in the woods. That’s what you’re going to encounter as you’re going walking into the woods. No soft ticks. Their skin skins kind of leathery. You can find those more in caves.
You can find them on birds. That type of thing. But the thing is a hard to tick or soft tick. I don’t know. My guess is you probably don’t want to deal with them. You probably don’t want to mess with them so you probably just want to go in and give us a call. That way we can. That way we can eliminate them. So oftentimes when that tall grass of the weight on shrubbery and the wait for their host to walk by and then from there they climb aboard and it’s free for all. So they will. They will feed. They will eat.
And it’s and it’s you don’t want them to be feeding on you. Exterminator Tulsa
And how did you know that ticks depending on the species?
You know they can live anywhere between two months to two years and that’s a pretty solid life cycle when it comes to insects when it comes takes it gives them lots of time to breed and go from there now takes days.
They bring lots of diseases. Lyme disease is one of the diseases that you can get from ticks from being a tick. You know anybody that has Lyme disease or that has had it it’s no fun to deal with. It’s pretty miserable.
So if you want to prevent your kids from getting Lyme disease from tapes that are found in your yard or you want to prevent getting Lyme disease to give us a call, in fact, you may have been driving down the road and on your way to work and digging them out. All it takes in your yard you could have seen a billboard that says exterminator Tulsa. If so that was most likely us. Just give us a call and next time you’re going to work. Don’t drag it down while you’re driving. Don’t drive down the information while you’re driving. That could be dangerous. The best thing to do is just to memorize it. Use your brain memorize it. And give us a call when you’re at work or actually just pull over and give us a call is probably the best thing to do. We’ll come out there and enjoy and eliminate any tick issues that you do have.
There around your home. Make sure your family stays safe to make sure they don’t get the bed. Make sure they don’t get diseased you know makes you don’t get bit by a disease-carrying care. Take care.
Good thing for you to save that is if you give us a call you can look us up online at Platinum pest dot com where you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Context will be read either way when you come out there and eliminate any tricky issues that she may have had to be handled. But we handle flea’s recluses termites were members of my brown recluse spiders Kepner and will spiders you name it and we’ll slay it. We’ll get it taken care of. But give us a number of perfect land pests. We’ll take care we take care of your macaroon. And now this just tells if you give a shout. We will give you your first service for only one dollar. Yes, we are that confident that you will love our service for service just for one dollar. Give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or we should set platinum pest and lawn.


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