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Bring this lovely morning. Thank you for joining us on the podcast. We are platinum pest and lawn aka exterminator Tulsa. We are family owned and operated a company based in the Tulsa area. If you’re looking to eliminate some pests if they giving you trouble you can give us a call or if you want to perfect looking one gives a shot as well. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You can also visit us online at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. I would say we’re talking about spiders, in particular, the wolf spiders. And why we. Why Oklahoma why Tulsa why green country deals so much with the spiders. Well, number one let’s go and talk about talking about the green country a little bit. If you go ever journey down the road here in the Tulsa area during the spring-summer months you can tell that everything is green. That’s one reason why we get the nickname green country but you can drive down the road and you can look on that on the side of the highway. You see green everywhere you could be cruising down down the road and look up a billboard and see exterminate or Tulsa. So that could be yes. Right. You might see our billboard there that Platinum Pass. Pam Lawton. Well, one reason why spiders are so bad in the green country is well because of all the greenery all the vegetation insects thrive in these conditions and spiders feed and prey on insects.
And so any time you have have a good food source around you’re going to find find find the spiders around feeding on them. Kind of like over here in Tulsa if you look in any good restaurant that’s here in the Tulsa area you’re going to find people ready to eat. Same way with the insects when you have the food there. You’re going to have insects or you’re going to have the pests that feed on those insects. They are also going to be president. And so if you’re dealing with pest or with spiders you know it is time to call an exterminator Tulsa to get that taken care of for them.
Well, let’s let’s see why they are so bad. Well, number one is TSA gets a lot of rain.
Right. There’s a lot of moisture. Moisture helps things grow so you get a lot of vegetation and a lot of overgrowths and in these areas, insects can hide. These are areas for insects to hide and thrive in the vegetation. We’ve had the question before why do I get so many spiders on the inside of my home. Not only do I see spiders outside but they also come inside. How do they come inside the house? Well, there are a few different areas or actually there’s a lot of different access points that the spiders actually go into the home. One is going to be around any windows or doors may be where the weather stripping is and isn’t applied properly where they hadn’t been sealed off for a while. These are great access areas that spiders have into the home during the summertime. Most people don’t want to be outside because of the heat. Well, the same thing when it comes to insects when it comes to spiders outside it’s really hot. They want to come inside where that AC is blowing where that where the environment is monitored. And so they go there and try to find ways to come in. A big access area that they have in the home is the poles of the home.
Those are going to be the gaps in the bricks or are the spacing in the bricks.
Those help those of the home to debris that helps with weight most ships at the same time. That’s a big access area that spotters have. To to access your home. And so that’s one area where they actually come into the home where a few different areas where they come into the house. But if you do see spiders inside the house it’s time to call an exterminator Tulsa. To eradicate those and those taking care of. Another. Another area or another reason why people look for exterminator Tulsa is that those fires are big and they’re scared and they get inside the home.
One way that they do this is actually going to be on your animals a lot of times you know if we have inside animals or implied tenants we have them outside to do their best.
Now when they go out there to do their business they’re walking around the grass or walking around the yard and they are and they might lay down in the yard mentally down on the grass. And if you move in if you’re having your yard treated for weeds and fertilized by planting Tempesta lawn your large your lawn is going to be a man who’s going to be perfect just beautiful. He’s not going to want to lay down in that yard. Everybody’s going to lay down that yard. All the animals are going to want to lay down in that yard now. Now if they’re outside they’re at the park or if you’re surrounded by neighbors that they don’t put the grass. Maybe they have dogs and the animals those insects are going to spread on over to your yard. So if you have an animal that goes and lays down in the yard playing around the yard what happens is these spiders like to hitchhike. They’ll catch a ride on your animals they’ll just grab onto the fur and they will and they’ll ride the ride it out. And as you will come back inside. Guess what they’re bringing with them. That’s right. They’re bringing spiders that bring in bugs that bring other insects into the home. And so that’s an access point that spiders have in your home by catching a ride on your hand. Also, any time that a door is left open that cool air is just pouring outside. The fire is going to sense that they’re going to want to come inside.
And so that’s what happens. That’s the bottom line when it comes to those. When it comes to those fires. Will spiders there. Exterminator Tulsa
Now have you ever Tulsa Have you ever been outside or maybe, unfortunately, you don’t have platinum pass along and you might have seen a spotter on the inside of the home. It looked like it was really bumpy on the back. Has it ever happened to you? You look at the spider it looks really bumpy on the back. And then once you go to smash that spider. Or let’s say spray that spider whatever you get you’ve got to do did it to kill it or eradicate it. All of a sudden those bumps disappear on the spider and they turn into about 100 babies that run around your house has ever happened to you. I hope not. But if you don’t want it to happen to you you better call exterminator Tulsa. That would be said the platinum pest and lawn reach the 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You can also reach us online. At Puttnam pass and on dot com. But what happens with those wolf spiders is what you thought were bumps were actually hundreds of baby spiders on their mom’s back. And so what happens is when you go to smash it you might kill the mom but you’re not getting all the babies that are running everywhere around the hall. And so what happens is when that happens is when the spider gets smashed those babies are going to run everywhere. Also if you see that if you see a big spider with lots of bumps on it. The best thing to do is to spray it that way it’s going to kill and take those babies as well.
It might seem scattered but they’re not going to last very long out there. And so but really the best thing to do is if you see any of those issues or if you want to prevent those issues. I mean it’s easier to control a problem by preventing it than think Kurian after it’s already taken place. But if you want that happening give us a call. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You can also look us up online at Platinum pest and lawn dot com.
But give that a shot. Look at that. We’re happy to come out there and take care of any of your pest control needs that you have. Also your lawn care needs. Meaning your fertilization and your control services.
We thrive in that if you want a perfect lawn and the past gone you need to give us a call. We will take care of you will make sure it looks great. We will make sure that you aren’t dealing with any pets. They aren’t bothering you on the inside of your home or outside or outside the home. You and your family are protected and safe when it comes to the past. And not only that we’re going to provide you with an opportunity to have a beautiful lawn that your family would love to go outside and play a warning that you would love to lay down and take a nap in Milan. That is eye candy to your neighbors and I can teach yourself as you drive down the street. And you look all those other lines that aren’t protected by Platinum pest and lawn they just don’t quite look great Do they? No, they don’t have your long look the best have a perfect lawn and the past gone.
Just give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. We will take care of all of your past and mine needs. Exterminator Tulsa


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