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All right welcome back. So welcome back podcasters.
We are actually if you’ve been listening to us you know who I am you know who we are but I’m going to give it to you straight. Anyways I am Jared Johnson. I am co-founder platinum passed them on with my lovely wife Jennifer Johnson the salt of the earth and mother of three children.
Fantastic Shibe mother of the year mother of the century. If you ask me or anybody that does know her we are platinum pest law and we are the premier exterminator Tulsa. We take care of your pets so you don’t have to do right. You can go enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy doing whether it’s playing golf or playing with your kids or waiting in the garden or just spending time looking at your perfectly manicured lawn weed-free lawn because you use platinum Pesta London com whatever it is that makes you happy. We are. We are happy to take care of your pet’s needs so you don’t have to right to spend time doing the things that you love. We are platinum pest and lawn a family-owned and operated company served in the greater Tulsa area. You can always reach us in 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us online at Platinum past and Lohn dot com. OK so if you have been listening to our podcast. Lately. You know that we’ve been talking a lot about rodents a lot about mice. Exterminator Tulsa
But really what we want you to get out of all this is that if you suspect that you have the type of rodent activity just google Platinum Pass and Lynda.com you can type in platinum pass in London come what you’re going to want to google is you going to want to google exterminator Tulsa will pop up and we’ll get there we’ll get you all squared away we’ll get you all to take care of you know by googling those words those keywords there. OK. Well, right now Tulsa as you know it is extremely hot. He is bearing down on us. Hopefully, you are having a way to cool off whether it’s walking into a giant freezer is walking freezers maybe work at a grocery store or maybe you work for a butcher you know somewhere where you can walk to work inside that nice and cool environment and that when you leave the hard work you know to work outside take care of this past she just leave that to us because we will thrive in those conditions. We’re used to it. We’re used to taking care of past whenever it’s scorching out when the heat index is in triple digits when the temperatures are in triple digits that we don’t have to worry about going out there. You can stay inside sipping your nice ice cold drink watching your perfect lawn grow to perfection right.
That’s OK that’s OK to do because we’re to take care of the past so you don’t have to. OK.
So if you’ve been listening you know we’ve got over tons of trivia tons and tons and tons of you know all sorts of different types of bugs. And recently we had been talking about mice the fun facts only take a mouse the size of a dime to enter into your home or your structure anywhere between 15 to 20 times a day. OK, 15 to 20 times a day now when you eat that much you’re going to poop a lot. That’s just physics baby. That’s science. Is that what. See that’s not true. Doesn’t say it in science. Well, that’s true. It is in science. And you know a lot you’re going to poop a lot. Mice will leave behind 40 to 100 droppings per day per mouse. So do the math if you have a family of mice living inside your home. If you have not gotten rid of them yet. If you not convicted those mice because they are not paying you a dime I can promise you that. If you haven’t done that yet they can be leaders in all sorts of desert diseases. Exterminator Tulsa
Also germs behind. So if you suspect you do have any mice Google exterminator near Tulsa. Click on our link. We’ll come out there we’ll take care of the situation for you. We will remedy the situation that way you don’t have to. Now it is important to go outside and to look at the different areas where mice might be entering your home. Remember it only takes the size of a dime for them to enter into your home and start spreading germs and diseases.
You know Randi you and your family. So just the size of a dime is important. Look up high not just below because mice are excellent climbers they can scale a brick wall like it was nothing. If they’re walking a horse on the ground. They are amazing climbers amazing swimmers they’re excellent jumper’s these things and jump you have no idea. How far and how high they can jump. So if you do happen to see a jumping mouse or let’s say you started with a mouse before and all of a sudden it jumped through the roof. If you see that if you’ve done that. You’re going to want to call exterminator Tulsa to come out and to remedy the situation now. Yes, we’ll get that taken care of you. Right. Mice live about five months out in the wild simply because they are predators working against them they’ve got snap traps trying to get them from homeowners and all sorts of things. Most of the time. Snap traps are being bought from October to February. That’s with most of the mice in your home. That’s because it’s colder outside. They want to get inside. They reproduce like crazy they have six and 10 litters.
If you know in a year. And so the numbers just add up and add up and that. So we’re talking deer mice. Now you might have thought that you might get the name because of the following year around them.
They hitch a ride on their backs. Exterminator Tulsa
This is not so and they should get the name because their fur looks like the gear is deer colored right. You know they live in the forest in the pasture lands croc lands kind of life everywhere.
Now, this is surprising to a lot of people. Deer mice prefer insects overseas and grains but they do their habitat. They’ll sleep in an indoor What’s the inside they don’t want to get in the attics. They want quiet areas back behind the walls in that type of thing. Now here’s the impact that the mice do have or can have on your family now. As I said before they do spread lots of germs.
And they can spread viruses. So you know if you touch one of those this is why it’s best just leave it up to the professionals right.
So leave it up to exterminate or Tulsa. You know don’t touch them. Right. You can spread viruses you can get viruses from them especially dead ones. Just leave them be. Right. Just call us out. We’ll take care of them we’ll get it taken care of so they spread viruses if you touch them. Not only that but just by breathing the fumes they’re released in their urine. Right. So. Mice are going to urinate a lot. If you want to have a fun experiment go up to your attic with the blacklight sometime you might be able to see some fresh urine that comes from mice that comes from deer mice and so you can see just by breathing the fumes of their urine you can get viruses you can spread diseases. So these things are crazy. And as you mentioned because so much so. So what are some ways to prevent these what we mentioned before? Men looking for areas that they are entering into the home and the entrances and exits that they have to and from your home. And because mice eat so much. Right. Remember what’s in between 15 to 20 times a day. So because so much it’s important to clean your homes and valley food out don’t leave anything that’s going to want to make it easier for them to come in the right. So make sure you into your garbage hands frequently don’t just leave your house empty the trash you know to get the trash taken out to make your wife happy. Right. Exterminator Tulsa
Get the trash taken out. Don’t even think of them to eat. And make sure you’re in that area so that you are storing things. Make sure that they are not conducive to Deer Mouse activity right. Make sure your claim sure they’re dry. Your sheds. Make sure those are organized in your garbage cans make sure you just don’t leave stuff behind. Make sure you’re staying neat and tidy. That way it will deter. It will eliminate any habitat you know help prevent you know deer mice from coming into your home. But. The thing is also if you do suspect you do have mice.
Killed the exterminator Tulsa call that is us we are a platinum pest in LA and you said Putnam pest and lawn that karma or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. We will take care of your past needs so you don’t have to. Also, we will keep you long we’ll leave you with a perfect one in your past go but not only do we take care of mice we take care of crickets spiders black widows brown recluses termites wasp fleas ticks. Moths. Fruit flies gnats dragonflies household flies worms bagworms. If you can think of it if you see it and if it’s the last chance or we are going to eliminate it and get it taken care of for you that way. That way you and your family can live in a happy peaceful home. And so give us a call we’ll take care of all of those. And here’s the no brainer offer for you Tulsa your first service is going to be your $1. So give us a call we’ll leave you with the perfect one your past is gone where you said 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Or you can reach us on the Internet platinum pass him on. Exterminator Tulsa


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