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Good morning Tulsa the welcome I am Gier Johnson host of this podcast also the founder of platinum Peniston along with my wife Jennifer Johnson we are exterminator Tulsa. We are the people who will get the job done when it comes to a perfect one. And you’re. Gone. Give us a call. You can always reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You can also find us on the web at. Platinum.
Pest and lawn dot com. All right podcasters if you’ve been following us if you’ve been following the podcast you know that we have talked about all sorts of different bugs lately from cockroaches. Talk about mosquitoes. Talk about dust mites and some interesting trivia at your podcasters are picking up. I was laying down but we were led in Aspen so we were throwing trivia at you like. Exterminator Tulsa
How long can a cockroach live with its head cut off? Well, the answer was one week. Isn’t that crazy when we can imagine? At a chicken farm and you know think about how many chickens are killed at a chicken farm in one week. Can you imagine all those chickens running around with their heads cut off? Yeah. Glad we are glad that roaches are not chickens.
But here’s the situation say we’re going to be talking out your ways. The first thing you do if you have seen an earwig is to give us a call Google exterminator Tulsa you will find us where platinum pest and lawn. Click on the link. Give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. And you will be very pleased with our service and as we will get the job done and get it done right. All right. Well, today we’re talking about earwigs coming at you with some. Fun fast. Trivia action. OK. How earwigs, First of all, let’s ask the question your wings what are earwigs. What are those the bugs they climb inside your ear and grab onto your eardrum? And then when you try to pull them out it rips out your eardrum. The answer is Maybe. OK. Maybe because that could be how they got their name. But do they do that? No. So earwigs get their name because there is there. There’s the myth of the belief that they will when you’re asleep they’ll sneak around when you’re asleep crawl of your head crawl across your face. They’re careful not to crawl into your mouth because that sure death for them to crawl into your ear when you’re asleep and tunnel into your brain. Right. True or false. They do that. The answer is no they don’t, however, they do get there the earwig because of that belief. Exterminator Tulsa
If you look towards the back of that earwig it looks like we have two little pictures of is to believe that they take those pictures and they grab your eardrums or them tunneling into your brain and that’s all she wrote for. That’s not true. That’s not the case by any means. However, the name has stuck with them. And here in the United States, there are twenty-two different types of earwigs. Right. And there are about a thousand different species located all over the world. So what that means is we don’t have many species one is compared to 1000. However 22 different types of species. I mean that’s quite a few rights. That’s happened in stuff there. And so we get their name because that is just simply not true. However, I will tell you this whenever my wife and I miss school in Hawaii at BYU Brigham Young University of Hawaii and the roaches were horrible all sorts of bugs were horrible. Very very bad infestations over there. There was a lot that we knew that when she was asleep there was a German Brown cockroach that did climb into her ear. And they got so far down there it would not come out. And she was screaming in pain it was their eardrum. And it was a very bad ordeal. She left in an ambulance to go to the hospital the pain was so steep can survive here because she had a job. Brad Brown cockroach crawl into her ear. How about that little rhyme in action. So if that happens to you or if you know a neighbor or friend or anyone that.
Has said Peston face infestations so bad they crawl into their ears. Give us a call. We are the premier exterminator Tulsa. And we will make sure that your home stays bug-free so that way you do not have to worry about pest crawling into years while you are asleep. You can sleep in peace. You can rest in peace OK. All right.
Let’s talk about these earwigs. What do they look like? Where do they eat? What’s their habitat. That type of thing. Well, a big surprise is not a big surprise. Earwigs like to be in moist areas of human areas. That type of thing. As such you know woodpiles especially underneath the leaves compost piles that type of thing. These are places that they thrive you know lawn clippings that type of thing. So these are big areas that they will infest and they will be and they live in large numbers outside. So if you see one year where you’re going to see many year wigs you know they prefer the night as opposed to the day. You know they’re more active at that time frame. So they live in these areas in holes in trees you know long clippings compost pile of leaves that type of thing. But they inner inside you will get these inside people will see what ways inside now they’re going into the inside of buildings through cracks crevice different access points that they would have into your home. So if you also if you’re worried. Or wondering if your home is susceptible to different paths such as the airways.
Give us a call toll so you can just go and google exterminator Tulsa. There you will find us. Click on our link on our website and then give us a shout. We’ll come out there and we will evaluate your home and come up with a customized.
The package just for you. Each one is a little different. That way to ensure that you do not deal with these bugs in your house or around your home. OK. Now the good news about your ways is that they don’t spread diseases but who wants to look at them. They are kind of scary to look at. I mean the backside has those Pittwood things. I mean they just look like they are going to crawl into your ear and just rip out your eardrum. So who wants to see that. Who wants to think about that. Nobody wants to see that. Nobody wants to think about that. Nobody wants to mess with that. Right. And so just give us a shout. Get that we can get it all to take care of you. I mean if you look out of the body is your long narrow band an inch long. I mean they look like the perfect bug if there was any bug that will crawl into your ear and drill a hole into your skull. It looks like an earwig would be a good candidate. Exterminator Tulsa
But if you want to prevent that again you might even see a billboard or heard word of mouth about the best exterminator Tulsa and that is yes of course. So just call us and we will make sure that your home is taken care of is passed free. Where else do we control services. If you want to make sure it is your yard is free of weeds looking like the yard of the month just shout. Lucas will get you taken care of. We are platinum pest and lawn. Painting or reach us on the web at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. You always give us a call.
That phone number is 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. We will make you happy we will. Lily, we will leave you with a big smile on your grill. And here’s a good thing for you is we don’t just you know your ways we into all sorts of different types of insects from brown recluses to fleas ticks to mosquitoes to termites right. We’ll even do a vapor barrier in your crawl space and prevent any moisture from coming up to prevent any habitat that might be conducive to pest breeding in your house.
I will take care of mice rodents moles bowls you name it if it’s a pest.
We will take care of it. We will get it taken care of. That way you can enjoy life with your family. Great news for you Tulsa. If you give us a call your first service is only going to be a dollar. Yes, that’s right. Your first service is only a dollar. I know it sounds crazy but we can do crazy things here at Platinum pessimal we want to make sure that your experience when using the US is the best possible experience that you can have. Give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Or look this up on the web. Platinum pest and lawn dot com. Remember when you use us we leave you with the perfect line and your past gone.


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