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Welcome back Tulsa welcome back to another podcast. We are thrilled and excited and elated that you are joining us today and the reason why is because you are choosing to spend your time with us. You could be doing anything that you want to be doing right. Anything in the world that you want to be doing, but what you’re doing is your extra spending the time with us? That’s what you’re doing is your screen with us, and that makes us happy tells us that you are concerned about your education. You want to better yourself, you want to educate yourself and doing all that you need to do in order to make that happen I’m. So we are happy that you are making. That happened. Tells us a lot about your situation about yourself, and so my name is Jared I’m, the hostess podcast I’m, also co-founder platinum, pest & lawn or wife, is the other founder she’s, much more pretty than I, but a good thing. Radio. You don’t have to look at my noggin my face cuz, it’s not exactly the best. Looking much rather look at my wife’s I can guarantee you that right, so some people refer to as in general as Exterminator Tulsa because what we do is we provide pest, solutions intersolutions everyone in the greater Tulsa area answers really. Everyone does because everybody needs a solution because everybody’s going to get bugs everybody’s going to get weeds. It’s all going to happen right. It’s all eventually going to happen if you live. If you live in the Tulsa area right, so people are going to get them. If, if no treatment was ever is done on your yard, you’re going to get weeds or suckers are going to pop up and then you’re going to get them right. And so we don’t want that to happen to you. Don’t let that happen to you if, in fact, you proactive be a proactive application fee. So if you don’t that’s fine right, love you down or if you don’t care, but you just want. No weeds, then call us right. We’ll work out the details, you just call us will devise a plan for you, that’s going to be best for you and your situation. It’s very easy to reach out to us. We make it super simple actually to reach out to us. All you have to do is. Is a text says pest control Tulsa? If you receive that text, it’s important to respond or call I’m glad that will lead you to us. I’ll. Give you all of our information that we can help you out with. Okay and so will just take care of weeds. We do lawn aeration lawn overseeding as well, and we treat both fescue lawn and a Bermuda lawns, but we’ll make it happen, we will leave you the perfect lawn and your past is gone I, wish we all sorts of different type of pests such as spiders ants, bees, carpenter, bees, mosquitoes I’m, leaving, treat termites, so we will treat termites I will treat another type of bugs as well such as such, as though I don’t know, spiders ants mole crickets for you true that if you see a bug that annoys you that you don’t want around I’ll take action. Give us a call 918-376-0857 or you can reach online at 5 in the past and loan.Com with most will find us finance on lawn line through google or bing or possibly even yahoo. Are they do a google search or a Bing search for yahoo search, but the Tekken 3 keyboards that type in our Exterminator Tulsa after they type in those words, I’ll leave them to us to our website I’m not going to get in contact with us. That’s how they find that. So we want them to meet you. We want you to find this I, don’t want you to get in contact with us. So that way you can be a cop, your customer and let us know how we did we’re, always looking to better our service and improve our services. We want to do that. We can’t do that unless we have people to serve as we want to serve you a shout that way. We can help you out. Okay, and we are talking about all sorts of different types of bugs I passed that people are getting right now, roaches are in the cooler months right now. February, that’s typical we’re going to get those calls we’re going to have people are going to have those issues and that’s that’s exactly what’s happening, as people are having those issues right now, they’re having those issues with with with the mice because I’m right now is it has a school outside. Well, the mice want to come inside might want to come in to reproduce they won’t come in because it’s warmer I’m they want to come in because that’s what my stew and what they do to get back on the insulation and that’s where they’re going to start nesting reproducing is a big area. Work for the mice are, but that’s where they’ll get it and that’s where they’ll go and that’s what they’ll do right and once I get in there. They can be hard to read, but we can handle that for you I’m, you leave it up to the professionals. So if you see that billboards that say, Exterminator Tulsa it’s important that you give us a shot that you pull over and let you obey all the traffic laws, if you’re not that jerk, but that you pull over and then she will help you out. We will make it right and we will handle it for you right now. Oh, you don’t have to do the way you don’t have to mess with it. So here’s a case study and so the other day I did for someone.

So these people they were there getting very clean people, had a beautiful looking house and everything looked awesome on their house on their yard and off, and it was everything over with them. So what we did is they. They were getting guys they’re here, scratching their ceiling, so it was in the attic because it was so loud right they will mice. Will mice will really surprise you with how loud they are? You might think it’s it’s a zombie up there, scratching round of you so loud all I saw was the smart thing. They gave us a call or what they did. First, they looked for it, they googled Exterminator Tulsa after they googled us, they found all over the formation and they called us, and then we came out. They were able to help them help get over there. Also, that same day of somebody else called us with mice. Now they could help themselves a lot but not storing trash in the garage. These people weren’t as tight anymore Disney, did a lot of clutter in their home anyways. They had a big environment that that was conducive to mice and, and so they would put trash in the garage and go in there. Tear apart the trash can move the trash everywhere throughout the garage and they would eat it. It just was not good. Finally, they read the breach, the breaking point where it was time to give the professional call, and so they did call us. They call us a profession where ever come out and help them out, but we need help with them it can’t just be all us if there’s no change the environment, so what they need to do is start putting out the trash outside in the trash bin instead of the garage and start cleaning up the clutter, they do that, then they will get rid of mice at an exponential rate because they do breed an exponential rate as well. So don’t let that happen to you search for us or just you know, just if you see any more signs or if you get any of the flyers and say Exterminator Tulsa put that flyer up there on your refrigerator. That way, you always have our information, but we don’t just take care of mice and rats and fleas and ticks bed bugs are bad lot of people have them. We do termites, termites or bad. Also, we handle termites. We can get that taken care of for you all as well. Spiders ants carpenter, ants carpenter, bees carpenter on everything, wood, bees flying insects like mosquitoes flies, wasps, yellow jackets. We do all sorts of another type of services. You know I didn’t bed, bugs with you. I buy crickets silverfish centipedes millipedes Beatles, who did a lot of beetle treatment carpet beetles. We do it all right, moles gophers out in the yard. We can make it happen. Where else do I will treat for Dallas grass and crabgrass in that grass will fertilize your yard will spot treat as well do lawn aeration in lawn overseeding also, but you got to get this calling search, Exterminator Tulsa That will give us a call at 918-376-0857 or you can text all night at platinum. Pest & lawn. Com for your first service is only $1 for Exterminator Tulsa


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