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All Tulane Welcome back to the podcast. If you build this lapel cast you know who I am. Julie Johnson. With Platinum Pass and. We are exterminator terrorists. Several terrorists. Keeping people who pass through their lives looking good. We will leave you with the perfect plan. England your past is gone. That is our motto. Exterminator Tulsa
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Coming next a stranded tourist. We are talking about roaches. We are continuing the podcast on roaches.
Why are you still talking about coaches Jared? Aren’t you tired of talking about roaches? The answer is, of course, I’m tired of talking about roaches but they’re just everywhere. People were tired dealing with roaches So until people are tied down and people don’t have riches anymore then I’m going to quit. I’m going to keep talking about roaches. Keep educating to keep the education high so that way you make sure they don’t come to your house or if they do then they die. So that’s what we want to make sure.
Happens that you do not deal with them. But of course, Tarsa has a lot of roaches and the best thing for terms of that is that there are pest control companies. We are exterminator. We are the premier exterminator Tosa and we get the job done. We make sure that your loved ones are feeling safe and so you don’t have to deal with not only these roaches but such as spiders brown recluses all sorts of other guys that could harm your family. So the roaches we have gone over some come over a few trivia. Exterminator Tulsa
A little bit about the roaches with squirrels recap and review on some of that trivia that we have been talking about. So. We have some questions are. How long have workers been around? How long. Can a roach live without food? How long can a person live without water? How long can they? If a female Roach only meets once. How long has she stayed pregnant? The answer is far more likely. How long this was. This was a weird one coming that year. How long can a roach live without ahead with that head cut off? How long can they hold their breath? How fast can they run? All right. Well, let’s answer those questions right now just a little recap. Cockroaches. Been around since the dinosaur age. They can live. 30 days without food. They can live around 14 days without water. And this one is weird. They can live for about seven days without ahead. They can hold their breath a lot longer than I can longer than you can put that time right about 40 minutes. But see here’s the thing. If you’re tired trying to smash them or if you’re tired of trying to drown them.
Here’s a good solution for you. Google exterminator tell. There we will be and we will get it or swim away taking care of you. So you don’t have to worry that that type of company will get you or taken care of.
All right. Which is what about three miles an hour. Exterminator Tulsa
OK. All right more questions coming at you. Let’s see how many living species are there in the world. Roaches currently 1000 10000 3000 4000. Two thousand. Five hundred. How many species are there? Well, might surprise you. No there are about 4000. Yes, that’s what the for. 4000 living species of roaches. Right. However, there are only about 70 of those species are found in the U.S. That is the great United States of America.
OK. So where were the roaches found? They’re kind of found all over buildings homes that type of thing. They prefer warm environments.
They like to be close to you know shelter food water and everything else so if you expect that you do have roaches or you think your neighbor does or your friend does tell them to call exterminator Tulsa. That would be less platinum pest and lawn. We will get the job done for you. So.
Let’s deal with folks who are right there. What I want to talk to you about we’ve talked about a few different types of roaches.
We want to talk about oriental cockroaches today. They’re prolific here in the Tulsa area. All of them cockroaches in German Brown cockroaches are the most. I see those the largest numbers here in the Tulsa area. We mostly encounter those two types of roaches. Now. The name is Oriental right or you know cockroaches. How do you think they got their name made different explanations out there. They probably got it from trade ships. But guess where these guys come from. They come from Africa. That’s where a lot of different temperatures have come from Africa. Again they hop on these ships they transport their way and they start thriving in a new location such as the US of A. Cockroaches are usually darker than other cockroaches. Sometimes people call them water bugs.
These guys are dirty dirty dirty bugs.
Man, they are oftentimes they’re found in sewers terrains pipes. Just all those nasty areas that you do not want to go. I mean this is the stuff that you see on like horror films so dirty and disgusting. Yeah I mean they’re actually like cooler temperatures more than other roaches. So people say they smell. Not too surprising considering where these guys go.
Man, just everywhere it’s kind of a disgusting thing. Exterminator Tulsa
And so these workers are pretty dirty inside. So what do they eat? Well, they eat all different types of stuff of organic material garbage. You know obviously, they need to drink water. Areas that we’ve seen them now don’t get jealous. Don’t get jealous of my job. I know I have a job that people love and they do not see. They might like a desk job. They might hate the desk job but just about everybody in my job I get to go underneath homes and crawl spaces in some of the nastiest dirtiest stuff and I had the privilege to craft through it and see what it’s like to live like a roach. Right. So we oftentimes encounter these Oriental cockroaches in Crawl spaces. It’s Maurices cool. Sometimes it’s super leagues in there’s a lot of the cane material. You know I mean you’ll find these things not only in crawlspaces but aren’t any decaying tears that just leave you that 10 things. But then you are a nasty nasty nasty. And so. And here’s the thing as they crawl through these areas and then whenever they come to your home what do you think and leave it behind. Yes, that’s right behind those germs and leave behind all that nastiness that they have crawled through. And now that is found in your house.
So if you do not want this and if you don’t want to crawl in your crawl space. That’s a great thing. Is your current exterminator Tarsa. And we will crawl under there for you. Sure they are not living underneath your house when you’re sure they are not spreading their nasty nasty open living quarters with your family. Give us a call. We will keep your family safe because we want to. We’ll get it all. All taken care of all squared away for you. So here’s the thing. Tulsa. If you don’t like smashing yourself or if you’re just tired of dealing with them and seen them in turn on the lights and seen the roaches scatter it is time to google exterminator Tulsa. Give us a call. You can reach us. On the telephone. They have those these days 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You also reach us on the web. Platinum pest and man dot com. Just take care of roaches we’ll take care of you, of course, German Brown cockroaches. Take your recluse spiders in general ants carpenter ants Oriental cockroaches I’m sorry as some people call. The owners and some people call those pissheads will take care of that for you. We control. We take care we fertilize the yard with the perfect lawn. In your past gone look give us a call. And here’s the no brainer offer for you. First service one dollar. Make it happen. Pick up the phone. Move those fingers typing in the keyboard that will be there for you. Exterminator Tulsa


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