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OK, podcasters Welcome back. Tosa. You are listening to the premiere podcast that’s. Take care or at least give you the info that you need to grow. When it comes to Pest solutions they’re on your property in or around your home or even weed control making sure that lawn is looking sharp and looking fancy. So I am Gier Johnson I’m the co-founder of platinum pest along with my lovely wife and mother of our three children. Jennifer Johnson, we are premier exterminator Tulsa. We will come out there and Lemaitre pest control needs. That way you don’t have to. You don’t have to deal with it. We are a family-owned and operated company serving the greater Tulsa area. So if you have any issues with past or if you want to have your looking fancy give us a call and reach us and 9 1 8. 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us on the web. You can accept that platinum pest and lawn. Dotcom. All right. Tulsa and podcasters if you’ve listened to our podcast you know that we have given a wealth of information when it comes to pass. We talk a lot about brown recluse spiders we talk on mosquitoes about ticks about roaches about mice about termites about scorpions name. We have talked about it. We will give you information so that way you are aware. Of the processes that they have to take place in order to eliminate these guys and then have you going good. So so but here’s really the information Jeannin we’re going to fill your fat bag. Exterminator Tulsa
Up to the brand. But really the most important thing that you need to know is that if you are dealing with any of these issues you need a Google exterminator Tulsa. There you will see our listing click on us will come out there and get that taken care of for you. So you do not have to do that. OK. All right. We have talked you know we probably did about 10 podcasts earlier. I’m having dinner with mice with rodents. How mice can all it takes is the size of a dime for them to actually enter your home and into your structure that diseases that that come with them just from the urine. Right. How they leave behind a 40 to 100 droppings a day per mouse how they’re prolific breeders how a female mouse can give birth to a litter of 12 mice. And she knew that every three weeks right for a total of 150 years and then once her babies reach a couple of months old then guess what. They can give birth to 12 mice and litter every three weeks. Right. So the numbers are exponential there’s exponential growth with my SO. So for me, you get those taken care of as soon as possible whenever you do see them. Recently we’ve been talking about Mohs right those last few podcasts have been on Mosse.
And so if that if you are dealing with Mohs if you are not liking them around your home with they’re coming inside take advice from exterminator Tulsa that is me and that is platinum pest and lawn and have a professional come out there and take a look at it so that that way they can resolve the issue because ofttimes there’s going can be a sore somewhere that you most likely won’t won’t know that you won’t be able to see that maybe trained eyes will be fine. That way we can eliminate that from around your home. OK. Now we talked about the Mexican jumping B whether or not that is a myth or whether or not it is actually true. And the answer is the Mexican jumping me is a real thing. I mean it is a real being. It is. It is true. What happens is the larvae from a mosque get inside that bean gets trapped in their Wycherly traps itself in there but once it gets hot then that then the lorry moves around a little bit and gives the appearance that a being is jumping right. We talked about how Moul how males find female moths they can actually since then they. They can sense them from miles away. And once those females lay eggs they can lay anywhere between 60 to 300 eggs per laying. And so they reproduce like crazy. Right. And they can then they can grow to outstanding numbers in a short amount of time. So if you want to prevent this from happening. Google exterminator or Tulsa will come out and we’ll make sure that that doesn’t happen for you and your home your family just simply does not have to deal with those Montse deal with those issues. After all, there are over 13000 different species of moss in North America over 160 5000 different species of moss worldwide. Exterminator Tulsa
We talk about the silk moth how it takes twenty-five thousand. So you can just have one pound of silk write if you’re trying to have one pound of smoke it’s going to take over 25000 supermarket kids. I can’t even imagine the space that’s going to take up in order to yield that silk. Right. So if you are in the soup business you probably don’t want to. You probably don’t want to kill those. And so you probably don’t want exterminator Tulsa to come and treat those for you. However, if you just want some fun facts about that mosque to give us a call and we’ll go over some of those facts with you. And some facts about most of this is very interesting is some mosques actually have a natural anti-freeze in them that are actually going to prevent them from freezing. So they’re going to have to keep the bodies active even during freezing weather. That’s pretty remarkable. Pretty unique. So that’s kind of cool. Now as mentioned before we don’t do that again I repeat we do not recommend catching a bunch of moss and putting him in your car and using them as anti-freeze. Right. Although they might have a little bit of natural anti-freeze in them but they also have a lot of other body parts to him so I don’t think your radiator will like it very much so take it from us and not catch a bunch of moss and not use the moth as and I don’t know if that would work. But we do not want you to try to figure that one out and find that one out.
You’re right. Now some people ask how are most attracted to the light. You know how come I’m always seeing these moths around or around our porch light outside where they come from. Why are there so many laws Mosse around the porch light? Well here’s the deal. Most aren’t. Exactly attracted to light although it may seem that way or it might appear that way. OK. Now here’s the thing is most are primarily nocturnal and so they navigate by actually using the moon as a point reference. All right. So mass would have been the great sailors of the ocean back in the day because they would actually use the moon as their point of reference so when they’re nighttime they’re nocturnal. They’re using their moon using the moon as a way to get around. So they can navigate. Right. But when there’s another light source around let’s say on the front porch you had your porch light shining down shining around casting the light over your front porch. So you can see the door now. You can put your key in the little key. The thing there and the doorknob to unlock your door. I mean you need lights so you can see that. But at the same time, the mosque will see that light and they’ll gravitate to it mostly because they get confused right. So don’t get confused by another light source that is available and they will get lost. And these maps must be mega-mosque. So that you see around you like have to the mailman’s because once they get lost guess what.
They’re not asking for directions. Right. They’re not going to find their way out of it. And so what they do is they get can. Confuse And so, as a result, they typically just stay where they are. Right. So it actually looks like they’re tacked to the light but that’s not actually the case per se. They get confused because they use a light source to travel at night. And once they get lost they just kind of stay put. This is actually good knowledge good information we can actually learn from them if we’re out in the woods and we get lost. The best thing is to stay put I think I learned in Boy Scouts right. And that’s the easiest way for people to find you. So that’s when they’re actually nocturnal Mosser nocturnal they use the moon as a navigation point. And so when there are other sources around such as your porch light they’re going to be confused and to get lost. So it looks like they’re attracted light but they’re just going to be staying put until that light gets turned off. Right. And so those are some fun facts for you to say when it comes to Mars. Next time may talk about India mosque but. Really what you need to know Tulsa is if you have any type of past situation Google exterminator Tulsa we are number one on that listing. Click on us give us a Copperman come right out. We’re going to eliminate your past needs in your pest control issues that you do have. And we’re going to do in a timely manner in an affordable manner as well.
But we do take care of Mosse we take care of brown recluse spiders scorpions normal spiders which will spiders house spiders ants carpenter ants. Exterminator Tulsa
Some people call them to piss ants little black ants odors ants of training and termites. We take care of termites swarming termites. We’re going to take care of rodents. They’ll be mice and we’re going to be pre-emergent weed applications broadleaf weed crucial applications Roski to fertilize your yard so we’ll take care of your turf as well. And so we do all sorts of services to keep you happy Tulsa makes sure that your family is safe from past school to leave you with the perfect law and your past gone.
But here’s what’s so cool is that if you give us a call your first service is only going to be one dollar Tulsa. Yes, that is correct. You heard us right. Your first service Tulsa don’t give me one dollar if he gives a shout. Lucas that he reaches that platinum pestilent column or give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.


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