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The podcast I’m Jared Johnson. I am with platinum passed him on we are exterminator tourists. We are the premier exterminator in the area and the Tulsa area. We take care of everything from mosquitoes to bedbugs to termites to spiders you name it. We take care of it. I mean you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us at the web that platinum pest and lawn dog. All right. So today we are going to be talking about mosquitoes. The pesky little guys that suck your blood. But we are going to be talking about how to get rid of them. How to exterminate the mosquitoes off your property in around your area. And so we are exterminator turtles. And we will take care of those mosquitoes. If you are having a mosquito issue. All right. Well, let’s go ahead and talk about mosquitoes and why nobody likes mosquitoes. But it’s important to remember that if you are having a mosquito issue just go ahead and google exterminator. Tulsa you will find this top on the web there. Just click and click on our link and you can read up about mosquitoes and about our company and how to prevent them and how to kill them and take care of them and eradicate them. OK. So mosquitoes Why do mosquitoes get so bad. Well, they thrive in different areas. For instance, if there’s standing water nearby if you live near any ponds any stagnant creeks anywhere that’s going to hold moisture hold water that’s going to be a problem area there. Exterminator Tulsa
You’re constantly going to be dealing with mosquitoes if those areas are near your home. And so what we do. Are we get rid of those guys for you so you can enjoy your time with your family outside on the patio and enjoying nature. OK. Here’s a little question for you. Now, whenever you get bit by mosquitoes when you’re wrestling with your family outside on the patio having dinner have a nice barbecue with some friends and family over rest around the pool. Exterminator Tulsa
Question When you’re a mosquito What do you think it is. Do you think it’s a male mosquito or do you think it’s a female mosquito bite you? Or is it both a B or C. Well let’s think about this for a second. It could mean birthright by order for it to be birth. Birth would have to feed on blood. And so. To answer the question when you get bit by a mosquito. It is going to be from a female mosquito. OK. And that is because female mosquitoes feed on blood and also plant nectar whereas male mosquitoes just feed on plant nectar. Not many people know that or understand that. But only females are going to be the ones that they’re going to bite you and they need that protein in order to reproduce the eggs. And so they go and they get their their their blood meal from you not from you because you called Platinum pest on them we come out they’re taking care of those mosquitoes. We’re talking about your neighbors are going to be the ones that are getting bit by those by those pesky mosquitoes. Exterminator Tulsa
By the female mosquitoes. And so but not you, not you. So they feed on humans. And they said they’ll take that and they need the protein to help reproduce. And so from there, they’ll go find some stagnant water. That’s a great area where they like to reproduce the mosquito larvae bed and they’re on your property because you’ve gotten rid of all the areas that could be conducive to mosquito breeding. And not only that but. You look. Exterminator tests you found platinum pest and lawn dotcom and you clicked on a link and so we were out there treating your home. And so your house is the happening place in the neighborhood. Exterminator Tulsa
Your house is the house where everybody wants to come over for the barbecue and grab it’s because your house is going to be the mosquito-free house. And so let’s say in so let’s talk about those mosquitoes and.
And how the how they grow to a rapid pace and why there’s so many of them. OK. Question My trivia question here.
How long does it take for a mosquito to go from an egg to an adult? All right guys how many days does it take for a mosquito to go from an egg to an adult bun. And.
That’s the Jeopardy music in case you. In case you have a hard time hearing that. Exterminator Tulsa
That’s the Jeopardy music. And the answer is. 10 to 14 days. Can you believe that it only takes a mosquito 10 to 14 days to go from an egg to an adult? Well, that’s one reason. Two weeks from an egg to an adult.
That’s one reason why mosquitoes can get so bad in such a short amount of time because their life cycle is a very short cycle from egg to adult. So just keep that in mind. Hi, trivia question. How big are mosquitoes? Well, you might know that when you’ve you’ve seen them you’ve smashed them. And so you have to have those guys answer is size typically ranges from a quarter of an inch to three-eighths of an inch. Right now we’re talking about mosquitoes here in the torso area. We’re not talking about drastic park type mosquitoes the ones that carry off your kids however some of these areas and tolls that aren’t treated by Platinum pest and lawn get. Get slammed by mosquitoes were you would think that all those mosquitoes that it just might be possible for them to kill off a small child. But when will that happen. If if you let us come out and treat your house your yard your areas there around your home. OK. Now how do we take care of mosquitoes whether you are a flying insect? But here’s the thing about mosquitoes is they do like to land on vegetation whenever they’re resting. So the undersides leave any vegetation in your garden areas. I don’t know if you’ve ever walked by a garden you know during the summertime when there’s been a lot of moisture and you walk by a garden or a sudden you get swarmed by these little guys but these mosquitoes trying to suck your blood like little vampires. If that’s ever happened to you I’m sure you’ve looked up.
Exterminator turns to remedy the situation. And if you did you most likely called Platinum Pass the lawn. Because we take care of them and we take care of them well. And so what we would do in a situation let’s say you you wanted to take care of your property for mosquitoes. We have a special Mr. that that ad that we have the backpack Mr. where a technician would go and he would treat all the vegetation around your home you know from the trees to the place to shreds flowers of vegetation that might harbor mosquitoes. And by doing this it’s greatly going to reduce the mosquitoes. And we’ve had customers that after the first year of using our services for mosquitoes they have told us they are not going to have their home treated for mosquitoes they loved it that much. They’ve told us before never before had they been able to enjoy the outside in their backyard because they’ve been eaten by mosquitoes. But after you’re after we’ve gone out there and treated and it has been a different story they can now go outside they’re not held hostage by that pesky little pest. And so again if you’re looking to have a good time this summer if you want to have your neighbors over you don’t want to have your neighbors over if you just want to be you and your family outside. Chill and relax and without those mosquitoes give us a call we will take care of them. Right. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Exterminator Tulsa
You also find this on the web on the Internet at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. And this just did if you give us a call if you get in line to put our service we will do your first service for one dollar. Can you believe that one dollar? I know it sounds crazy but will do that with the company in our service that is we come out there and we treat your home per dollar you would be pleased you will see the results. I mean you would want to come back once again 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 platinum person lawn perfect lawn Pescado. Exterminator Tulsa


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