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I am Jared Johnson co-founder with my beautiful amazing wife mother three kids and 10 for Johnson. We founded platinum pest and lawn we are a family-owned and operated company serving the greater Tulsa area. We are a Tauruses premier pest control company. We are exterminator Tulsa. We will make sure that we get the job done. So you do not have to. We are planting the M-Pesa lawn. You can reach us on the web at Platinum pest in London com or you can always give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 will come out right away. To eliminate any of your past concerns or your lawn cerned so we can have your turf looking great. We will leave you with a perfect lawn in your past gone.
All you have to do is give us a shout or look at SAP. We were getting taken care of. Well, Kelso. Hope you’ve been enjoying the hot hot hot weather. Hopefully, you’re able to cool off somehow. Whether it is jumping in a swimming pool jumping in a lake. Maybe swimming in the river. Actually a lot of Oklahomans like to go noodling. Don’t know if you’ve ever done that. I personally have never noodle before although I might give it a try. I would just like to do it with someone who has done it before. I’m just a little nervous about putting my hand in a hole underneath the water. Not exactly knowing what might be inside that so-called Hell underneath the water. Hope hopefully to catch fish. But you just never know. But here’s the deal. So if you’ve listened to us you know we have covered a variety of topics but no matter what pest issues you’re dealing with. Just google exterminator Tulsa you will find us platinum Peston London. Of. Course
we will come out right away in there as well. If past means that you have and will do it in a timely manner.
For a good price as well. So that’s what you’re looking at tolls and gives a shout. So if you tune in recently you know that we have talked to a lot of trivia.
We’ve asked all sorts of questions from mosquitoes to dust mites to roaches to mice to brown recluse spiders to answer to compañero to termites. You name it we have talked about it. We have got it. We have got you covered Tulsa So we’ve asked how many dust mites are living in your mattress. How often can bedbugs reproduce? How much can termites each day? How many termite members earn a colony by the way. The answer is 2 million. They can be up to two million termites in my colony. They see a lot of wood right. When you’re trying to appeal to whatever you’re trying to feed two million insects.
That can really add up quickly. But recently we have been talking about mice. Right. That has been our go-to over the last I don’t know probably five podcasts or so and I’m going to say it like I’ve said before if you’re dealing with mice you do not want to deal with them. Give us a call Lucus up. We are the premier exterminator Tulsa. Exterminator Tulsa
We will come out and service your home make sure that you’re a pest-free make sure you are not dealing with these stinkers. Make sure you are not dealing with these mice right. Let us deal with them so you don’t have to. So we have to talk about what size hole mice need to actually enter your home. The answer that was just a dime right. Even you know a nickel worth right just a dime and they can squeeze right on through. BAM they enter into your structure. Happened to them with them after that. OK. And we’ve also talked about. How much they can eat. And they can eat about 15 to 20 times a day. That’s going to put off a lot of droppings. They’ll leave anywhere between 14 droppings a day in your home in your living quarters. Nobody likes to deal with that. Right. Mice are great jumpers great climbers and great swimmers predators will feast upon them. Bass will eat them. Trout will eat them. Fish will eat them. Snakes will eat them. Foxes will eat them. We talked about how they hunt them in the snow they’ll jump up and pounce and grab them the snows they hear them traveling and going to and fro and so owls will get them Hawks will get them. I’m still so much working against them right. And that’s probably why they only live about five months on average in the wild because they have so many predators trying to eat them all up and harm them. I’m having a lab.
They live about two years in a lab simply because they’re in a stress-free environment right. Nothing is trying to eat them. The fact that you know their food all their water brought to them is climate controlled. Life is good for a mouse in the lab right. Until they use it as test subjects. Well here’s the deal. Also if you think you have mice or if you think your neighbor has mice or live in the house mice have them pull out their smartphone and Google exterminator Tulsa and then click on the link. They will call us and we will come and resolve any of their mouse concerns that they have. So. Typically these phone calls are going to come for us typically between the months of October and February and that’s simply because things are cool. All right. You got to transition the weather. Things are cool off the mice don’t want to be out in the cold any more than you want to be out there in the cold. And why would they be out there in the cold?
Living in the grass right below the little nest when you’ve already built-in nest form a nice big nest with insulation back in the walls. All right. That’s pretty soft for them. They can be soft and clean that insulation. It’s climate-controlled. It’s nice and warm. They don’t have to freeze to death out there. You’ll provide them with all the food and all the water all the necessities of life that they need.
Why would they be anywhere else? Right. So usually when we are going to get her colds earth through October through February whenever these mice are actually coming inside the structures. And most people are going to find this by googling the exterminator Tulsa we’re number one on that list so they’re going to click on us they’re going to contact us. We’re going to get it done. We’re going to get done at a cheaper rate and then the most the companies out there and you’re going to get it done better. Right we’re going to eliminate the issue. So you want to do it quickly. Right.
Because once they come in they start spreading germs and start spreading diseases infecting carry as many as 200 human pathogens. You can get sick pretty easily. They reproduce like crazy. You’ve heard the saying reproduce like rabbits. Right. Well, mice are probably just as fair to say reproducing like mice because they reproduce at such a fast rate and there are lots of different mice that are around. Tons. Tons. Tons of different mice. There’s the deer mice or the Deer Mouse. There’s the house mouse. There are all sorts of different kinds that are around the area and now. We’re stuck with the Deer Mouse for instance. OK. How do you think your mouse got its name. Exterminator Tulsa
You’d think it lives with deer out in the woods. Do you think it waits to it falls a little deer around to jump on its back? I don’t know if you’ve seen those videos of animals out there in Africa. You might have like a rhinoceros that keeps a bird on its back. You know even the bugs and parasites off the rhinoceros they kind of enjoy that right. Or birds on any other type of animals that kind of catch a ride in and help that animal out. Sometimes you’ll see like little suckerfish hanging off sharks. That type of thing. So what do you think you think deer mice get their name because they hang around deer that they follow them in the woods maybe follow them to their house and pay rent to the deer and sleep in the deer home. Do you think that that’s how the deer mouse gets his name? Well if that’s what you thought is probably not a bad idea is probably not a bad guess but the answer is deer mice actually get their name because their fur actually looks a lot like a deer.
Right. Actually looks a lot like a deer. It looks like deer first play nice and soft like this as well. But here’s the thing. You know if you see a mouse you don’t know if it’s a deer mouse you’ll know if it’s a house mouse. You’ll know what mouse it is. The best thing to do is do Google exterminator Tulsa. You will find out as we are platinum passed along. Click on the link give us a shout. We’ll come right on out.
We’ll leave you with the perfect lawn in your past gone even those past including Bisaya especially those past include mice. But not only do we take care of mice we take care termites roaches ants spiders brown recluse spiders take care of fleas ticks mass Indian milkman’s.
We take care of Basically if you name it we’re going to slay. Right. We’ll be able to take care of it and control it for you. Good thing for you Tulse if you give us a call quickly we’re going to get your first service for one dollar. Yes, you’re just right.
Your first service is going to be one dollar you should be happy at that because we will take care of your pet’s needs and or your money back. Remember Tulsa give us a call we’ll leave you with the perfect lawn. Your past is gone.


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