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All right. So welcome back.
We are actually welcome back podcasters listening in the Tulsa area. We are platinum Peston lawn and we are the premier exterminator Tulsa. I am Jared Johnson. I am a co-founder of platinum purse along with my beautiful wife and mother of three children Jennifer Johnson. If any of you have seen her or talked with her you know how kind and sweet she is and how lucky and blessed I am to not only be married to her but to be business partners as well. We are a family-owned and operated company with built upon the principles of honesty integrity in hard work and we will come out there and eliminate any issues you have as far as pest are concerned and we will do it at an affordable rate and leaving you with a smile. Now you can always contact us at Platinum Paris and London. Com or you can give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 podcasters if you’ve been listening to us. You know that we have been talking about all sorts of different kinds of pets. Over the last few days, we’ve been talking about ants roaches dust mites you name it we probably spoke. We’ve probably talked about and probably left you with a wealth of information. Today we’re talking about mice last five podcasts we’ve been talking a lot about mice and of their habits. Diseases that they carry. Exterminator Tulsa
Why would you not want them around your home? What they can do to squeeze into your home. The list goes on and on and on and on.
So if you listened to us you know that we hear that there was no structured trivia that we like a lot of different types of trivia. That’s true. Yes. Pertaining to termites.
How many Termites can be in a colon and termite colony? We’ve asked questions about roaches ask questions about fleas and such as how high can we jump. We have asked questions about Woodchuck’s such as how much would would would check which I could check would we have. Asked Questions about. About how often mice eat. We ask questions about what types of food roaches eat. Exterminator Tulsa
And so the list goes on and on. But here’s a good thing for you Tulsa. You do not have to know all the information that we know about the past.
All you need to know how to do is to work your smartphone or to work on your computer and to go over to Google to the Google and typing exterminator tolls.
There you will find us the premier exterminator in the Tulsa area. And Edgecombe clicks on the link. Pull our information up to give a shout and we will come and educate you.
We’ll come out and take a look at your home make sure that you are or that you and your family are safe. This past is not spreading disease around your home and so forth so we’ve talked you know we’ve talked about the size of the hole that a mouse needs in your home.
It’s only in the size of a dime. It is not very much. So ideally if you search around your home if you find any holes in the size of a dime or larger it’s best to seal those up. Those are the best you can. You can use that foam sealant that works or if there are any other permanent measures that you see that you can take and take them it will just serve you greatly if you can do that.
We’ve talked about how often mice eat between 15 and 20 times a day. Yes, that’s right between 15 and 20 times a day. My See. Now here’s the flip side of that. If you eat a lot you’ve got to poop a lot. And some mice will leave behind 40 to 100 droppings a day pull a mouse. OK per mouse. So let’s do some math. If you have five mice living inside your house inside your walls may be in your attic. If you have five mice. And those five mice are there for one week. Right. And if they drop 100 pounds a day that’s 500 times a day times seven is thirty-five 100 mouse droppings in your home around your structure and your food. Roger kids in areas that you just do not want them to be. So if you suspect you have any mice whatsoever you probably saw the information on a billboard the billboard probably said exterminator told Sir it would have been our information we were and if you would give that number call we’ll come out there and assess the nation end devise the best plan necessary in order to eliminate any of your mouse concerns or any of your concerns for that matter. Right. We’ve talked about how great swimmers and jumpers and climbers mice are so it’s important to not only look low but look high when you’re searching for a dime-sized hole how many were in a mouse to actually enter entering the structure. Exterminator Tulsa
If you have trees or limbs that are hanging over your house or over your roof that’s a very easy area that is a very easy way for mice to access your home. Because there are such great climbers they can very easily climb up your tree.
Drop from lands onto your roof get into the attic and that’s all she wrote. So if you suspect that you have missed attic good Google exterminator Tulsa you will click on us and we will come out there and get the situation remedied get you taken care of right away. And so you know they can enter your attic. You know if you hear anything like gnawing around where you’re trying to sleep you hear anything in that in the walls kind of scratching around.
Now it might sound huge just simply because things sound bigger than there actually are behind the walls and serve years from scratch around. Chances are it’s probably a mouse that you could have. So. So most people don’t want to deal with it. I’d be surprised if you did. Know what you know about mice but the lifecycle of the mouse. You know we had talked before live up to two years in captivity about five years down the wild simply because it has. This because it has all sorts of predators. That is there trying to kill it such as owls Hawks snakes you name it. It’s going to try to eat the mouse. But what about in your house with their main predators. No, probably just you stamp traps that you try to leave out. And so if you do have the mouse what you need is you need an exterminator Tulsa. That’s us. We will get the job done. That way. You do not have to have to do it that way. You don’t have to worry about it. It’s that simple. We talk about deer mice how they get that name we get the name because they look like deer.
We’re there for. Actually looks a little bit like deer fur.
So that’s how they get their name. But one thing we haven’t discussed the deer mice is where they’re found. Right. I mean they’re found all over the place. You know cliffs what cliffs.
How can they be like my house then?
Well, your house kind of looks like a cliff actually your house gives it you know the things that it likes you more than a cliff. They live in force in the woods. Croplands grasslands pasture lands all sorts of areas that they do live. So what do they like to eat? You know they have all sorts of diets. You know they eat all sorts of things. But the thing is if they’re in your home they’re most likely eating your food there in which you do not want them to eat. But they see you know the seeds the berries fruits some people might know might not know that deer might actually eat insects. You know whenever they can find it they actually prefer the insects whenever they can find them. So that’s very interesting. So what kind of insects could a near miss in your mouth? Eat well they eat what they can find. So they’d be grasshoppers Beadle. Caterpillars. So really any insects they come upon or that they find they’re going to snatch up their ear right away. Exterminator Tulsa
But they don’t just mean you know they’re not just carnivores they’re omnivores. That’s a fancy word for me the bull.
Vegetation and meat. I mean really seeds like as we said fruits of various grains crops that type of thing. But the thing is if you have that around your home. Or if you suspect that you have mice give us a call we are exterminator Tulsa will come out well.
Assess the situation and we’ll make it right for you we’ll get it all taken care of so you don’t have to remember. We will leave you with the perfect law and your pets. But we don’t just deal with mice. We deal with rats. We deal with termites. We deal with webworms we deal with brown recluse spiders carpentering ants Argentine ants odorous ants mice mosquitoes.
Fleas ticks.
We take care of the weeds. You know we take care of weeds will fertilize the yard make sure it’s looking good. Exterminator Tulsa
We’ll treat broadleaf will treat crabgrass Dallas grass yellow sage you name it we’re going to take care of it. But the good thing for you Tulsa is you don’t have to know that you don’t have to know what it is if you’re dealing with you knows you do not like that pass you do not like that we give us a call we’ll come out and remedy the situation for you.
In fact, your first service is only one dollar. I know how crazy is that. Give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us online at Platinum.
Pass on dot com.


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