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All read podcasters Welcome back to another sudden episode brought to you by Puttnam pest and lawn. I am Jared Johnson. I am the co-owner of platinum pest and lawn with my wonderful beautiful amazing wife Jennifer Johnson mother of our three children two boys one girl we will.
Yet we are yet determined or it is yet to be determined. How many kids the Johnson clan is going to have. But. No matter what the number. We know there are going to be experts and pests and we control because are going to listen to these podcast as are you by the time we are done Tulsa you are going to be an expert in Pest and our management and everything that you need to know in order to work for us. So if you’re looking for a job if you listen to this contact us we might be hiring. And if you’re good we would love to have you. But that’s what we do. So we serve the greater Tulsa area. We are exterminator also. And so we deal with the past in the weeds. We get the job done and you guys do not have to mess with it at all. We are family-owned and operated companies always have been most likely always will be you reach that platinum purse in London. Com. Or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 0 8 podcasters if you’ve been listening you’ve been joined in you know that we’ve been talking about rats for the last show I don’t know five podcasts or six podcasts when it comes to rats.
So if you’re telling unlistened about rats that’s OK that’s OK. Just don’t listen anymore but just know there are lots of out there in the Tulsa area midtown Tulsa has got tons of them. A lot of vegetation on places for them to hide. A lot of dog food for them to eat a lot of cat food for them to eat. You know they got all sorts of stuff that lives in the sewers. They got plenty of habitats there.
We also do lots of trivia. So we have asked you know trivia questions as far as. Exterminator Tulsa
Mosquitoes are concerned. That’s me. Yes, we’ve asked questions on dust mites.
We’ve done a podcast dealing with spiders with ants cockroaches.
Brown cockroaches or cockroaches. You name it. And then we spray it right. You name it we spray it.
But we will take care of those issues. If you’re dealing with any of those whatsoever. The best thing to do is to give us a call exterminator or toll so we will come out and we will take care of it we’ll analyze your situation we’ll customize our treatment to your home and to me and to fit your individual needs. OK. That’s what we do. Right we treat you like our own.
If you just give us a shout. OK. We’ve been talking about rats we’ve been talking about mice. We’ve established that rats can swim for three days before they drown. So that allows them to travel from Island island out there in the Pacific Ocean or any other ocean where arrests might be located. So if you’re a. Ok here’s the dilemma. If you are a rat and if you’re on a deserted island it’s just you and Mr. and Mrs. rat on this deserted island. You’ve been living.
High Life. Been having lots of food eat on your island. You know lots of coconuts. Yes and grains of berries you’ve had a lot to eat on your island you’re just loving your island is the best island that Iraq can live on or they can enjoy and expect.
So this is you and then all of a sudden let’s say a hurricane blows through your island destroys all your vegetation it destroys all your food source. But you look in the distance and along the horizon you see an island start coming up from the ocean.
What do you do? Here’s a trivia question What do you do if you’re that rat. Do you stay put? Hopes new stuff starts growing up. Or. Big You swim for a chance. Well here’s the thing. If the island is within a three-day swim from you you’re most likely going to reach is the most likely that would be the better choice. As long as the island is within a three day swim OK now but let’s say you’re at home and let’s say you have a pool in your backyard. See you come home one day and you see a rat swimming in your pool. What did you do? Well, the answer is you google exterminator Tulsa and you click on that lake you call us we come out we take care of it. Will make the problem. Exterminator Tulsa
You don’t have to mess with it anymore. OK. But there are fun facts on rants. That rhymes a little bit about. Well, we’ve been talking about a way rats are big you know 10 inches to a foot long. They’re aggressive. There have been documented cases of killing kids and adults just not a good situation you don’t want them around your home. They’re going to bring diseases and spread diseases. It’s just not going to be a good situation right. But some fun facts about rats are that they can live up to 18 months but most of the time they’re not going to make it. Well just put it this way. Most of the time that I can get presents on the first birth because they’re going to be dead. Right. And so as they have a small lifecycle. Now here’s the crazy thing with rats they can pretty much cheek anything even through a cinderblock cinder block. Of wood, aluminum can choose straight through these things which oftentimes allows them access into your home or in the areas that you just do not want the rats to be. You know that’s just the way it is the way that God designed but here’s a good thing for you.
If you don’t want to deal with them you don’t have to deal with them. Just google exterminator Tulsa. Click on the link. Call us up we’ll come out we’ll take care of those rats. I’m sure you guys don’t have to do that. You know they’re not responsible for the bubonic plague or scavengers really anything pretty much you know. Stay away from dumpsters or are big-time with the rats.
They like to hang around those areas as well. But we’re going to talk about today we talked about Norway rats. Now we’re going to talk about the roof rats’ roof. It’s going to they will think about the fantastic climbers and so they usually live high off the ground. OK. They’re usually not live on the ground but usually live in high off the ground like on a roof. Could that possibly be where these rats got their name? Roof rats maybe because they live on roofs and they reproduce on roofs. They do the thing on roofs. But here’s the thing the roof friends can’t see very well at all. But usually, in nature, you’ll find out that if an animal is lacking in one sense. Exterminator Tulsa
Right. They’re usually very strong in another sense. And so these these rats. Have very poor eyesight but they’re made up. But it’s made up in other such as a sense of smell right things smell really well they can hear real Wellston here dangers happen and painters come by. Now. Now get this though. These rats can have four to six litters a year and each litter has six to 12 babies in it. They usually stay pregnant for about three weeks. But. Isn’t that crazy. Right. They can get her up to six livers a year and each litter can have up to 12 babies.
You know being pregnant for a long time my wife I just interviewed her child our third boy or not a third boy third child. Exterminator Tulsa
And I can say she didn’t really like being pregnant all that much. I mean you can’t really blame her. But think about it. I mean he imagines basically just being pregnant all the time. And what do they carry those 12 babies? That a lot of babies but they make it happen now.
Roof rats. You wonder about how big they are how long they are or they’re about 16 inches from noted 12 from nose to tail. That’s the second pig all wrapped. But what do they eat the same foods as Norway rats? Well basically I mean we just track anything. But you know they prefer eating fruits berries you know cereal as we mentioned before pet food grains and slugs and snails and run food that’s all that’s so nasty these critters are. But anyway here’s the thing if you suspect. That you have roof rats. Going call us can call exterminator Tulsa will come out. What is the situation if you’re actually dealing with your friends are seeing what we can do to take care of the problem. But you’ve got to give us a call. But then like do we take care of rats to take care of mice take care of rodents we’re taking care of mosquitoes fleas ticks chiggers brown recluse spiders ants carpenter ants termites webworms bagworms take care moles to hear voles take your cockroaches. Take care Jerry Brown cockroaches you name it. We’re going to take care of it. We also do we can Trover broadleaf weeds put out pre-merge applications as well and prevent the grassy weeds from showing up in your yard. So if you want a perfect lawn your past is gone. Give us a call Puttnam pest and line you reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us on the Internet.
At platinum past on dot com what gives a shout when you saying no over here applied in the past and lost your first services one dollar.
That is correct. You heard me right. Your first service is one dollar platinum pest and lawn.


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