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Welcome to the podcasts. Number four if you’re just now joining we are potman past in law on aka an exterminator told Sir we are family owned and operated company right here in the Tulsa area. You hire us your dollar stays local they’re not being sent off to a bigger corporation and state your money stays here in the Tulsa area. You can always reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Once again this 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 year reaches on mine by visiting us at Platinum passed him on dot com k. Well, today we’re talking about past those bugs and why those pests. Like your house so much why could it be number one. Is it because you’re a nice person and they like nice people. That could be it but most likely is going to be some other reasons right. So we’re going talk about why pests like your house so much right. Why you need a call exterminator Tulsa. We’re going to talk about how they get into your house and we’re also going to talk about how to prevent them from coming to your home. And we’re going to talk about how to manage them how to take care of them. So let’s go ahead and get started here. So why do pests like your house so much? Is it because your neighbors are jerking your nice. That could be it but most likely not. Most likely the situation is the climate is better inside your house. Have you been outside in the dead of winter here in Tulsa? Sometimes it’s pleasant. Exterminator Tulsa
Most of the time, not quite the case. Now how would you like it if you were living outside? Probably not so much you want it when you’re outside in the wintertime you’re cold. You can’t wait to get back inside where the climate is more favorable. So number one the bugs like being in your home because the climate is more favorable. What about in the summer. We’re talking temperatures according to the soar into the know into the triple digits. It’s scorching out there. It’s hard not even being in the shade. Right. But what about in the air-conditioned home. That’s where they’re going to want to be because it is climate control. Any exterminator Tulsa will tell you that they want to be in your home because it’s cooler inside. You don’t want to be outside. Neither do they want to come inside? Plus you’re really nice right. You’re the nicest neighbor in the neighborhood. Now. So we know why they want to come inside the house but let’s talk about how they get inside.
Now there are many different access points and entrances into your home. One is going to be around the plumbing lines. Bugs often use the plumbing lines highways they use them on the outside of the plumbing lines. Number one usually those because those plumbing lines run into the ground. So use those plumbing lines as highways as access into your houses. It’s usually cool in those areas of more moisture. Those are all things that they ever passed or bugs and so around the plumbing lines that that’s one way they can home. Number two is going to be the weep holes in your home in your bricks most homely homes these days have we posed for me the little gaps in the bricks every few feet on the exterior of the home. You might ask what’s the purpose of those poles. Well they help the home. That helps with way more moisture there. The good thing on the flip side. It’s
a gigantic gate with an invitation to all the pests outside as they come inside my home. Exterminator Tulsa
Come on in. It feels great inside my home. And so they’re going to start coming into those areas. So we pose another big area where they come into the home underneath the eaves of the home if you look oftentimes it’s going to be little gaps there underneath the eaves the home. And that’s a big area that bugs like to come into the house and access and get inside the walls of your home. Also around doors and windows. If you can see daylight underneath your door and around your door, it’s not quite sealed off properly. You can see daylight the bugs can slip on through there. Often times I’ve knocked on doors. There have been spiders on the outside on their porch on the front porch. I knock on the door as soon as that door opens. You get a nice cool rush of air that comes out of the house and it hits you in the face it feels so great when people open up the door. I’ve watched the spiders as soon as that door opens. They see that cool air and they run inside. Oftentimes the homework isn’t even aware that those fires have come inside because they come around the hinges of the door when they open in another.
The area that another way that that pest accesses your home is going to be through pets.
Lots of times pets go outside to do their business they’re going to lay on the grass. They’re going to roll around and do what they do. When this happens sometimes spiders get on your iPad on your pets on the Verde you’ve got things for animals or even sometimes when they roll around or they’re laying the grass fires just simply get on them and they walk inside and they walk the spiders right inside your home. Those are all classic.
Areas that that pass to make it inside your house and out. And so the key is to eliminate these rights. So a good exterminator. Tulsa such as platinum pest and on dotcom can eliminate this issue for you and can help prevent the bugs from entering into your home in the first place. Number one you can do what’s called exclusion. Right. So you can. Exclusion is excluding the bugs from your house. It’s not letting them inside not leaving the door open right and letting them run inside the home. If you see daylight around your door seal it off right. Some good weatherstripping makes sure they don’t have any access to your home underneath the eaves of the home you can click on ready to use the home. Schools that also eat bugs from accessing the home. This is called exclusion. Also, of course, having the home treated for pets with platinum pessimal on I will go outside and we will treat around the perimeter of your home with a quality product that’s going to help prevent pests from entering your home. Now ideal Ideally it’s best to have dirt right up against the homeschooling was it did give the best treatment or around your home. Well, pay particular particularly we will pay particular attention to the polls of your home as well. We have grass that extends all the way up to the house. We’re landscaping all the way up the house. Exterminator Tulsa
Something that can be difficult to treat is if you have a little bit of dirt a little bit bare dirt right up against the home that’s going to allow us to place the product and you’re going to have the best coverage and the best protection the best barrier around your home. So sealing off any windows and doors at the polls. Exterminator Tulsa. There are things that we can place inside the walls that will still allow the home to breathe. But at the same time is it past from coming inside there. So those are all services that that can be done. Google exterminator Tulsa platinum pest and lawn will come up. Now what you have to do after we come up to go and click on us and you’ll have all of our information there so you can give us a call and set an appointment. That way we can take care of taking care of the passage you have. So not only do we take care of spiders we take care of ants scorpions mice crickets moles roaches you name it it is bothering you. We’ll take care of it. But not only do we do just pest control or I’m sorry we don’t just do pest control we also do we control we can put patients who will take care of your turf.
So remember green lawn pest gone. All right did you get that green lawn? Past gone. Just remember that. So you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. You can always also find this on the Internet. Thanks to Al Gore. Our website is platinum past and Mawn Dotcom has a nice little ring to it, doesn’t it. Platinum pest and lawn dot.com. We’re going to make this a jingle platinum pest in London. Give us a call we’re happy to come out and eliminate hear issues in fact if you look us up online you’ll see that we have an offer one dollar for your first service what. One dollar. Yes, that is correct. We will come out. We will treat your home for your first service for one dollar. Don’t forget platinum past in long dot.com.


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