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All right Paul piasters.
Joining me I’m Jared Johnson. You’ve been listening to the podcast you know who I am a. Founder of platinum pest and lawn. In fact, when you look up at the Web at Platinum past and then dot com we are exterminator tolls.
You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Exterminator Tulsa
Great day. Terser. Beautiful day. Midsummer meant it was a scorcher. Temps in the. Mid to upper 90s high humidity levels. Sun was out. Beautiful day. Been a little blue on the warm side. I will say I definitely had some sweaty edge going on today as I’m sure many of you guys did as well. Well, today we’re we are continuing to talk about cockroaches if you’re tuning into the podcast. You know we’ve been talking about cockroaches.
We don’t like these guys. They are not fun to deal with.
Most people very strongly dislike roaches. Most people don’t tolerate roaches. Some people everybody has you know different features and different tolerance levels. But yes sometimes you will you might run to someone that will tolerate and said that will absolutely not tolerate spiders. Also vice versa. You know spiders may not.
Bother someone but then you know another bug such as a beetle might freak someone out but roaches overall. Most people just really don’t tolerate roaches for good reason. You know they bring a lot of diseases. They are just not good. To have around the house Tulsa. So. Today we are continuing to talk about some roaches so I’m going to say if you are dealing with any roaches or you think you have roaches you need to call exterminator Tulsa because that is us. We are platinum pest and lawn the premier pest management company here in Tulsa Oklahoma a green country. We are getting it done and we are getting it done right.
OK. As you know if you’ve been listening we’ve been having some trivia questions about roaches about some of the other back. So it’s going to come to a strong. Let’s see in the last podcast we asked how long a roach can live without food. Think about it do you remember. How long can a roach live without food? Well. The answer is almost a month. And so what that means is that a roach was left in a cage right with no food. They could live for about a month before it turned over and croaked and tried to swim the back stairwell. You got that. Answer. Here’s the next trivia question. So we know that a roach can live almost a month without food. How long can a roach live. Without water. The great question Mr. Jared. How long can a roach live without water? Well if you think about it we as humans can remember a day without food. Right. But what would people say about water? How long can we live without water? Is it more than we can live without food. Or is it less? Here’s a clue. It’s the last. I am I’m not sure how one human can live with that water. I think it between three and five days probably depending on where you’re at. But so were about roaches. Well. What do you think? Do you think they can live longer than a month without water? Do you think they live longer than they can without having food? Exterminator Tulsa
Or do you think it’s shorter? Well, the answer is shorter. What do you think? Is it for one week for two weeks three weeks? How long can a roach live without having any water without drinking water? Well. The answer. Is. Two weeks. They’ve gone through about two weeks without having any water. But here’s the thing. Exterminator Tulsa
You don’t even have to worry about that. You don’t have to conduct your own experiment because if you think you have roaches you need to call the premier exterminator turtle.
That’s us. We will get the job done. We’ll get it all taken care of for you that you do not have to worry about it and got that. So you will not have to worry about it.
All right member Fen-Phen coming at you strong. Let’s see.
This. This isn’t going to be trivia I’m just going to state it loud and clear. I’m going to state it strong so you can learn about roaches all day long. How you like the little rhyme. OK, Sam. Female cockroaches. OK. So cockroaches so the females are the ones that are going to be carrying eggs and those females are the ones that get me pregnant. Right. So this. Female cockroaches can mate one time. And she. Can stay pregnant.
For the rest of her life. OK. Now I suppose that’s true. The thing right with any bug they can meet once may be pregnant. Exterminator Tulsa
And so one can combine smash them now or later right. And so I guess that is true. You know say pregnant the rest of life right. And. I suppose that is not the case with this fun fact. Well, let’s talk about.
More than a Band-Aid. Cockroaches are different from the American cockroaches. And so they said let’s talk about those for a minute here. Either way, you are ready to do with American cockroaches or any other cockroach or an old German Brown’s word.
The deal is if you’re dealing with the best thing to do to eradicate them is to google exterminator total so there you’ll find us platinum pest and lawn and we will go. Just give gives a shout will come out we’ll take care of all your needs. We’ll get them all situated and are taken care of.
OK. Well, how do you think ramblingly cockroaches get their name. Well if you were to guess they have some brand names on them. Jeanne yes. It sounds kind of common sense sometimes names don’t make sense. Other times they do in this situation. They do make sense. Now Bennett said both male and female brown bony cockroaches have wings. In fact, the man’s wings are larger than females. It’s that crazy. The males are going to be like. Well, actually when it comes to wings the males are going to be larger than the females. Now, these brown beanie roaches they lay their eggs in a few different areas. Sometimes it’s going to be on furniture sometimes underneath the furniture and they’re going to let the various locations. My second of these guys are between five and six months overall. But they can reproduce a lot during that time so don’t be fooled thinking that that you can just outlive an infestation if you just give it six months. Not going to be the case right now. Here’s the thing with the brown baby cockroaches is they actually prefer to eat different types of foods. Usually Heinz starch. Such as Glew from battings wallpaper. Like wallpaper paste. You know the faces on the back of the wallpaper. And sometimes they’ll eat other things that aren’t even. That is not even organic such as stockings meat from the night on. Yeah I know it’s crazy there’s like nothing these guys will not eat.
Right now the Brumbies and the cockroaches they actually prefer higher locations usually a little bit drier usually a little warmer. Yes, a lot of roaches. They’re going to inhabit the kitchen first. That’s what they’re going to take control first. You get these Brambilla roaches that oftentimes just found all over the house you know. And so they’re a little bit different than most the roaches that that down and that the average Roach percé and these guys you know just like a lot of other churches are going to have one light because that’s what they do. They don’t like light.
So can’t lie. Yeah. Just keep saying come to light may be that maybe they’ll show up and you’ll be able to smack them. But if you don’t want to go that that method if you don’t want to go that avenue. Give us a call. We are exterminator Tulsa aka a platinum pest in the lawn. We will take care of these guys. Or yes you don’t have to. Exterminator Tulsa
You can look at the Web platinum pest and lawn dot com. Give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 we will take care of all your past in law needs. We will leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone. But give us a call or we’ll actually give you your first service for one dollar. Yes, that is right. Your first service for $1 will get you all squared away. Until next time.
Have a great day.


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