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All right Tulsa Welcome to the podcast. Good morning.
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All right. Tulsa you ready for another scorching day today. The heat index is going to be well into the triple digits hopefully you have a nice desk job or another job that actually makes you happy. But I. Want this how as it is right now. Most people are going to want to be indoors with that air conditioner blowing keeping it nice and cool. You know not to have to worry about passing out because of heat or lots of fluids. But hopefully, you got a job where you can stay comfortable. And it is one that you enjoy. That’s being the most important thing is it is a job that you enjoy. Now Tulsa coming at you with some fun facts here. Now, whenever it gets this hot outside do you want to be outside. Most likely the answer is No you don’t want to be outside unless you’re jumping into a lake or a large body of water may be a pool or something to keep you nice and cool. Most people don’t want to be in this weather. And here’s a tip for you. The bugs would rather be inside where it’s cool right occupying your home with a nice air conditioner blowing down on them. And keeping them nice and cool.
So today we’re going to talk a little bit about that. In fact, in fact, if you listen to us you know we’ve come at you with all sorts of different facts.
Today we’re actually going to be talking about mops. Yes, moths and Mosse are our problem pests here in Oklahoma.
There are all sorts of different types of moss but we’re going go over a little bit with you today also. But you know that we also that we always give some trivia when we sort out these these these podcasts but first and foremost if you are dealing with moths if you are dealing with any type of pests that you do not want around the home. The best thing to do is to google exterminator Tulsa you will find us on the web and you can just click on the link. Give us a shout and we will come right on out to find out what it’s all about. And we will get you squared away. And in taking care.
OK. But we have asked in the past questions about different bugs. Exterminator Tulsa
About some fun facts that have to do with insects around the Tulsa area. Did you know that fully if when you were a flea? Right. If you were a flea but you’re at the body size that you have now of maybe the legs of a flea maybe the anatomy of a flea. So maybe if you were just a big old flea walking around the Tulsa area or downtown Tulsa Did you know that you’d be able to jump over a skyscraper. Yes, that is true. If you were a flea that was your size let’s say. Five. 10. If you’re walking down the street and you saw five-foot 10-inch Thuli walking around the streets of Tulsa. In a matter of. A fraction of a second that flea could jump over a skyscraper. Pretty remarkable how they were designed that they can do that. Also, some belts are designed to just live pretty much to survive and to survive anything. Roaches are one of those bugs. Did you know that roach can and? Can it live with its head cut off for up to a week? Yes, they can live up to a week without ahead. Had this roach can live for up to a week.
And did you know they’ve been around since the time of dinosaurs and you know there are all sorts of these facts that we can bring up about bugs you know dust mites? How does Venter everywhere. Bedbugs kind of where they came from. Why people are dealing with them so much. Places to avoid that you don’t want to go to things you don’t want to accept if you don’t want to get by bugs or people you do not want to have.
Inside your home. Think about it. People do not want to have inside your home. That’s you know that’s the harsh reality. And when it comes to bed bugs.
But anyway we’ve thrown a lot of facts at you before in the past when we deal with when dealing with bugs.
Today we are going to talk about Mohs. OK. You’ve probably seen Mohs outside you know maybe around light probably.
But yeah as you were maybe walking into your house at night and they fluttered by your face.
I mean we came inside the house from outside Mosser kind of annoying. But did you know that that silk Mosse for instance like a male simple life? Can. Detect female moths. From several miles away. Yes, that’s true. So a male that’s looking for a female you can have the female way over you know in a different neighborhood. A couple of miles away. Right. It’s a big world compared to Mars. So a couple of miles away. I don’t know what the equivalent of that would be for us. You know maybe 100 miles away. But it can sense and detect a female and from that distance. And they can go and go and find them. Exterminator Tulsa
So what’s interesting us is that these are all sorts of insects are created different purposes in different ways. But you know insects are cool but they’re not cool when they’re occupying your house and terrorizing your family. Those are the cases that happen to you or if you know that. That is happening somebody else has them Google exterminator or told so we will be number one in Google then click on us and we’ll come right on out and get that all taken care of and make it where they don’t have to worry about the past anymore.
Now has anybody ever heard about a Mexican jumping bean. Are those real true or false Mexican jumping beans are true. True or false. Well, the answer is true. Mixing jumping beans are a real thing. So how do they jump? So that’s the weird thing. How do Mexican jumping bean jump? How is that possible. How can a plant jump? Right. And. But this is what’s happened. This is why a Mexican jumping bean gets his name is because there’s actually Marth moth larva living inside the bean. Right. And so whenever it gets warm when the sun hits it gets warm. What happens is that that larva instead of being starts squirming. And so when that larva starts forming You can get that jumping sensation that jumping feeling or it’s going to look like it’s jumping. Exterminator Tulsa. That’s what’s going to happen. Inside the being so. So if you see that happening if you’ve got Mexican jumping beans right that you’re growing most likely you don’t. But if you know someone or they do you can bust them up with some fun facts tell them you got it from the premier exterminator or Tulsa and they will be impressed with the amount of knowledge that you have. On pest right on these Mexican jumping beans and they will be happy to know you they’ll be happy to talk with you. So anyways this deal with the Mexican jumping beans actually coming from a moth larva inside and so when it gets warm it’s jumping or starts moving. And so people consider that the Mexican jumping bean.
So fun fact that was coming at you strong that we talked before about you know sometimes Mossville like fall you in the house or somehow you’ll get Mosse into the home that there are different types of moss and different ways they can actually come into the home. But if that happens to you the best thing to do is to give us a call. You can reach us at home. Well actually just Google us Google exterminator also. We’ll come number one in that. It. Will be number one in that listing. Just click on us and we’ll come right on out and take care of your Mexican jumping being a problem that you might have or any Mohs that you might have as well.
And so so here’s what we’re doing in Tulsa is we are premier exterminator in Tulsa. We take care of all sorts of different bugs.
We take care of ticks we take care we take care termites we take care of spiders. We take care of and we take care of co-produces we take care of any bugs that might be giving you a hard day like even ticks That’s right.
We’re joined by Cooper Johnson Johnson. Say hi guys. All right. These guys were in some bands for you they will snip them out and they will let you know if there are any bugs near your Else you.
Yeah like one time I’d go oh oh oh. Exterminator Tulsa
So like when you play with no less present time and an hourglass uninspired. And then one time. I took a bit in his finger. So if you are right and you spell you and your hand so we can’t help you with turtles bless exterminator told us to give us a call you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Or you can reach is that platinum pest and lawn dot com.


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