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Come with the podcast Number two we are platinum pest and lawn aka exterminator Tulsa. We are the company that will get your lawn green while eliminating your past. We are family-owned and operated and operated company here in the Tulsa area. If you’re looking to contact us you can reach us by calling our phone number 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can look us up online at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. So once again where We’re we’re the company that is going to give you a green lawn and get the past gone. You like that rhymes a little bit. Today we’re going to be talking about brown recluse spiders yes brown recluse spiders. Nobody likes these guys. They’re also called little back spiders. Well, how do they get their name back? OK. Well, that’s actually one thing we’re going to talk about today. We’re talking about brown recluse spiders. We’re going to talk about why they’re they are called Fill backs. We’re also going to talk about why they are why people don’t like them. And we’re also going to talk about why people see an increase a little BACS Dern during the summertime. And we’re going to talk about how to get rid of these guys. If you google exterminator Tosa that will be a good start to finding us so we can come in and eliminate the brown recluse spiders for you to keep you in your family safe. OK. Topic one. Let’s talk about why they are called Fidele backs. OK.
Now a lot of people misdiagnose back spiders are brown recluse. Oftentimes people getting confused with a Kullman wolf spider they see a spider come into the house and it’s brown. So all of a sudden it’s a brown recluse. Sounds like sound logic but actually a lot of brown spiders are not actually brown recluse spiders.
If you look closely with a brown recluse spider if you get close to it and look on his back it almost looks like it has a fiddle on its back. I think Fiddler On The Roof is almost like he has a little fiddle on his back. Hence the name. But that’s how they get their nickname back. Now in order to correctly identify and look for the fiddle unfortunately yet to get very close to to see it oftentimes, that’s a little too close for comfort for the majority of the people that come in contact with these guys.
And so another way to identify them. They.
The very back of the Brown who aspires to be a darker brown. Usually, the middle area is going to be a little bit lighter brown and usually where the fiddle is and above is going to be more of a darker brown color.
It’s about the same brown color.
Towards the back and if you look at the legs are somewhat long and they start out a little thicker by the time they get to the feet. They’re very thin also. But if you have any questions whatsoever if the spider that you caught or killed is a brown recluse the best thing to do is to google exterminator Tulsa. Go ahead and look that up or to look for an exterminator Tulsa.
And to call out an expert there for you will be able to come and die or come and identify the spider whether it is a brown recluse or whether it’s a wool spider or some other spider.
OK. OK. Why is everybody scared brown recluse spiders? Well for starters it doesn’t take you long if you just Google Google Image brown recluse spider bites.
That’s enough right there to scare the heebie-jeebies out of anyone to see what they do to you when they inject their venom. So nobody likes that. And so oftentimes when people get bit by and they don’t realize what is happening they bite people in their sleep. The people when they pull on the shoe sometimes they’re hiding their shoes. So this is scary. So nobody likes brown recluse spiders because of the damage that they can do. True story. We had a customer that moved from Kansas whenever he was in Kansas. He was bitten by a brown recluse and he almost died. They almost also had to amputate his leg but he’s very lucky that he that that that that first of all you got to keep his leg and also that. Well first of all that he lived right in second that he was able to keep it keep his life he just had a bad reaction to the bite. But either way even if you do have a good reaction still not good for you then it eats away at your flesh. And so because that nobody likes them.
And so. So in order to correctly eliminate these and eradicate these, you need to look for exterminator Tulsa.
In order to get rid of these guys OK why does everybody or why are most brown recluse sightings happen in the summertime we get a lot of calls on brown recluse spiders about this time of year. June is that is a very big month for brown recluse spider calls. Well, one of the reasons actually the reason why we a lot of calls during June for brown recluse spiders is because during the dune is the biggest month when the male spiders go in search of female spiders. Right. So they’re looking around they’re looking for a mate so that they can know that they can no help reproduce with. And so because of this because of these male spiders on the move. That’s why the month of June the summertime is when people see these spiders most often are these are when people have the most sightings of the brown recluse spider because the males are traveling in trying to find find the females. And so because they’re covering more ground and because they’re more active during this time this is when people see them.
And this is when we get the calls that that that people have brown recluses. And so summertime is a big time for brown recluse spiders in the sightings that that happen. So if you’re one of the fortunate individuals that come in contact and comes in contact with a brown recluse spider in your home it’s important to call an exterminator Tulsa. So that way they can come out properly identify the situation and eliminate it. We are platinum pest and lawn and we are the premier exterminator in the Tulsa area to RADICH Kate the brown recluse spiders from your home. So once again platinum pest and lawn is our name. Some of the services that we provide we provide general pest control. So not only do we handle the brown recluse spiders but we handle. Wall spiders jumping spiders yellow or yellow orbs of those pretty spiders you see in the summertime those big yellow ones and make those perfect looking webs. We take care of those guys if you don’t want those guys around your home mice. Nobody likes mice. We’ll take care of mice ants. Crickets. Really any pets that are bothering you termites or would bees carpenter bees.
Anything that might be in the path that might harm the structure of your home type of person.
That’s really bugging you.
Not only that but we treat we can treat your lawn for weeds and we can fertilize it as well.
So we are weeding feed so we will take care of those weeds. We will get your lawn looking green take care the weeds get your lawn looking green. That even has little rhyme to it. So remember with platinum pest and lawn green lawn pests are gone OK once again green lawn pests gone. So we are exterminator Tulsa platinum pest and lawn to give us a call.
You can reach us at 9 1 8 7 6 0 8 5 7 1 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Or you can reach us online at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. Give us a call. Your first service is only one dollar that one dollar can even do that. Well, we are the first service is a dollar. Give us a call. We’d love to hear from them.


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