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Welcome again to the podcast.
Today we’re going to be talking a little bit more about Black recluse spiders and and and how they are not a benefit to Tulsa homeowners.
Excuse me. Tulsa I have a little bit of a sneeze going on. So we’re going to talk about those brown spiders and particularly where they like to hide. So where they like to hide where they like to hang out. We’re also we are also going to be talking about why they sometimes drop from the ceiling. That’s a little weird isn’t it? Spiders dropping from the ceiling. We’re also going to talk about why they can be difficult to control. So once again in order to get rid of a brown recluse spider is best to hire an exterminator Tulsa preferably us so it would be platinum pest and lawn if you want to get the job done right. OK. Exterminator Tulsa
Well, let’s talk about where the brown recluse spiders like to hide and why they like to hide in these areas. Now oftentimes people think of the attic as a bug-infested area. You know a dark scary location that just harbors bugs. Typically that’s not true. Now unless someone’s dealing with silverfish or scorpions or brown recluses and it really isn’t a hot spot to hit. However brown recluse spiders in the Rye in the attic. Why is this why do they thrive in the attic. Well, number one they can withstand heat much better than other bugs. They kind of thrive in the heat an attic is a big place where they like to hang out. Number two they’re cannibalistic. They eat other spiders they eat themselves. They eat the brown recluse spiders in the attic. They withstand heat better.
They like it up there it’s hot and they got their food source right which is their brown recluse spiders.
And so the attic is a key area to treat when dealing with brown recluse spiders.
Now unlike other spiders such as wall spiders, a lot of other common spiders that come into the house, for instance, when will spider come to the home. Oftentimes they’re not setting up shop inside their house and reproducing in living generation after generation in the home. Right. Oftentimes they come in because it’s cooler. They’re searching for food that type of thing. Now brown recluses once they make it on the inside of the house they typically set up shop inside. They drive up in the attic. That’s a big area where they set up shop closets storage areas cardboard boxes those are all areas that they that these brown recluse spiders like to thrive. Once they get inside the home they start reproducing and nesting back behind the walls of the home which do make them difficult to to control or exterminate. However, if you are in the Tulsa area and you are looking for an exterminator so exterminator Tulsa gives us a call-up platinum pest and lawn. We can take care of that for you.
OK. True story. Exterminator Tulsa
I have a family member that has an immaculate looking house one of the cleanest homes either ever been and they cleaned daily they are retired. Very nice house very clean very orderly. One of the first times when we went to their home we brought our son. He was a little boy at the time little baby and we spent the night. We wanted to spend some time with them and we woke up in the morning and she took us over to the sink where there were two brown recluse spiders in the sink and she asked me what kind of spiders are they. I told her they’re brown recluse spiders. I said I thought so. We see tons of them in our house. So oftentimes there’s a misconception with brown recluse spiders that are associated with clutter oftentimes clutter is a huge area for brown recluse spiders because it gets them lots of areas to hide. However, in this case, the home was a fairly new home motza very clean. Not a whole lot of areas for these birds to hide. However, they were driving in this house. True story. The same home. The man in the home was we’ll call him George. George was sitting at night watching TV in his favorite lounge chair recliner. And as he’s watching TV all of a sudden a spider. It was a brown recluse dropped from the ceiling from one of the light fixtures and landed on his chest. Now luckily he wasn’t bitten. He did freak out a little bit but he took care of the spider but fortunately he wasn’t there.
So why is this why was it dropping from the ceiling. Oh, sometimes we get calls that spiders are literally dropping from the ceiling. Why is this? Well, the answer is because oftentimes those lights lead to the attic. So the lights in the ceiling above those are ofttimes going to be the attic in the spiders or live in there. And so whenever they want to come out oftentimes they’re sneaking out. In between the gaps and light fixtures in between the gaps in the ceiling and in between the gaps in the ventilation system.
And so they’re sneaking out they’re falling down and scaring the hell out of people. And so in order to prevent this, you really need an exterminator Tulsa.
Tulsa you need an exterminator to come out there and take care of these brown recluses. Luckily that is one thing that we do Platinum Peston on is an exterminator Tulsa and we will eliminate the brown spiders if you are dealing with them.
OK. Now it leads us to the next question Why are brown recluse spiders so difficult to control manage. Now we can’t take care of them. We do manage them. We do eliminate them. However, they are difficult to do so. But we specialize in the control eradication of brown recluses. Right now here’s one reason why they are hard to control. As we talked about earlier when they come inside the home they like to get back behind the walls. They like to get in the attic see like these hard to reach areas. Now there’s absolutely no way you can reach your back behind the walls right. So a location number one makes it difficult to control. Number two there are bodies set up high off the ground and if you look at their feet they get very very narrow essentially to the feet they’re very small so when they walk across the point that has been applied in the house there’s very little of them that actually comes in contact. With the product. And so if you don’t get a lot of product on the spider then they’re not going to be harder to control and it’s going to be harder for the spiders to feel the effects right. And the number and also they don’t self groom themselves like a lot of other bugs. They don’t adjust it. Oftentimes bugs will walk across an area that has been treated and they’ll get the product on themselves and then they’ll clean themselves to groom themselves.
And when they do that they inject they ingest it and then they die it kills them right grammar recluses it’s very rare that they’ll groom themselves and just the product. So because that does make it difficult to control.
However with platinum pest and lawn we like I said we specialize in brown recluse spiders and so we are the exterminator. Tulsa to eliminate these brown recluse spiders. Now the part that we use the active ingredient has a polymer coating on it. And what that does is that does a few things. Number one it helps the product last longer. Number two the product stays where you treat it right where you place it. And number three it is much better transferability to the brown recluse spiders. Now if you look at their legs underneath the microscope you’ll see that there’s that they’re actually kind of hairy. Now those hairs do a much better the active ingredient does a polymer coating on it. It does a much better job of sticking to the hairs of the spiders so you get better transferability with it.
And so that’s what we do. That’s why we’re in tough control but we can get them done. We specialize in them. We are a platinum pest and lawn we do general pest control spiders ants roaches mice scorpions you name it we take care of it. We also get your lawn looking green lawn pest gone remember that Greenlawn pest went with platinum pest and lawn. Give us a call 9:28 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us online at Platinum pest and Lynda.com. Give us a call.
We’ll give you your first service for one dollar. One dollar. Yes, that’s right. Your first service is $1. Give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5s.


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