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I write Wrentham Bechtel says I am Jared Johnson. Exterminator Tulsa
I am co-founder platinum Peston along with my beautiful and amazing wife Jennifer Johnson a mother of three outstanding human being children. They will fight. They will argue but in the end, they love each other we are one big happy family and Joyce is a big happy family. That is a platinum person in our company. We treat each other like family. We feel like we are. As family and we have a family atmosphere within our company but we are family owned and operated. We are the premier exterminator toll so we take care of all sorts of pets all sorts of bugs. That way you don’t have to. So that’s what we do. We are a family-owned property company. I think a before you reach us on the Internet at Platinum passed in law and dot com or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
You joined us you know what the topic is that we are talking about Wrath’s In fact today.
This episode right here. This is our seventh episode on rats. This will most likely be our last and final episode when it comes to rats and exterminator. Tulsa is the keyword. But that’s where that’s what’s going to happen right eventually we’re going to run out about talking about rats. But one thing we never run out of is we never run out of trivia. Exterminator Tulsa
We get endless trivia waiting for you Tulsa we got endless trivia. Waiting for your podcasters we just want to make sure that you are informed and if you are inspired to take care or to actually be spared the Google exterminator Tulsa and they call us so we can come out and take care of any issues that you might be dealing with. Or even if you suspect there are some issues with my first or anything else in the bug and the other type of person that you are dealing with at the time.
And so. So we’ve done trivia about dust mites. There can be a hundred thousand dust mites and square yard carpet. One female mouse can be responsible for 150 babies her self alone. All right. Let me say that again one female mouse can be responsible for 150 babies herself self but not only that by her little litter her little kids can have kids they can have babies. In fact, they can then start reproducing at 2 months. They can have up to 12 you know 12 little babies in their litters. So as you can tell they are prolific breeders that those are silver trivia questions that we’ve had in the past. The air your home through a hole the size of a dying. Can do it to the size of a quarter rad.
So three days before they can drown us all sorts of craziness all sorts of crazy facts out there. But we just want to be informed to also make sure that you don’t make mistakes that other people make. Yeah, we’ve talked about you know a case study here. That we talked about how we’ve gotten calls from wrestling and side rails. The problem is people are not using their girl enough. They got rats living inside the grill so the last thing you want to do is open up your grill and get it prepped. At the party, if you’re torn apart the party. You don’t want to do that all then when you get all prepped beforehand. If you suspect by any means you’ve got mice you got inside that grill. Call us we are exterminator. Tulsa will take care of it for you. You don’t have to right will do that dirty work for you. So if you think my give. Call us that way we can eliminate the situation to remedy the situation that you’d be dealing with at that time.
OK so so Redskin’s and their jaws are so strong.
Their jobs are so strong and cheap metal and aluminum you have seen him chewed through cans to get to the key to the food insides like canned goods. Chew right through that so they can access the food inside. Right so their dogs are extremely strong and they eat just about anything. And so the best thing to do is just to keep your food stored in storage containers.
That way you don’t have to deal with your food. You don’t have to deal with them urinating on your food. You don’t have to deal with them spraying diseases on your food into your family. So if you think that. You might have mice or rats and seal up your food don’t give me any reason to hang around and stay inside your house. Other than free rent right. Most likely you don’t want to have them live inside your home. You not paying you least so. But barrettes will live up to 18 months but most of them you know don’t make it past a year. So it’s pretty rare if you actually have a rat that lives to be a year and a half. Exterminator Tulsa
But I tell you what if you do have them at your house you have rats at your home. If you call exterminator Tulsa they’re not going to be live in a year and a half I’ll tell you that we’re going to wipe those suckers out right away. We’ve talked about Norway rats. We talked about roof rats.
Refracts get the name because they ofttimes live on roofs and they live high off the ground. They can be 16 inches from head to toe. They are also prolific breeders and they can have up to 12 in a litter and they can. And they can actually have about 6 6 litters a year which is just crazy. Pregnancy lasts about three weeks with these guys.
And so I can imagine being pregnant my wife is pregnant with one baby. Imagine being pregnant with 12. And then doing that about six times a year. Oh, that’s crazy. They give me about 16 inches from noted from nose to tail. Now refresh for fruits you know berries vegetables but there are other things as well. Now we talked about another excellent climber. Right. So they like living in high places Early’s places off the ground and they also live in sheds you know she the big spots for boxes underneath the floors ceilings garages were piles but also in the thick grass right. So if you there’s a problem there’s a lot of thick vegetation let’s say on property it backs into a little creek. So a lot of thick grassy vegetation and then and then also if there’s a dumpster nearby we’ve seen that back on commercial building buildings you have a drainage ditch. A lot of tall grass. And then also with dumpsters nearby and that is a haven for the rats behind that grass forever and they’ll come out. Of the dumpster at night and they’ll eat away and they’ll be able to get their fill. So I mean we see that. In our industry. But I mean they spread disease we’ve talked about that you know but you know those for disease such as the virus you don’t want the rats around your home when you were close for you. But here’s the thing with Norway rats is they’ll attack with animals and humans unless you want to be doing is walking down a dark alleyway in New York City. Exterminator Tulsa
And you think it’s a criminal G.V. where you need to watch out for not so much as those big ole stinking rats. You know they’ve been known to attack humans. Now like I said before they’ll eat pretty much anything. So make sure you keep your place clean. It’s a great way to prevent them. Especially your storage areas you want to make sure those stay dry and stay clean. The other thing to do is to google exterminator Tosa and to give them a call because that’s us platinum pest and lawn will come out and we’ll assess the situation and see if there are any access points that we can see that they’re getting into your homes you do all that hard work there for you too. Exterminator Tulsa
Make sure that you clean those sheds you clean your garbage cans keep your grass short mission do the things that you need to do to prevent them from coming into your home. Now we mentioned that you can call us. We are still near Tulsa. Can you give us a shout. Well come out and see if there are any access points that they have in your home. Not only that but we’re going to seal them off. It’s called exclusion. I mean we’re using excluding rats coming into your home and terrorizing your family. You don’t want them to run your home or your family doesn’t want one runs your home. So performing exclusion treatment there on your home to take care of them so that way you guys just don’t have to deal with them so filling up any small cracks or small holes that should come into. And we don’t want them to make your home their home. We’ll give them a strong eviction notice and by what I mean by strong eviction notices would serve to them on a silver platter. But that eviction notice is actually going to be pest control and it’s going to be rat poison and it’s going to kill it’s going to take care of them. You will be happy and we will be happy.
Not only do we caretake care my take care bras take care of rats yes take care of grass and weeds and also any other grassy weeds we take care of moles take care Bulls to take care of spiders crickets earwigs bagworms brown recluse spiders you name it. We’re going to take care of it. We’re going to eliminate from your home termites eat and we’ll do a lot of trauma inspections. We do. They have barriers in crawl space make sure that we keep the moisture out from your home. But if you want to reach us you can give us a call platen and pest and Lynda.com access on your phone and the Web site here which is that platinum pest and lawn or you give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 but give us called Platinum pest and lawn home to. Well actually we’re your first service is one dollar. Give us a shout.
Have a great day Tulsa. Exterminator Tulsa


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