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All right welcome back podcasters. Welcome back Tulsa. Welcome back to Tulsa’s that premiere podcast or number one podcast when it comes to past and past management we are.
We are platinum Peston lawn. My name is Jared John some co-founder of Platinum Pass along with my beautiful wife Jennifer Johnson. We are the premiere exterminator Tulsa. Call us up we’ll leave you with a perfect one in your in your past gone. OK. And we’ve been talking about spiders today but what we want to do is we really want to educate the Tulsa area. Really want to educate you about spiders. Eliminate them. Really nobody likes buyers I really have met anybody that just really enjoys doom spiders. OK if if I do it is definitely on on the record right. That’s a rare occasion. And it is a really cool summer this summer. Tulsa I mean it’s been hot. Heat indexes have been way up in the triple digits. Sweat it just starts pouring off your body. You know the minute you step out you know out of the house out of any climate controlled area.
Now we don’t we don’t want to you know we don’t want you to deal with that with spiders inside your home when it’s that hot outside.
You know the bugs you’re going to want to come inside. We want to come inside some of the bugs as well. OK. So if you think that they might be coming inside or you want to prevent them from coming inside. Best thing to do is to give us a call you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us on the web at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. OK. Exterminator Tulsa
All right. Well today we were talking about spiders. We have talked about spiders and last podcast I’m probably going to do six podcasts dealing with spiders. Spiders are probably the most most. I’m sorry sport is probably the biggest pests that we deal with here in Oklahoma. We always get the most calls on spiders spiders and ants are going to be our go to pass where people actually see see them the most.
And so but what we what we want Tulsa we do not want you to have to deal with them. We don’t want you to have to see the past we don’t want you at all the spiders we see them and so forth. So here’s the deal if you are dealing with spiders or any other past. Give us a call. You can google US exterminated or Tulsa will come Number one up in that search. Just click on the link. We’ll come out there and get that taken care of you all squared away. So we have talked a lot of so we talked a lot about all sorts of different bugs. We have done lots of trivia. We have passed all sorts of questions such as if you were a flea How high could you jump.
The answer is if you were a flea you’d be able to jump over skyscrapers. It’s that crazy. Now that we’ve asked about roaches. How long can a roach or a cockroach that live with its head cut off. The answer is 48 hours. How long can hold its breath. The answer is about 40 minutes. OK how long can rats swim Redskins swim for about three days before they drowned. That is incredible endurance. They have such strong jaws that they can jump through glass and cinder block and and nearly all sorts of material so you don’t want those guys around your home. Tough talk to dust mites and mosquitoes talk to all sorts of different bugs that we do not like that we don’t want to have around your home that you most likely don’t want to have.
Around your home. So if you think that you’re dealing with these issues or if you don’t want to deal with these issues if you want to get a head start on it that’s really the best mode of action.
But if you want to get that head start just go ahead and call us. Most likely we’ve seen our billboard on the side of the road that says exterminator Tulsa and hopefully you’ve stopped and got that number. Give us a call. If you have we’ve got that be test free. And if you are loving life if you have it well do it that way you can make sure that that you are happy. OK. Exterminator Tulsa
Well let’s go in and talk about those spires you we talked about how there are about 35000 different species of spiders around the world. OK. What do you think the largest spider in the world has found. OK. Now if you think about it spiders you know different parts of the world have giant bugs. OK. Sometimes Africa has bugs sometimes in South America sometimes it’s just different parts of the world. You grow these giant bugs and and a lot of people think that they can be scary. So where do you think the largest spider in the world is located. Well the answer to that the largest spider in the world is actually located in South America. OK. It makes sense because it’s a hot humid place. That’s that’s actually ideal for for insect growth. But guess how long the largest spider in the world is. Well the answer is lifespan. The largest spider in the world is found in South America on the lake Spain is over eight Oh I’m sorry it is over eight inches long in fact it’s over 11 inches long. You think about that like a dinner plate. Can you imagine walking in the woods or is it all of a sudden be spidered the size of a dinner plate just drops onto your head or onto you. Yeah that’s just not fun to think about. All right. But the good thing is we don’t have to worry about that here in the toaster we don’t have to worry about those gigantic spiders. But if you if you do come across a spider you wonder what it is.
Give us a call. Just google Germany or Tulsa and then call us and we’ll come right out there and let you know what it is or you can just Texas usually take a picture in Texas. But the thing is we will get you take care of it right here.
Yeah spider list there at your home. OK. Now did you know here’s a fun fact for you. Do you know spiders don’t get caught in their own webs. Why is that. Why don’t spiders actually get caught in their own Web site if they’re catching other bugs in their webs.
If other insects are getting caught in these webs and that’s how they catch their food when a bug flies into it or an insect dumps into the spider web and that’s how they find their food. Why.
Don’t Spaniards get caught in their own webs. It just doesn’t make sense. Well here’s your answer. Also. The reason why. The reason why spiders don’t get caught in their own webs is because they’re they have self oiling legs right. So there they are. Their legs actually oil up there still oiling as that actually prevents them from getting caught into their in their own Web. And so. So that’s a fun fact for you. Come on strong. But but here’s the thing. Also if you see that you have some spider webs or if you just don’t want to have spider webs you just don’t want to have spiders.
Call us just google exterminator Tulsa. We’ll come right out. We will get you done and we will take care of the situation that way you guys do not have to mess with that. OK. Now spiders. How do they get into your home or into your home. Many different ways. We talked before about how all seeing around doorways and as you open the door they say is that cool air and they come right inside the home. Oftentimes they come inside undetected. Exterminator Tulsa
Right. They don’t know or I’m sorry the homeowner doesn’t know that that that a spider just actually slipped into their house. So what you want to do is you want to make sure that these spiders don’t come into your house.
Now again it is hot outside. It is cooler inside your home in the summertime. So they want to come inside your home because it’s climate controlled. Do you want to be inside your home during that time frame. OK. So so just watch for me as you open your watch make sure that those fires are not coming into the home before you close the door. Look around the hinges area that’s going to be like kind of a smaller crack when you open it but that’s where they like that like to slip in undetected. Exterminator Tulsa
It’s a gray area for them to do so. But if you do don’t want to deal with spiders in general if you just don’t even want to mess with it you just want to live your life sputter free. Give us a call. In fact it’s best you just jot down a number you’re probably seeing or billboard that says exterminator Tulsa maybe us. We would. And and just call us. We’ll come right out there and we will handle it. We’ll take care of the situation. We’re not going to have to mess with mess with dealing with those spiders. But we do take your spotters and you know we take care of crickets. We take care spiders black widow spiders take care of termites take care of fleas and ticks take kill and piss ants like ants.
Oriental Lance-Corporal have you name it. Take care of it. What else do we control. We treat broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds that just crabgrass dals grass sewage and bet would do pre-merge implications.
So we will leave you with the perfect line in your past gone.
Whenever you use platinum pest and lawn anyways just give us a call you reach is that platinum pass along dotcom where you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can or you can you can stop our truck and let us know that you want service here platinum past on your first service is going to be $1. Give us a call we can get to Tankian.