Ask about our specials here Claremore pest control Platinum Pest & Lawn. Where you can experience the ultimate platinum treatment you can also take advantage of our promotions where you can get as seasonal pest and lawn treatments is scheduled at and save on that treatment today. We have been seen on Stone Canyon the patriot we also are partnered with the Better Business Bureau and we are also part of the national pest management Association as well as the Oklahoma pest control Association. We can get rid of the spider’s cricket answer and more. So if you’re looking to be able to save 80% on your first week control treatment with us house now.

Also we can enter you to win out lawn of the year. We can we really want to make sure that your lawn is able to stand out while also helping you get rid of those answers spiders and even deal with those termite infestations in your home. When we deal with your lawn we do through a seven-step program that actually includes the pretreatment as well as the post-emergent applications that actually will prevent weeds from growing back or fertilizing in your lush green yard. Ask us why we are the premier Claremore pest control today.

Also if you want spot treatments for that occasional rogue rebel weed and we can ask they do quick treatment without making you pay a bundle. So we are usually running every six weeks from January to November and you want and you have a yard that looks great all year round. Also your first service, this will only be one dollar. Taking get 80% off your lawn treatment today. Also we will send those ants and spiders packing. We discussed your first service with us it will only cost you one dollar. And we had the top and products as well as EPA products that are safe for your family friends children and pets.

Calls with any questions that you might be having or just go ahead and jump on that train of getting your first call with us in for service call from one dollar. And if you are ready to have your yard back again and make them free of any past gophers or mosquito treatments we can do that right now. So if you’re ready to be able to have your yard it back again and get away from all those pesky mosquitoes have the mosquito treatment. We specialize we have the specialized equipment and technology to be able to applying this to the foliage in your yard where mosquitoes rests as well as making sure that they have no meal when you walk outside.

Is all about making sure that we are starting the past so that they leave your home and never come back. And we want to make sure that all those many vampires also known as mosquitoes are long gone and will bother you anymore when you find your order in your backyard. Cost 918-376-0857 of the to learn more about Claremore pest control will be had offer right now. Ask us about our specials as well as get a six-month unlimited debate refill to get rid of mice in your home. So call us or go online today.

What Are You Looking For From The Claremore Pest Control Experts?

There every season Claremore pest control company by the name of Platinum Pest & Lawn will help you control the mice as well as deal with the challenges of dealing with mosquitoes mice ants termites spiders and crickets anymore. We know that dealing with creepy college is not your favorite thing so we want to be able to provide you a triple-layer defense around your entire home inside and out to target access points in your home. Access points might include your baseboards your window frames door frames and front door and back door.

Also if you’ve ever had the had the opportunity to have spiders in your drains are coming out of your your sink and we can take care of that as well as about making sure that were addressing all those entry points such as under the sink around your toilet and also in your bathroom. We want to make sure that we are setting up that barrier to where spiders and ants will run away in fear and go home and go to another house or just go away for good or die.

So calls for more about Claremore pest control what we have in regards to weed control treatments as well as I sending those ants marching one by one out of your home. We want to be making sure that you know you’re the answer now marching out of your home but actually just dying where they stand. It’s about making sure that we have the products to back it up as well as addressing and eliminating the colony of ants that are infesting your home. Whether they be having a an infestation around your kitchen due to food crumbs and everything.

So with us your definitely beginning on the top treatments as well as being able to be save 80%, through our weed control treatment for your front yard and backyard. It’s all about making sure that your home is designed to be a showpiece of the neighborhood. So if you want to be able to know more about are we control treatment as well as making sure that your yard is looking great through every season whether it be winter spring summer fall we went make sure that your yard is looking fabulous.

So call us here Platinum Pest & Lawn to learn more about how Claremore pest control like us to be with you every season to deal with us pesky and spiders ear work earwigs silverfish carpenter ants termites as well as help you had the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood. So call us at 918-376-0857 or go to now.


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