Here at Claremore pest control Platinum Pest & Lawn we will combat the problem head-on and make sure that were addressing the root of the problem rather than just dealing with a surface problem. Because if you’re dealing with a pest issue or maybe even a termite infestation we need to be able to come up with a game plan for you in addressing any open holes in your doorframes your windows or even on your in your baseboards make sure that no matter the temperature whether Todd or cold weeks and the protection you need to be able to be out of the house especially in helping with your lawn be able to stop termites and other pests and attract from occupying your home.

Claremore pest control can also deal with other pest issues such as termites earwigs silverfish carpenter ants spiders and more. So if you’re looking for bug free maintenance and you want to be able to strive for bug free home without having to deal with the creepy crawlies in your bedroom and bathroom in your Saints are near in your home call us now. We be happy to go over all this with you and make sure they are able to maintain a bug free home for you in the future.

Also we do work with EPA regulated products that are actually safer and they can actually work as bug repellent and they are the best solution on the market right now. And the easiest way to make sure that they don’t come back sexy using every protective measure during every season. That is why he connects to sign up for month-to-month no contract services where we can succumb about every 30 days if needed able to make sure that were taking and killing and stopping every bug lifecycle.

We also ask our customers to make sure that they give us the time to be able to bring the situation under control and and sometimes that can be processed. But if you exit need to steal the come out to home we will do so we will look at the problem a little take care of it with no charge to you. Usually we will return the 30 days after come to your house for the first time to be able to kill the bugs that attached and will not allow them to reproduce a don’t have that continuous past life cycle going on in your home.

So combat the problem today head-on with Claremore pest control. We have everything that could possibly one under the Senate session it comes to termite infestation protocols as well as assessing a problem making sure that were going checking everything out on a repeated and periodic basis making sure that we recommend any recurring treatment plans for several reasons. Because women actually recanting every stage of the past lifecycle as well as addressing any past issues that are harder to eliminate such as bugs that maybe weren’t there overnight are typically dealing with overnight guests unwanted guest. We want to get the situations under control and sometimes that can be processed. So trust the process we will build and implement a plan based on your needs and your home today. Just call us at 918-376-0857 or go to now.

Are You Looking For The Claremore Pest Control?

Here Claremore pest control Platinum Pest & Lawn we want to ensure that we have we can provide you with protection to keep your home bug free as well is keep your home healthy. It’s not making sure that rather than doing with this big infestations you can actually deal with every pest lifestage and make sure that your killing it before they begin again. The Casa 918-376-0857 or go to to learn more about our bug free maintenance as well as our premier customized plans made for you and for your home.

Claremore pest control is just a simple phone call away you can also visit us on our website area be able to get a free quote by leaving us your name email phone number. Once you do that will have one of our highly skilled team members be able to reach out to you and be able to schedule morning or afternoon for one of our technicians come out to your home. If this is your first time actually using our services that we connects to provide you of your first service call for only one dollar. And what also sets us apart from any other big-box or other corporate franchise pest control company and termite infestation company is that we’re to be able to provide you month-to-month memberships with no contract.

If you feel that this is the best fit for you and for your home and for your family call us now at 918-376-0857 and they will be able to schedule your first service call with us for only one dollar and able to go over a game plan for your home to build a make it bug free as well as do repeated checks on a periodic basis that’s why you deafly say big money and a lot of time if you sign up for our monthly memberships. Because it’s no extra money on you. Also we actually have to come back out and and deal with the problem again then we want to go with no charge.

Cause for more information we recognize and understand that your home is probably the most important and biggest investment that you had for your family so we want to make sure that we take care of it and respect it. That is why we treat your home and we be the better than when we found it. So we would be able to get your beautiful home free of any creepy crawlies rodents silverfish carpenter ants termites and more.

So call us for more information about Claremore pest control and what we can offer youth has been the premier pest control company out there right now. So we service the Tulsa BICSI broken arrow tanks and other shunning areas of Oklahoma. Sissy for several we are all about reader reviews from other happy clients that have used her services in the past. And if this is your first time using our services get your first service call from a one dollar today. Look us up at Platinum Pest & Lawn for more information by dialing 918-376-0857 or go to now.