Schedule first service call with us here Claremore pest control company by the name of Platinum Pest & Lawn. Where we can actually say goodbye to all those answer and send them packing or kill them. Also we can tell you more about our pre-and post-emergent applications they will prevent weeds from germinating in your lawn and providing you that beautiful long only around him out of the season. If this all sounds too good to be true then we highly suggest that you at least schedule you for service call with us for only one dollar if you are first-time customer.

We’ve also love to be able to tell you about my Claremore pest control is the premier place because we want to make sure that we are dedicated to servicing your yard or servicing your home and making sure whether it’s interior to mentor’s exterior treatments we are just in on these issues. When should you call Platinum Pest & Lawn? Well we are available Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday so if you want to feel the call center morning and have one of our technicians reach to reach your home in the evening when your are at home to be able to undress and watch as do our work then you can do so.

Also if you really want to be able to make sure that your lawn is standing out whether it’s in the fall winter or the spring we want to be able to make sure they were taking care of those pesky weeds as well as dealing with those vampires known as mosquitoes from them and preventing them from attacking you and your family wire outside your backyard and your front yard. Calls for more information.

If you choose to do our first if you choose user we control treatment you can actually get 80% off your first treatment with that and it’s about a seven-step process where we provide a treatment program that includes the pre-emergent application as well as the post-emergent application to her that connects to prevent weeds from growing back in your yard as well as also were running at about every six weeks from the mid-January to November and you have a whole grade you’ll have a great yard all year round. The Casa 918-376-0857 of the to learn more about her products as well as I can save money on we control treatments and get those spiders and ants packing.

Claremore pest control is wanting to schedule you for service call for only one dollar and we want to make sure that it is well worth it. Also, we want to save you time-saving money the best way we know how being making sure that your first service call will only be one dollar with us. Also you own your one dollar for our mosquito treatment for your front yard and backyard to make sure that there is little vampires that don’t have to bother you anymore. So call us at 918-376-0857 org check us out on to learn more about what we do.

Where Can You Go To Find Claremore Pest Control?

Teacher first mosquito treatment with Claremore pest control Platinum Pest & Lawn for only one dollar. If you’re ready to enjoy your yard again be able to be out there during the summer months without having to be attacked by miniature vampires also buy it know by the name of mosquitoes we can actually do a protected protectant spray and missed over your foliage where mosquitoes tend to rest and make sure that you are mosquito-free for the summer time. To get frequently the surname email and phone number and are member of our team get a hold of you that same day.

You’ll save a whole lot of money when you choose the premier Claremore pest control company such as Platinum Pest & Lawn. Horrible provides you the number one Peter treatments and treatments fighter treatments termite inspection and treatments as well as save you so much money. It’s all about making sure that we can schedule your first treatment and safety as much money as possible. We can also give you a six-month unlimited bait refill to get rid of those mice in your home or in whether they’re in your kitchen basement garage where they may be we want to be able to control the mice through every season.

Usually a common challenge that our homeowners ask they have to deal with and actually mice coming to homes because they’re usually warmer temperatures especially during winter and they’re looking for food and and in the home and usually they come to the cleanup and fess the kitchen because that’s where they have the most they find the most food crumbs. So we want to be very aggressive in the treatments and also ensure that they don’t come back. So if you’re looking for bait refill call us today and get the six month unlimited bait refills today.

Also ask us about her month-to-month, with no contract. This will be able to this will also lie to get the best treatment possible without having to spend hundreds of dollars every single visit. Also most of the franchises are big-box companies for termite inspections or treatments will actually charge you per visit as well as get you to sign up for a 12 month contract that you do not want.

Also you can get $200 off your termite treatment with us you can schedule that now. So if you actually have termites that are currently eating you out of house and home anyway able to avoid any kind of silent natural disaster of wood damage whether be in your crawlspace basement attic or whatever it may be we want to make sure that we can address those as soon as possible. Let us protect your home with our platinum termite protection plan and also you will see $200 off today. Succumb pest the to learn more about this our premier Claremore pest control company.


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