Claremore pest control by the name of Platinum Pest & Lawn can actually help treat against common pests to matter what type of lifecycle there at whether they be ants spiders cockroaches centipedes earwigs or anything else. We deftly have the friendly customer service as well as being the best pest control technicians in the business where we can address any pest issues that you have as well as making sure that were limiting and maintaining a future infestation in your home or in your business. Your 100 and customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us as well as your family’s health and safety inside your home.

So for more about Platinum Pest & Lawn and why where the premier Claremore pest control company then you should find out more by going online to be visited and actually get a visit from us. So this is your first time using our products or maybe her first time using our service your first service call with this will only be one dollar versus the other guys with all charges upwards of $125 in your first visit. Also we want to make sure they were taking care of all the past in between treatments to make sure that we kill the lifecycle of every pest. So that they do not come back or hatch anymore eggs.

Also we want to build a return if we had to return for anything for any reason to spray again then we will come back with no charge. Also ask us about her month-to-month memberships with no contract. Because of deftly save you big bucks and save you a lot of time. So if we do not solve your pest problem that we will give you 100% of your money back guarantee because that is our customer satisfaction guarantee. So ask us for more about them having that needy have close encounters with roaches or maybe termites in your home anyone availed another best treatment for your home as well as having a customized plan we have you covered.

We have been here from the very beginning and we are the pest control company that has your needs in mind. We’re definitely leaving the industry right here in Oklahoma as well as having peace at protection as well as EPA products to fight against insects termites rodents spiders and more. So in addition we also can integrate a customized plan to be able to protect your home through insulation as well as moisture control services as well. So ask us for more information or go online to schedule a free quote. Just leave us your name email and phone number today.

So for more about how to treat against common pests in your home or in your business look up Claremore pest control company by the name of Platinum Pest & Lawn. There you will find that you are able to connect with us as well CSR monthly specials. And if this is your first time using our company are our services before you can actually schedule your first service call with us for only one dollar. Where’s the other guys will charge you more than $100 on your first service. Also if you come back and spray again we it will be no charge to you. So call us at 918-376-0857 or go to now.

If You Are Looking For Our Claremore Pest Control?

Connect with us here at Claremore pest control company by the name of Platinum Pest & Lawn. We are the meeting and specialty and helping protect homes and businesses against those nasty critters and creepy crawlers of homes and businesses. So if you’re currently doing with an infestation of termites or maybe even insects like ants or spiders call us now. We be happy to come out to your location as soon as possible able to go over exactly what we can do as well as provide you with indoor and exterior treatment and also do a thorough inspection of termite damage to make sure that we can stop this termites in their tracks.

To learn more about Platinum Pest & Lawn today and why we are the premier Claremore pest control company that people are choosing not only Claremore but also in Tulsa Bixby broken arrow sky took and other surrounding areas of Oklahoma. Learn more about us or just simply call 918-376-0857 for additional details and information about our services and all that we have to offer right now.

Want to be able to provide you the premier not only the premier but also the platinum services. It is important to us to make sure that you are getting the best coverage possible without having to break the bank in order to do so. So what are you waiting for? Call us now we would love to build their new business you also can find us on social media pages as well and then you cannot ask a guttural website and click on the tab that says specials and there you’ll be able to learn current specials that we have right now.

Also our pest services are pest control does cover bedbugs moths crickets fleas hornets scorpion silverfish and Durand’s roaches mice spiders centipedes earwigs and tics. Also we can do long treatments as well at a cancellation and even deal with termite control such as treatment as Allstate and monitoring. Ask us about our treatments and what we do to set ourselves apart from a of the big box franchises.

So for more about Claremore pest control connect with us online or by calling 918-376-0857 there you’ll be able to executable of one of our amazing team members fail to get a technician out your home as soon as possible or whatever time is convenient for you press they would do an indoor treatment or exterior treatment and also do a home inspection for termites to make sure that were doing the proper treatment to kill the current infestation as well as kill any future eggs or get rid of every single lifecycle of the past. Some calls or go online to that will be able to learn more about Platinum Pest & Lawn what we have to offer you.


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