Have you been experiencing pests in your home? Well, Platinum Pest and Lawn is the best bixby pest control in the area. You may be wondering how we are. Our general service between rid of any pests that may be infiltrating your home. From ants, crickets, wasps, Beetles, scorpions, mice, and any other critters. We do treatment such as interior and exterior treatments. We can flush out any pests. You may be wondering what we use, we use liquid sprayer and we only put it in the areas that the bugs travel. We can do your baseboards, window frames, and doors.

On our outdoor treatment, we make sure that we pray all of the borders of your homes. bixby pest control has never been so easy. and, you only have to be there for the indoor treatments, you do not have to be avilable for the outdoor treatments. We have so many different options for you and your own personal needs. We can customize a treatment just for you. No matter what the problem, we can find a solution. We go into specific detail on our website, platnium-pestcontrol.com. There you can find information about all of the different pests. We go into detail about all of them.

Maybe wondering how our services are our competitors. Well, you can go to our website and check all of our reviews. You can listen to and read all of them! We would love for you to come on a website and check out what we do, even if they just won a one-time treatment, we can do that. All of the products that we are the safest, and the most efficient products. All of our products are safe even using a hospital. But, we still take extra precautions the three areas closest to your loved ones.

in between treatments,if there are still any pests, we guaranteed to return and treat the problem area absolutely free. We have a deal going on, if you call your first service done, it will only cost you one dollar! Is a taste of what to expect. You will be able to see the quality work that we do, and experience it as we also have a deal, give you a 80% of fyour first weed control treatment. The deal that is also a steal.

So and set up your first appointment today, we’re looking forward to having their business, and we looking forward for you to see exactly what our company is all about. Our Bixby pest control is the best in the area, and you will know have to use to you for something. You can visit [email protected], or call us at 918-376-0857 . We could pride in what we do, and we know that we are the best night. You dont have to just trust our word. You’ll be able to yourself. We are looking forward to your business, taking care of your problem areas.

Bixby Pest Control | We Have The Best Offer In Town

Have you been looking for the best pest control in the area? the well our Bixby pest control has the best offers. If you’re living for people who are trustworthy, and do the job efficiently, it is Platinum Pest and Lawn. We must get rid of the pests that may be infiltrating your home. We do best at what we do. We have many offers for you to choose from. The first time that you sign up for our service, it will only cost you one dollar. Do you know of any other company have this kind of offer?

We also do lawn and control. We have a seven step program that prevents me, and will fertilize your lawn. You get 80% off your first weed control treatment maybe you have a problem with mosquitoes. What we can eliminate that problem for you completely. Whenever you decide that you to schedule your first mosquito treatment, it will only cost you a dollar. We specialize in getting rid of these types of bugs. We the best equipment for the job.

Maybe you have a problem, maybe sometimes in the fall and winter, they come and infiltrate your home. While we have aggressive mice treatment that make sure that these unwelcome guests that do not come back into your. Whenever you schedule us, we will give you six months of unlimited refills. We want to make sure that this problem is gone for good. Bixby pest control is the best because you have the best deals. We want to make sure that you never had a problem. Maybe your home has termites that every. You have a plot some permanent protection plan. Whenever you schedule a treatment, you get $200 off your termite treatment.

We have the best deals in the area. Maybe you have flies that are in and around your home, they are in everything. Well, the first time you schedule us to serve you, it will only cost you one dollar. We had an amazing flight targeted product, that will get the fly out of your home. Maybe you have bigger creatures that are around your home. Well, we give you one month free baiting with trapping service. Our service will allow you to log into your yard with out here.

Have the best deals in the area. You can go to our website and read our views. All of our work is done with excellence. Well have to worry about anymore, an event. Go to our [email protected] we can call us at 918-376-0857. We are looking forward to having you call us, and we’re looking forward to serving you in the best way that we can. We could pride and all of the work that we do, and will make sure that you will take pride in it as well. We are always trying to make ourselves better, we are the best Bixby pest control.


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