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Bugs are truly disgusting and not tolerated the best bed bug exterminator Tulsa has, Platinum Pest Control. We feel your pain. Maybe you just got back from a family vacation and picked up a few extra things from the hotel. And we’re not talking about souvenirs. That bugs have been a nuisance to humans for hundreds of years and are still a problem to this day. However, your best bet in dealing with these little pests is by coming to the very best quality service exterminators and taking advantage of our affordable prices at Platinum Pest Control.

As the best bed bug exterminator Tulsa can provide, we pride ourselves here at Platinum Pest Control as a family-owned local business that is both affordable and offers professional techniques to help people get rid of their house or business pets. As an added measure, there is no contract down and if you are not satisfied with the service you received, we will have one of our experts return to your house or business completely charge free! We will focus on the areas of your home or business that bugs travel most of the time and will take a lighter approach where family and pets may spend some of their time. We have been approved by the better business bureau, Stone Canyon, the national pest management Association, the patriot, and the Oklahoma pest control Association. So you can trust us when we say we are well-versed in our profession.

Perhaps you may not know much about bedbugs but they are potentially whole lot harder to deal with than you thought. Fortunately for you like the best bed bug exterminator Tulsa Oklahoma has, we have plenty of experience dealing with bedbugs as well as termites, cockroaches, rodents, fleas, crickets, spiders, and more. Did you know that it doesn’t really matter to a bedbug whether or not your house or dirty? Most people fill that their relatively safe and their home if they clean it regularly. However the true to determining factor for a bedbug invasion is whether or not they can find a place to squeeze inside your house. Bedbugs often live inside the walls of your home which is why a lot will often happen where they may hide in cracks or power sockets the wall.

Bedbugs tend to be attracted to humans because humans, unlike many mammals and birds or reptiles, have no feathers, scales, or fur to get in the way of bedbugs. A female bedbug can lay up to 500 eggs in a single day! Ew! We’re not about it here at Platinum Pest Control, in fact, we make it our mission to terminate these disgusting little beasts. We can also offer you services for lawn care including weed control, fertilizing, lawn seeding and aeration. And we will also take care of any armyworms, mites, ticks, grub worms, and fleas.

So if you are at your wit’s end trying to get rid of pests at your home on your own, call us today at 918-376-0857 for all your exterminating needs. You can also find us on our website and learn more details about our services at

Bed Bug Exterminator Tulsa | Looking for quality exterminators and Tulsa?

Maybe you just found a bedbug in your bedroom, a cockroach in your kitchen, or a flea on your furniture. None of these options are acceptable to the best bug exterminator Tulsa owns, Platinum Pest Control. If you are looking for professional technicians at affordable prices, your search is over this take your business to Platinum Pest Control and get some peace of mind today. No one is excited about finding a bedbug bite in the morning, in fact, it makes us itch just thinking about it. If you come to Platinum Pest Control today to deal with whatever pests have plagued you, we will give your first service to you for only one dollar!

We are a family-owned local business and take pride in being the best bed bug exterminator Tulsa has. We will send our exterminators with professional techniques and custom treatments to make sure your house is up-to-date with the state-of-the-art pest control options you need. In fact, we are so confident you will love our services, but if you are not satisfied with our work after the first time we will return to fix the problem completely charge free! We will focus on all the areas bugs usually are found to believe the areas safe for you and your family and pets. We have been approved with the Oklahoma pest control Association, the national pest management association, stone Canyon, the patriot, and the Better Business Bureau to assure you that here at Platinum Pest Control we are seasoned professionals.

If you are looking to rid your home or business of Bed Bug Exterminator Tulsa, cockroaches, fleas, termites, crickets, ants, or rodents your best bet is to come to the best bug exterminator Tulsa Oklahoma can provide you through Platinum Pest Control. Many people have no idea the reasons they need to keep these pests out but in the case of bedbugs, it is a bit disturbing to find that bedbugs don’t need to see you detect you they can find you simply by your heat signature or by the amount of CO2 you exhale. Makes little difference to a bedbug how clean your house is, it is all in the fact that they can find a way in. Bedbugs carry all sorts of diseases and can hide inside your walls. Bedbugs are very fond of using humans as a host because there are no scales, feathers, or fur for them to have to bite through.

In addition to taking care of the inside of your home, we can also help you with all your lawn care needs including fertilizing, weed control, seeding your lawn, and aeration. We can help you bridge your lawn of pests like mites, tics, fleas, army worms, and grub worms. Who doesn’t want a much safer place for their kids to play both indoors and outdoors? To bring back your peace of mind and come to Platinum Pest Control for your lawn care needs and Bed Bug Exterminator Tulsa.

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