Bed Bug Exterminator Tulsa | Looking for the best exterminator and Tulsa?

If you are looking for a bed bug exterminator Tulsa, look no further than Platinum Pest Control. We are so confident that you will be happy with your services from us that we will only charge you one dollar for your first service! We are a family-owned local business that does not require you to sign a contract when you start services with us. We can offer you affordable prices and professional technicians who will give you custom treatments for your home and/or situation. We understand how unsettling it feels to not know what to do after you find that you have a bug infestation. But here at Platinum Pest Control, we will make sure that you get the best service for your money. In fact, if you are not completely satisfied after our services, we will return with another service completely free of charge!

Our services include eliminating termites, cockroaches, fleas, rodents, bedbugs, crickets, spiders, and many more. We truly are the best bed bug exterminator Tulsa has to offer and we really know our stuff. Did you know that you can get bitten over 100 times in one night by bedbugs? Gross! And unlike bites from other bugs, most bites from bedbugs go unnoticed because people are not able to feel the bite due to special numbing agents and bedbug saliva. Bedbugs can also become easily resistant to pesticides and breed new generations that are completely impervious to previous pesticides.

Bedbugs can also live inside the walls which are why the most professional bed bug exterminator Tulsa can offer, Platinum Pest Control will focus on areas that bugs will go with your family and pets won’t. Bedbugs can carry diseases and can often lay their eggs in the folds of your mattresses and are too small to see. Their bites cause red itchy whelps when you wake up the next morning you often see their signs. Bedbugs really like to pray on humans because conveniently, humans do not have fur or scales to get in the way and hinder a bedbug bite. Bedbugs are a lot more common than people think and have no place in your home.

In addition to indoor treatments, Platinum Pest Control can also help you with all your lawn care needs. We can help you by eliminating armyworms, mites, fleas, grub worms, and ticks. We can also provide you with weed control, fertilizing, lawn seeding, and aeration. We have been approved by the Oklahoma pest control Association, the Better Business Bureau, Stone Canyon, national pest management Association, and the patriot.

If you are sick and tired of finding bugs or other pets in your home and are ready to do something about your pest control needs, call us today at 918-376-0857. You can also find us on our website and learn more details at

Bed Bug Exterminator Tulsa | Are you your wits end with pests in your home?

If you are looking for the best bed bug exterminator Tulsa has to offer turn your eyes to Platinum Pest Control. Our professional technicians here at Platinum Pest Control really know their stuff and will give you custom treatments depending on your home and specific situation. In fact, if you are not satisfied with the services you receive, we will return to your home or business completely charge free! We have been approved by the Better Business Bureau, stone Canyon, the patriot, the Oklahoma pest control Association, and the national pest management Association. So you can put your mind at ease knowing that you, your family, and your pets will be well taken care of with Platinum Pest Control quality service.

With no contract down, the best bedbug exterminator Tulsa can provide is undoubtedly Platinum Pest Control. We are a family-owned local business and will always contact you before servicing your house or business as a courtesy to you. Many competitors will not do this without an extra charge. We will focus on the areas of your home that most bugs like to hide, all the while avoiding the areas your family and pets reside. We will read your home and/or business of termites, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, rodents, crickets, and spiders with ease. We will also be able to serve you for all your lawn care needs including lawn seeding, weed control, fertilization, and aeration. We will also make sure your lawn is armyworm, grub worm, tick, mite, and flea free.

Did you know that bedbugs can detect where you are without sight? They often rely more on their ability to recognize your heat signature and are drawn to the air you breathe out when you exhale. Bedbugs have numbing agents and their saliva so unlike other bug bites, most people don’t notice bites from bedbugs and won’t wake up when bitten. Bedbugs can also become easily resistant to pesticides, and it does not make any difference to a bedbug how clean your home is or how dirty. Bedbugs can easily hide within the walls and outlets, and in cracks, most people don’t think to search. They have instincts to hide during the day so that they can avoid being spotted. When you are in the care of the best bed bug exterminator Tulsa has to offer, Platinum Pest Control, none of these details need concern you.

We want to be sure that everyone feels safe and their home and will not have to lie awake at night wondering what will happen once they fall asleep. To be honest, most people have too much to worry about without adding the fear of having to deal with pests in their homes. If you use Platinum Pest Control for all your Bed Bug Exterminator Tulsa needs we are confident that you will love the service you will get.

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