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Welcome back podcasters welcome back dreamers! Welcome back whoever you are welcome back at to another podcast Edition, I’m, whether you’re in Oklahoma or whether you’re in Oklahoma, in or whether you’re a Texan or from McKenna, whether you’re kanuk or an Ozzy from Australia, where the bugs are thick. Whoever you are, whoever you wish to be, there were you associate with. We are happy that you’re listening to this podcast in joining me today. Thank you. This is that I tell this lot about you that you are always looking to improve, always looking to educate yourself when it comes to bugs when it comes to the critters living around your home and also and your family also, and how to keep your lawn awesome. How to keep your lawn, Platinum Pest Control I look at Tip Top, but that’s that’s what we’re here to do that? That’S what we discussed I’m! I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host today, I’m alsoco-founder Platinum, pest. How we welcome you! If it’s your first time, thank you for joining us. We want to hear from you. We want to know how you found out about us who tipped you off to this awesome. Wonderful podcast has taken place if you are a returning podcaster. If you listen to us on a regular basis. Welcome back. You know that we are no stranger to us. Some fun fast, hard facts with them with bugs and Turf, and so we are Platinum, pest. Hopefully you might be a little bit, but the same time learn a little something something about the past around the Tulsa area. In the past, from the Oklahoma area in the Pacers live around you and your family, and also about Turf about how to keep your your lawn looking good, looking clean and green hi, Stephen Kelly might say I’m so that’s what we are all about. That’S what we’re doing today it’s over, so we want to welcome you if it’s your first time.

Thank you for joining with us today. We hope that you tune into mini mini mini other podcasts in the near future. Um if you are regular. Thank you again for joining in, hopefully you black and for the past, and hopefully you’ll laugh again in the future. But I am Jared JohnI’m. Your host of this podcast on cope co-founder of platinum, pest. You live a long long. Life pest-free here in the Tulsa area in the Oklahoma area, would like to keep the pest away from your home, and we want to keep you with that perfect. Looking lawn that way, neighbors get jealous. You would like to create a little jealousy between your neighbors making think that you got the best lawn in the hood. You know. Sometimes you we’ve had people write, reviews for sand said. Platinum Pest Control Look my neighbor came and said my yard looks like a golf course. Let’S our aim, we aim to please that’s what we do so welcome to this podcast Edition. Hopefully, you can learn some fun facts to help you the pass away from your home and keep your your lawn looking for rate right and see if your journey join us for the first time. Thank you for joining us. If you are regular, podcaster think joining us as well, hopefully we give you some fun facts today, or hopefully, you’ll learn a little something something, and also that you get a little giggle little giggly little laughing become a little laughing stock. That’S okay, too! Right! I’M because we got to keep humor in our lives, I’m I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host. Today, this podcast series – I am co-founder Platinum, pest.

You know: we’ve had rain, had warm weather really had conditions that are really been conducive to the bug activity, tattoo bugs and pests arriving in your yard, also at near conditions ideal for a for weeds amount of yards as well so anyways. We I want to welcome you, think you for joining with us today. If you are a regular podcaster, we welcome you. Hopefully, you’ve learned a little something something before in the past and if your new thank you for joining us, hopefully I hear from you right so give us a call soon as an email. Let us know what you’re thinking right, where we’re happy Dad to come out and answering questions at that. You do have anything regarding your pest control or we control in any of ourServices okay. So I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host of this podcast series online, coupon or platinum pest. You can see the stars so if you’re out in the country tonight, just pull over, maybe you’re driving your pickup truck just dropped that tailgate lay in the back. Platinum Pest Control I’M just look at the stars and con to play meditative little bit. Platinum Pest Control You know and that’s amazing what you can learn when it when you do that, and obviously we know that you’re diligent learner, because you’re listening to this podcast right, you’re ready to learn you ready to improve your situation and I keep the past in the bugs away From your home and away from your family, I’m that’s a good thing to do. That’S a good move Ryan’s! We want to encourage you with this Nessa purposes. Podcast want to make you laugh will make you smile, but we want to give you information help. Keep the past in the bugs and those dirty little guys away from your home away from your family.

So that’s what we are here to do we’re here to give you the info I had to makeso. I am Jared Johnson, I’m your I’m your host today! I’M your host this podcast series – I am co-founder of platinum, passed along with my beautiful wife, gorgeous wife, Jennifer Johnson, I’m so we’re making it happen here at the home we have 3 kids, I’m sure there will be more of the future, but that’s who we are. I’M in fact, you often times people are looking for the best pest control, Tulsa and and that’s who we are right. We are family owned and operated company service in the greater Tulsa area. We are Tulsa’s Premier pest control company and in so that’s what we do. We provide solutions to people with with Pest Control issues and also weed in lawn and turf issues as well. Platinum Pest Control Like I said, we do service of Greater Tulsa area. Lot of people find this online by by just searching a few key words, and those keywords are Pest Control, Tulsa, St finest. They call us we’re happy to come out there and and solve any of their past issues that they have resolve their concerns, that they might have as well, and so that’s very common or they can give us a call at 918-376-0857. He reaches online at Platinum, pest