We are just so thrilled to have you guys along this ride with us on this journey. You are podcasting. We are a pest control Tulsa aka a platinum pest and lawn I am Gier Johnson. I am the co-founder of platinum pest and lawn with a beautiful amazing lady who actually has a name and her name is Jennifer formerly known as Jennifer Gaylord now she is Jennifer Johnson because she took my last name and has. Birthed three living children that we have to this day.
We’ve still kept them and they are fun to be around.
And they are a joy in our lives and we are happy too to teach them the ways of extermination. Right in Long control and also the ways of life. But again we are a platinum person long we are family owned and operated company service in the greater Tulsa area. You can always reach us a platinum pest and lawn dot com or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. But I mean if you’re looking for pest control Tulsa where the company to use and if you look we have now our customers giving us an average of five-star rating on Google. And so that is something that we work extremely hard to do to keep our reviews up to keep our customers happy because ultimately it is the customers that hire us or customers complier us. And so we realize and recognize and so we do all that we can in order to make sure that we eradicate the issues that people are dealing with and that we do it in a manner that keeps them happy. So that’s who we are. That’s what we’re doing. But if you tune in to these podcasts you know that that’s not a secret to you. And also was not the secret to you is that we’ve been talking a lot about events not only have we been talking a lot about ads but we always give a lot of trivia you know regarding answers regarding other bugs such as fleas for instance if you’re a flea. Pest Control Tulsa
If you had the jumping ability of a flea if you could jump like a flea you’d be able to jump over skyscrapers. OK think about that for a second if you had the jumping ability of a flea. There wouldn’t be any need for elevators right. They just had jumping platforms where you’d be able to jump to the level that you need. But.
Thank goodness we are not fleas. Thank goodness we do not have the jumping ability of fleas that could get a little crazy. And so luckily that does not happen. I guess God knew what he was doing.
Also, you know we ask trivia such as how long can a roach holds its breath. How long can a rat remain alive on water? Not that I’ve tried that. No, not that I’ve tried that at all. You know I’ve never thrown a rat in a swimming pool and just just just timed it with a stopwatch. How long can this rat live? One what the scientists thought of the testers thought. Here it is right here in this body of water. I’m just going to time it and see how long it lives till it dies right. Well, I was not that person doing that test. I don’t ever want to be that person doing during that test. But.
But anyways you know the bottom line is we are the premier pest control Tulsa that that takes care of Tulsa and within the pest control needs and also anyone needs that Tulsa might have.
And so with these podcasts you know we talk about ways to prevent you from seeing bugs and ways to prevent weeds from coming up in the yard and different things to do.
Well, when it comes to those moves come the services. But again we are no stranger to facts. And to.
Add to trivia and so we’re going to spend now some trivia today of course and we’ve talked about ants. You know we’ve talked about how many different species they are we talked about how the fight to the death. Right. And the way that they work we talked about how there can be millions of Asians a couple of million ants in a colony. And that’s really with the Queen’s job is to have babies right. But we also talk now I thought this was extremely fascinating. We talked to well how can ants. Take overcalling because ants will oftentimes when they fight when they’re fighting for the death right. So might have a rival colony. You have a colony calling come there and just take out the other rivals. Right. Just a vicious battle. What were the take them out and then? And then what they’ll do is they’ll take the dogs from the other colony and though raising the hatch and take the young and let them live.
In fact, even the sign of a baby sitter if you will or or or or ants over those areas over the primary responsibility is take those eggs. And once they hatch and become ants then guess what.
They become those colony slaves and they just work and work and work them.
Yeah, pretty crazy pretty vicious. Pest Control Tulsa
But that’s how they sell eggs. I’m sorry that’s how ants roll.
Right. If you ever wondered how any rolls. That’s how they roll. They are actually circular and they don’t actually physically roll. But that is how it roll.
But so if you see any fighting going on among your aunt colony’s do us a favor do yourself a favor go ahead and google pest control Tulsa. We’re going to come out and we’re going to eliminate any chance that you might deal with. So us that way you don’t have to mess with it right there where you can get in the garden you can garden that’s your type of thing.
Remember the answer plaguing you inside the house you may be there and your cereal maybe you didn’t know you had them until you have poured that bowl of cereal next sign little some floaters coming up and a little float is happening in your bowl of cereal so that’s no good.
All right if that happens that’s no good.
You know impossibly you know say you wake up the more you pull that cereal get a little in-flow tease. You eat your cereal you’re late for work you’re driving down the road going to work in the next scene you see past that billboard that you’ve been passing every day your whole life. But then all of a sudden it makes sense because that billboard is says pest control Tulsa and on that billboard, it will have that information platinum pest and lawn and you say today’s the day I’m going to do something about. I’m tired of soup.
So you pull over and jot down that number and give us a call and then life is good once again peace is restored at your home. Right. We talked about carpentry and we talked about how they have wood shavings. Oftentimes that’s a sign of corporations. See those wood shavings you know bigger you look for around you know around window areas around doors those are common areas where we actually see evidence of carpenter ants you know of course you see them on the outside and often times as well. But. But that’s actually how they get their name because they’re their nests are actually made of wood. Right. And now termites we’ve talked about how termites eat would scarpering it’s hollow that wood and that uses a structure that they can actually still do.
Although carpenter ants are not termites there’s still would destroy an insect and they can still do a heck of a lot of damage to your home. And so that’s something that you just simply don’t want around. We scarpering damage you know pretty regularly over in the Tulsa area. So if you think you might have carpentry and you don’t want to take that chance on that you want to go in and type in pest control Tulsa and press that button on your computer. Then
we’re going to come up. Just and click on us and we’ll come out there and. And irradicated take care of the situation you know we’ll remedy the problems that way they don’t cause a whole lot of damage here. Here. Hall Right.
And now there’s a lot of different types of corporations throughout the United States.
They vary in size. And so what we do over here in the Tulsa area is when we see carpenter ants we don’t let them live right. We’re not nice guys I guess we don’t let them live and destroy your home. What we do is we eradicate it now the way that you’re going to find us. In order to call us to eradicate it and ordered eradicate the comprehensives you’ve got to go in and Google pest control Tulsa and there we are. We’ll get the problem taken care of but we not only take care carpentry and we take care of over Sands to take care of mice rats fleas ticks bed bugs termites subterranean termites we take care of flying termites those are going to colds those are going to be cold warmers would take care fleas ticks brown recluse spiders black widow spiders wolf spiders who take care of all sorts of different types of spiders and take care of moles and crickets and gigs we take care of Fleisig take care, Nance,,.
And you name it. So we’re going to come out here and take care of it for you. And we also do pre pre-emergent applications in the lawn post-merge Applegate’s we take care of broadleaf weeds to take care of grass weeds like crabgrass dhows grass all sorts of different types of grass. The thing is Tulls you don’t have to know everything that we do. Just call us when we reached the 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us on the Internet at Platinum pest in London com platinum person and we’ll leave you with the perfect one and your pets. You’re first-served only one.