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Book bag podcast should thank you for joining, hopefully had a good night’s rest. Last night, man, we conclude a lot of podcast last night and I think we did 15 yesterday and so I’m sure you’re working your way through them right now I was there were plenty plenty plenty of podcast their dead to keep you overwhelmed and keep things happen There for you and I’m so I thank you for joining with us today. We hope that you continue to join with us and we hope that you continue to to listen and learn and grow and learn more more more about bugs about passing the Tulsa area. Whatever area of the country you’re living in or whatever country you’re living in Maine could be in Australia or even Cam Newton can a Canadian get it a lot of bugs? Also, you wouldn’t realize I also lost a good time, gets tons and tons and tons of bugs or whatever it is. We are happy that that we can be helping me out today and hopefully, you’re learning, hopefully you’re enjoying this podcast on my name is Jared. Pest Control Tulsa I’M your host find, the best lawn, my wife died about 6 years ago and when we started the company our goal is to become the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer, and so we feel that we are well on our way to the store Basehor service people. We need to be back to know if we’re accomplishing are going our task, and so, if you have pest issues or or you need to Pest Solutions or weed Solutions out there in your yard, give us a call okay. I contact us we’re happy to have any service you that way. You can. Let us know what we can do to get better serve you and to make her service better. We’Re always looking for ways to improve. Give us a call at 918-376-0857 or text me, but the way that a lot of people find us the way than the majority of people find as his date to the internet. Yahooand. All they do is a type in Pest Control, Tulsa that search lead into us and that’s how to get in contact with us now at that statement. So since you’re listening this podcast from you, I would love to have passed. I would love to hear from you as a contact us email to a platinum pass in lawn. Com. You can email any questions that you have that website, that email address and we’ll get your full address in Journeys podcast about. We are happy to do that. Please do that, I’m not to be a benefit to both you and to us.

Okay, we can. We can make that happen there for you and I and also remember how to get in contact with us, because the time will come whenever you will need our services and might not be today might not be. Pest Control Tulsa Tomorrow might be a week for now or months. Maybe 6 months from now, but you’re going to want to have her number savedcall whenever that time does come, and so anytime anytime, you see any advertisements, it’s a pest control. Tulsa save that number in your phone, because that will be our number. You can call us and then we’ll will answer any questions that you have Wall soaked, so many any issues that you do have as well. So we are happy to do that. You need to save that in your phone in order in order to make that happen. So I just going to save it there, I’m in your phone and that way we can just see that big spider. You want it done or just one but no way I’ll. Let you can push when you come out there, for you also say we are talking about past or passed okay. Well, what are fall past you might ask before pest will work. Category category denies at is a any any pests that comes into your home during the fault that are more prevalent during the fall now. I’M not going to be a whole array of a different types of insects. Right yeah, I mean it’s right now and get a lot of spiders come home cuz as things cool off the bugs want to come inside your home. It is just like if you were outside and if it’s cold outside you most likely would not want to be outside, I’m just guessing right, Pest Control Tulsa I’m just guessing you would want to be outside in cold outside. Pest Control Tulsa You also would probably want to come inside as well. Just a thought, just a guess, but but you’re going to have to let us know if it doesn’t that you, if you think the same way about done, but the bugs Cold Outside they want to come inside, where it is nice and warm nice and warm. It is so that’s what they’ll do so, if you don’t know, if I, if the bugs are in, if you have Protection, keep keep them from coming inside. I’M Nicole s right just just search Pest Control, Tulsa, I’m typing those words and then call us we’ll come out there will handle it will get it all squared away, we’ll get it all taken care of for you elegant. We are happy to do that for you, but never try to reach out to it, but Advance or big one as well as we’ve had a lot of rain last night. So I’m on nights that we get a lot of rain the next morning, we’re always going to get calls on hands, because what happens is when you get a lot of a lot of a lot of rain of ants, just kind of answers, kind of come into The home search searching for dry grout right, they want to be, it won’t, be dry. When we left alone, then we dry it so did they come inside because most likely most likely, your home is dry and I most likely your home is an ideal location for them.

I’M too, to live in in the state driving in to stay out of the element. So that’s happening to the pest control. Tulsa billboard have to pull over and information and give us a call wolf spiders brown recluse spiders black widow, spiders, yellow orb spiders that hairy spiders jumping spiders when we handle all sorts of different type of spiders. That, maybe I would you add, flying insects on wood bees, carpenter, bees, mosquitoes Yellow Jackets, wasps, Hornets mud, daubers, dirt-dobber flies, house flies. Gnats drain flies a scorpion, silverfish centipedes and millipedes crickets grasshoppers Beatles Beatles are a big one. We also handle in your carpet beetles bed bugs. Are we just did a big bed bug job? Pest Control Tulsa Pest Control Tulsa I just yesterday, lots of bed bugs we take care of Termites Termites are roaches and cockroaches oriental cockroaches, the number of All Sorts different type of roaches. We do take care of his well, but if you want to come out just go in and picture your mind, I want you to fix your three words in your mind as three words that you can picture your mind. Are Pest Control what’s, your picture. Those are number will just automatically pop up in your mind, but we all Suter Services. We provide solutions for per yard, so we keep cheaper, broadleaf, weeds or grass and weeds like not grasp new lawn aeration and Lawn fertilization, over seeding Fescue Lawns as well. It’S will make it happen there for you, but you got a call. I want to make that happen. You reached at 918-376-0857 or you were just online at Platinum, pest when you choose Platinum. Your first service is only but will leave you with the Perfect Lawn and your passcode