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All right podcasters come back Tulsa. We are. Talking about bugs as you podcasters know if you follow along which you probably have.
If you’ve been following this you know that we have been talking a lot about bed bugs and all sorts of other pest. My name is Jared Johnson. I am co-founder and I’m host of the podcast co-founder of platinum pest and lawn with my beautiful wife Jennifer Johnson mother of three children currently residing in a Wasow suburb of Tulsa. Wife was born raised in a Wassa I was born in Houston but I am a transplant here in Oklahoma and I am loving it. Never going back. Just don’t tell my Texas friends that. But but we are a platinum pest in LA and we are Tulsa’s premier pest control Tulsa. And so we take care of all sorts of pests and all sorts of lawn needs that you and your family might have or that you might run into. We are a family owned and operated company. And you can always reach us. At. 9 1 8.
3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or you can reach us on the air at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. OK podcasters if you have listened to any of these podcasts you know that that we. That we talk a lot about bugs that we do a lot of trivia. It’s always fun to have some interesting facts about bugs or about weeds or about life in general and so we usually throw out a little trivia for you. Something to something to salivate on. So what we’ve been talking about recently is we’ve been talking a lot about bedbugs in these podcasts and and really what issues people deal with bedbugs and how they affect people’s lives and so forth in heads and things to do in order to prevent bedbugs from coming into your home and also ways to take care of them.
But really what you need to know if you think for the pod cast it is that if you do have bedbugs or if you know someone with bedbugs or anybody that’s dealing with any pest issues just have them look up pest control Tulsa and then they’ll click on link all over information pop up and give us a call we can help them out with just answering some questions or whether it’s actually come down and treating eliminate the issue. One of them for you or for your friends or for your family.
So we’ll take care of the problem that way. You guys don’t have to do that. And so what what we what we talked about we talked about bedbugs some trivia. You know they. Bedbugs female bedbug can leave 500 eggs in her lifetime and that can and those eggs are going to hatch and then those new bedbugs are going to lay eggs. Pest Control Tulsa
And so you really lose the bedbug battle at an exponential rate. It’s grown on itself which which is fantastic if you have a bank account does give you great interest. Right. That’s fantastic. If that’s compounding right if your money is growing at an exponential rate but that is not good if you’re getting on with bed bugs and bed bugs or live in your house or anywhere near you. Right. And so if that is happening I’m sure you probably looked up all sorts of information about bed bugs. But but another thing that you can do is just just go and google pest control Tulsa you know we’ll come up there on there and just click on our link and we’ll take care of bedbugs. We have a outstanding track record when taking care of bedbugs. The national average is four to six treatments. Professional treatments before a bedbug and face infestation is taken care of. We’re usually able to do it in one to two treatments. Now the reason why is because we want the suit when we come out. We want to make sure that they were as thorough can be because we don’t want them to reinvest. You don’t want to have to deal with them. Right. And so you know it might be possible that you. Have bedbugs and that you’ve used another company before in the past they just haven’t been able to resolve the issue. Right. You just aren’t getting the results that you’d really like to have. Now if that’s the case go ahead and look up pest control Tulsa. You know we’ve mentioned this before.
I mean you’ll click on a link I mean what we’re Tulsa’s premier pest control company here that in the Tulsa area. So we’ll get you taken care of whether you live in Broken Arrow or whether you live in a Wasow or whether you live in jeans or or you’re in Tulsa or midtown.
You know sky to Claremore sand Springs you know it doesn’t matter if you live around around the Tulsa area will come out there and we’ll get all squared away even to La La and no water will come out there and get that get that done for you. OK. Now we mentioned before have it folks can really live anywhere. So people think they just live around and. Around beds. Right. But they can really live anywhere. You know people get getting from hotels of course hotels are big hubs for them.
But you know airports hospitals movie theaters so they can live and thrive where they have food. So usually whenever there’s a high population of people and people are coming in now you know now that’s one way they can get spread. And we have client for instance there’s a bank that’s a client of ours that receive phone call from because you know they have some some some clients that come in to do transactions and they put their backs down and guess what. Bedbugs are climbing off of their bags. And so that’s obviously not a good situation. And so what they did or what they should have done is googled pest control Tulsa but we got that phone call on that.
And we’ve been able to help them out and develop a plan for them to help keep their other clients safe from a bring bedbugs bread to bed bedbugs back to their homes. Also the employees as well. Now we have also talked about how there just aren’t city dwellers now that they will there will be more infestations in areas where there are a lot of people but yeah they live all over the country. Bedbugs are really hardy and I’m sure you figured this out if you had them try to try to kill them kill yourself. I bet bugs can survive in temperatures nearly freezing rates just above freezing all the way to 120 degrees. So you hear about heat treatments maybe you’ve tried to heat your home to kill bedbugs. They’ve got to get above 120 degrees. But what happens is they’re smaller ones that once the place starts heating up there then go deeper than go find other cracks me in between the mattress and box springs. There you go areas where they can actually be insulated and shielded from the heat. So they don’t they don’t expire. Right. And so because Bed bugs are so hardy because they are tough to kill. You know it’s almost impossible to do it do it yourself right. So you need to have a professional company come out and do well with it and you know people find this by doing pest control Tulsa and they’re going to click on our link and then we come home and we take care of it. And when they do that the situation for them. OK now bedbugs are very smart as well.
OK. Pest Control Tulsa
Elusive so they usually are hiding during the daytime. Most the time you won’t see during the day. That’s because they’re hiding they’re hiding from people. But but at night time what we have is that carbon dioxide and that that happens when you exhale. Right. When you breathe in breathe out you exhale carbon dioxide. Then she actually gets to come out of their hiding place. They’re attracted by it. You know there’s a meal by that carbondioxide so they give me a bite that they’re going to look for that meal to to get it done. And so that’s what’s going to happen they’re going to come out there and eat and feed and. And so that’s. So they’re smart they’re smart and they know how to stay hidden and go hide and picture frames behind wallpaper. You know the local outlets where we’re where people just aren’t seen them. Right. We’re out of sight out of mind. So they’re smart right to kill because all times people don’t see them you know they’ll get bitten and even know that they got bitten until the next day.
And so and so in order to kill them you know we can take care of that. You need a professional company. So go ahead and google pest control Tulsa you’ll see that we are number one on that list clicking on them we will come out there and get them taken care of but we don’t just take care of bedbugs. You know we take care of spiders ants. You know those include bird spiders black widow spiders ants orients odors ants. You know we take care of flies drame flies. We take care of termites swarming termites flying termites subterranean termites. You know we determine or treatments. We also do base stations like Senator corn. We we do all sorts of different type of treatments on a home for the different person that people are dealing with. We take care scorpions we take care of roaches and brown cockroaches mice. Rats fleas ticks you name it. We’re going to take care of it. Even moles and grubs and army worms and web worms and bag worms as well but we don’t just stop there. We’re also going to treat the yard we can them. We we do we control treatments our home so we’ll do pre-merge application post-merge applications will do broadleaf control Grassi we control such as crabgrass Dallas grass planted grass will fertilize will do overseed professed You will be very shinned. We do a number services can leave you with a perfect lawn and your pets gone.
So if you want any of those services or if you need help in these areas give us a call you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can find us online platinum pest and lawn dot com. And just remember when you choose platinum we’re going to leave you with the perfect one and your pets gone.
And over here platinum your first service is just one.