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Book mac tulsa, thank you for joining with us today. We are excited that you are with us I’m, enjoying this weather. If you are enjoying this weather you’re either an eskimo or you just use that to look at the bright side of things you choose to that. Your glass is half-full rather than half empty and those are the ones that we want to talk to. You know what much rather spend our time with positive people as opposed to those that bring us down, and you are most likely a positive person because you are being proactive. You were taking the time to educate yourself what you want to do in order that the better educate yourself invest in yourself kudos to you. Congratulations to you! You want to thank you for joining with us today. My name is jared. Johnson I am the host today of the host, with the most information when it comes to pest & lawn. That is who we are some people. You can just call us pest control tulsa, because we provide pestoceans and we control solutions, those in the greater tulsa area. That’s what we do for you. We can make that happen for you too and i, but in order to make that happen, you got to get in contact with this. You got to look this up now, my wife and i. We are, we started the company together, we are co-founders. We have 3 babies, for if you had the business as of now sure we will have more more babies as life goes on, but when we started the business park, goal was really become. The best pest control tulsa has to offer right is that was our goal for britain on google on google what people we want to check your views on google, and so what people do after they become more customer, is they have gone and they have raided their visit and they have rated reviewed that with us, and we want to make sure that we provide the best the best service possible to everyone around it. So that’s what we are doing. You provide the best service to anyone around. Add that we want to make sure that we provide that that service for you to as well and I am so what we do if contact with us by 7 or you can reach his online at platinum pest & lawn. Com. Pest Control Tulsa Now we handle all sorts of pest and weed needs, and so we handle general pass. We handle cockroaches oriental cockroaches german brown cockroach, where to take care of fleas and ticks. Those are some nasty. Buggers also want to make sure we handle those. We do mice and rats. We do spiders and ants and wasps and mosquitoes and yellow jacket. What do termites termites make sure that happens. We get that taken care of there for you and take care of bed bugs pretty much a big crawls or flies week and I we can make it died and we all screw free market application. I’m, sorry I do week. We control services so want to make sure that you’re up that your long as it stays beautiful. That is stays amazingly awesome. Amazingly sharp! Is it that’s what we can do for you, but I bet in order make that happen when percentage? Not remember everything that we say during this podcast is just given a just, not remember everything, but one thing we do want you to remember is how to get in contact with us, and so you probably receive some flyers. Whether you’re at a trade show whether you’re just in Pest Control Tulsa or maybe you got some on your door-maybe got some millers. The millers are flyers and safe pest control tulsa Those are the ones that you want to keep. You can’t read all the rest right, you don’t want the rest, you can try them again down again. Take care of boom bam gone right on it. So I had to take that flyer information putting your phone or you have in your phone that wait and eat before you that way, it’s there and at a moment’s notice, and so we are going to be talking about bugs and weeds the weather and groundhogs, and what are not groundhog’s care about fleas and ticks. Do they have a weather? People have pets with groundhogs with fleas and ticks want to make sure that that those fleas and ticks are are taking care of want to make sure that you don’t deal with those fleas and ticks. If you have any pets on whatsoever says, pets could be, it could be. I, don’t know, dogs as pets to be cats. Those pets could be anything right in your mind, so, whatever it is, if you don’t want, please text what you got to do. Is you got to give us a call? So any billboards is a pest control, tulsa, those the ones you want to pay attention to all the information on the billboards that say those words I’m you’ll be set to be good to go when I went looking for us for women looking for service, so special in shady areas. That’s where fleas like to hang out how they really like to hang out in the shade of someone make sure you paid attention broadcast, treat your your whole lot for you to nations, don’t deal with those that makes you don’t deal with the deal with those proactive at the yard. Make sure they don’t get them. That you that it smart right, give us a call I’m, just google, pest control tulsa that google search will I should be to your company, will leave your website only do two items, even with the perfect one in your Pest Control Tulsa And. Of course, if you take care of fleas and ticks take care of grubs, take your moles and gophers.

We do we take care of moles and gophers. You take care of a fly’s of flying insects of mosquitoes. If you don’t want this week in hell that also do fleas and ticks. Where do flies house flies love? You bro realize that, but we can’t make sure those housewives are gone. We can actually is there flying insect, but we actually handled extremely well. What do wasps and yellowjackets? Don’t forget about your mind? Every home in oklahoma. Don’t forget about it. Okay, if we handle them, we do mice and rats. Wheels, take care of spiders and ants carpenter, ants carpenter. Bees would be horrible if you get them call us calls calls calls to make sure that that that we handle that, for you, we don’t do. We control services as well sort applications will treat for dandelions, broadleaf weeds, that make sure it looks green with me out on there that helps prevent you from going. It is often I’ll make it greenbrier also put something out there make it. We don’t have happened, lord as much. That is the best of both word world, but that is something we can do for you suggest that happens to you. I will spew over senior fescue lawns, or do we control also there for you, but you got to give us a call 837-6057. You also reaches online at platinum test lawn.Com. Remember when she’s black