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Welcome podcasters welcome back to another dish, and thank you for going with this today. Hopefully, you’re enjoying this weather is warming up. It is february. We had some time. Hopefully you stay safe over the weekend, fill the ice that was on the road. I’m really wasn’t a good condition to be driving in I know myself was I was driving there on on 169 headed north, and there was nice your pass and good thing. It was that early in the morning, around 8 in the morning with nobody else on the road and in so I slip, my truck slid is slided and i. Luckily, there’s nobody. Next to me, cuz, like i, said:there’s nobody on the road correct. Just before I almost slid on the road. Why did side the road I almost had a rollover, accident I think there’s some guardian angels. They are watching out for me looking out for me and so on. So Pest Control Tulsa anyways hopefully you didn’t have to mess with any of that. Hopefully, you didn’t have to deal with with the slick roads. You were probably smarter than I and you probably stayed back. My name is jared on the hostess podcast series. Some people just call me mr. Pest control tulsa I’m, because i, because we take care of of the tulsa area. That’s what we do. That’s why some people call us that if you want to call me that feel free to,, but I am co-founder. Platinum pest & lawn, with my beautiful wife, amazing, wife and mother of, are at three children of jennifer johnson. Some people call her superwoman some who call her wonder woman cuz. They wonder how she does everything that she does. I also call her wonder, woman cuz i, wonder how awesome she is in, and that is super duper awesome. But we are, we are taking care of the pest control needs in the end the lawn needs. The yard needs a turf need to better tulsa areawe started the company years ago. Our goal was really become the best pest control tulsa has to offer, and so we believe and we feel that we are providing the best pest control. That is here and in that that’s available to everybody, and that is our goal. That is our aim and that’s what we are are are achieving that’s what we’re trying to accomplish right now and I am so. We want to walk, commute this podcast scooby-doo, anything that you want to right now, but you are taking your time to listen to us, which we really appreciate it and you’ll be smarter. You will be a better person, i, listen to her voice and bye-bye tuning in with us today, and so what we’re doing right now is this the beauty about technology, podcast anywhere back right now, I’m on my way to a termite inspection over in beggs oklahoma from east broken arrow over to beggs oklahoma, we’re going to go on back of death up to callwill suck, but I wanted to make sure that I made time to give you the information that you want. The information that you desire and so right now we’re doing it while we’re driving here in the chevy sonic you might be rolling by are sonic right now and and seen all of our decals or are carl’s all our cars, all cleaned up and and decal doubt so so, hopefully you’re doing that. Hopefully, you’re looking this, but either way we want you to remember how to get in contact with us, cuz you’re, not going to member everything that that we talked about today or this podcast. So how to get in contact with us or contact information, and that’s simple:all you have to do is google pest, control tulsa. Just having those keywords. That search will lead you to us and we are a confident that you’ll be happy and pleased with our services that we will provide you I’m. We have many good reviews hundred a google reviews over five stars at people are loving, it people are liking it and, hopefully you’re, loving and liking. This podcast won’t back, maybe I’ll tell youpodcast i, don’t know, but what I can tell you that we are glad that you’re with us today. Let’s talk about termites I’m on my way to do a termite inspection. She might ask yourself who needs a termite inspection? Will really everybody who lives in a home in oklahoma need to termite inspection in oklahoma? Are they match on their website that 70% of homes, art in 20 years old in oklahoma, are going to get termites? Have no treatment performed on it? So you are going to die inspecting my by having a professional come out and take a look. I’ve inspected. Make sure that things are looking good. Make sure that that i, that you are that you’re staying past for you, that’s what that’s what we will do for you I’m in. In order to do that, you might drive by any of our trucks. We have trucks and cars out on the road they may or may not say pest control tulsa but if they do where you at they don’t want you to judge any of our information. This is platinum. Pest & lawn cuz. That’s the information that you’re going to need to get in contact with us. Whether you were looking to do a termite, inspection or or weather. Look for Pest Control Tulsa on on your home or on your yard. We are happy to provide that that for you, so the house and I noticed on their wooden floors and hardwood floors and nurse there wouldn’t hardwood floors has some cracking on it, and so they were curious to know why they thought it was right. It does rotten wood rotten floors, and so they are, they pulled them up to have them replace.

Well, once you know when they pull them up to have him replace those boards won’t run it on back. They were being eaten up by termites, so they pulled the boards up. There. Termites are eating and chewing on them and that’s what harm need? The structural integrity of the of the flooris, this termite? That’s what happened? Okay, so you do not want that to happen to you, that’s the last thing you want to have you over there at your help, so you need to call professional situation. What Pest Control Tulsa want to do is you want you to always have our information near you so anytime, you passed any of the billboards there’s a lot of billboards around town, but if you pass any billboard that says pest control tulsa the billboards that you were going to want to take a note up, because those are are billboards and that’s going to have all of our information on the billboard I’m. So we can contact that we don’t just take care of take care of bed bugs subterranean termites termites with wings swarming termites, ants, carpenter, ants, odorous, ants who, take care of house flies, a wasp yellow jackets can’t stand those things. Mosquitoes fleas, ticks spiders, ants, centipedes, millipedes, bed, bugs mice rats, you name it. We can take care of it, but you got to give us a call. Just look. This up! Look up, Pest Control Tulsa just google that all of our information come up and you’ll find us there an application to postmark applications. We want to leave with the perfect lawn and your past,, but you got to give us a call 918-376-0857 or you can. Pest Control Tulsa saw online at platinum pest & lawn.