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morning, everyone in the entire world, you could be in Alaska, you could be in Australia, you could be in Canada. Yes, if you have bugs in Canada and Alaska it takes to Got Bugs pretty bad in those locations, realize I think, because it gets cold, quick, coming out or aren’t the present situation. That is not true in these areas. Have a lot of issues with spiders a lot of issues of another type of bug, I’m in his common, it is prevalent, people are doing that and so that’s what is happening. Lots of lots of bugs lots of pest control out there, but thank you for joining with it with the podcast this morning. You can do anything that you want to do the work and the Title is in the podcast this victim of you listen to podcast say. That allows us right. So I’m Jared Johnson, I’m your host, this podcast. Some people just call me Pest Control Tulsa, because those are bread and butter Chardonnay off, as we start off doing strictly Pest Control, I’m taking care of all sorts of general pest and then from there we went to we control as well. Pest Control Tulsa So we did the lawn service, we had the lawn fertilization, we added the fertilization of broadleaf weeds, pre-emergent applications and we added it all up to it. So that way, we can make sure that we leave you with a perfect launch. On we are family owned and operated the company. We service the greater Tulsa area affected by Pest Solutions and turf solutions to those in the Tulsa area, and so, if you would like our service, we love to provide service for you. We love to hear your feedback based on our Google reviews. We want you to write a review for us, I’m we know there are we. We are on our way to becoming the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer. At least that was our goal to become. We are well on our way to accomplish this if we haven’t already accomplished it affect. We are the most reviewed pest control company in the Tulsa area. Pest Control Tulsa So just something to keep in mind. We are the most reviewed company and, and what we do is we provide those Solutions, has passed and is Turf Solutions under those who need it, which is absolutely everybody.

I’m everybody needs it. Everybody’S going to get weeds right. It’S going to happen if no herbicide applications for Four Brothers on the home or on the yard you’re going to get weed no doubt about it, there’s no other way around it. That’S just the way here it is in Oklahoma and you’re also going to get box right. If you don’t have protection around your home, you are going to get bugs you’re going to see bugs they are going to start coming inside your home. That’S just the back, so if you want to take preventive action if you’re smart and you want to stop problem before it gets worse than what you need to do, she needs to reach out to us what information you can contact does want to destroy the Google, us or internet search, Pest Control Tulsa just really simple, you do – is go to your favorite search engine, whether it’s Yahoo or being or Ms or whatever. It is. Google search engine bar just type in three key words, as keywords are Pest Control Tulsa. Once you do that prisoner and we are confident that search, as she leaves you over to our Lee Jupiter website, will it will eventually lead you to add to do in service with us right at that’s? What we’re going to do what happens for you. We want to provide you the best service I, but just the fact that you listen to his podcast tells us that you have found us before. I mother was a referral or whatever you’re listening to us or is he did find us, but because you’re not going to remember everything through this all this information to its information Highway. As being president, you T U V podcast to remember all the information we. We know that that’s just not going to happen, and so what we want. Pest Control Tulsa You just want you to remember how to get in contact with us, which is a fairly simple process because working around Tulsa lot of siding around Tulsa. So anytime, you see any of these signage rentals at any anytime. You see that says: Pest Control, Tulsa just just grab that number in their cuz. We are number and I can give us a call, will answer any questions that you have ever will also go out there and service you if you’d like us to. We make sure that you don’t deal with any pest ever again.

Do that for you, but you got to reach you got to save her number got to make sure that we can do that and make sure that that can happen there for you effectively up so right now we are talking to all sorts of different type of bugs Being here in the wintertime it is winter. Technically, however, it’s only 51 degrees and it’s before well, before the sun comes up, the sun comes up, and it’s still, it’s only 51 degrees. Lately now what happens when you have these warm spells of the bug start going inside the hall and then start moving back and forth when you have a cold snap, snap is well. I miss it just happened. They just happened. Man, it’s just part of nature. You get those snaps when he snaps happen to me. Pest Control Tulsa Those bugs are going to come on the inside the home, where it’s nice and warm weather and get back behind those walls in back behind in and said that insulation starts doing their thing back there, which we do not want to have happened for you. Okay, I doubt you want that to happen for you., Would you not want what happened to their home or even their loved ones, homes, or is it people like the neighbors? They don’t want that to happen. To I love you just don’t want that to happen most likely. That is going to be you. It does not want to be a bit by bugs that have them high back behind your walls. So if you are that person that you want that to happen to any time or actually next time, you see that Pest Control, Tulsa, billboard pull over and information cuz they’ll have all of her information and cost for a whole. Rave Services know what do flying insects like mosquitoes Yellow Jackets, wasps dirt dobbers house flies gnats drain flies. Pest Control Tulsa We also do carpenter bees and wood bees, as well as your wood. Destroying insects is there until we can handle those. We also do another different type of bugs. Will like spiders black widow, spider brown, recluse, spiders, yellow orb, spiders, jumping spiders, ants carpenter, ant those are carpenter ants, we also take care of all sorts of other different types of bugs you might be dealing with.

Those bugs can get includes everything from termite subterranean termites with wings. Swarming termites are roaches or a big one, German brown cockroach to oriental cockroaches. We handle it all fleas and ticks and bed bugs if you going to stay somewhere during this Christmas holiday. I’ll be careful, bring back bed bugs at your home. Do not want them back inside your home, so take the caution time to get those bed bug mice and rats, fleas and ticks centipedes and millipedes and Scorpion silverfish, beetles ladybugs, you name it we can. We can get to it, but in order to make them happy need to give us a call, so just search Pest Control Tulsa. That search will lead us and we will handle it for you. We will get it taken care of, for you, I’ma give us at search. Make that happen. I would come out there and get everything squared away for you. We don’t just do that really, soon, Turf Services. We want to leave you with a perfect bun in your past., I’m so we’ll do pre-emergent applications for your annual weeds for Grassy weed. I will take care of broadleaf weeds, Pest Control Tulsa like Pollyanna or not, but henbit, I’m Clover Danny Lyons, any of the broadleaf weeds. We also do hold of ray ever of grassy weeds, like crabgrass in Dallas grass and nut grass. Would you lawn aeration lawn fertilization, both Community FSU long but gives cold to want to leave you with the Perfect Lawn and your past is gone he reached at 918-376-0857 or you can reach to online at Platinum, pass in your first service only $ 1