Or read Turser welcome Are you ready for the podcast of your like coming at you strongly here in Carrousel. We had platinum past and man. I am Jared Johnson founder of platinum pest and lawn with my beautiful gorgeous wife and mother three kids. Jennifer Johnson is formerly known as Jennifer Gaylord Well today we are talking about the past. Right. Big surprise if you followed any of our podcast you know that we talk about past all the time but we are platinum pest and lawn aka we are an exterminator. We get the job done. So you don’t have to. You can find us on the web at Platinum pest on dot com where you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. All right if you fared well you know that we’ve talked about all sorts of past during these pod podcast from roaches to mosquitoes dead dust mites earwigs to spiders to ants you name it. We’ve talked about it.
We’ve taken care of it. We will help you out if you’re dealing with any pest issues. Now if that’s the case if you’re dealing with any past. Best thing to do is to google exterminator Tulsa. You will find us there. Click on ask. We will come out. Take care of any issues that you are having to leave your home pest-free. All right. Exterminator Tulsa
Well, the topic that we’re going to be talking about today is we are going to be talking about families. Yes, those nasty families. Nobody likes them. But if you fail then any of all podcasts in the past you know that we come at you strong with some trivia to start off so we’re going in the passage trivia as. How long can a roach live without food? Well, the answer is about a month and so fun facts coming at you. Here’s one for fleas.
OK. Let me ask you this. How long can you stay outside when it’s cold and survive. And I mean think about it here in Texas it’s somewhat cold sometimes occasion where we’ll get some single-digit weather. If you’re in the single-digit weather we’re here with no clothes on. How long will you last? How long will it take you to freeze? How long would you last how long could you survive? Well. Let’s give you the answer for Wakefield’s give you the question for how long do you think a family can remain frozen. But still, survive and still be living after all that is it one day at one hour. Is it for one month is five months? What do you think it is Tulsa How long can a fleet be frozen and still survive? The answer is one year. A fleet can remain frozen for one whole year and they can still survive. Isn’t that just amazing? Yes, there are some past where if you freeze them then they’re dead. You’re able to take care of them. It’s a mode of treatment right. It’s just not going to work. They can remain frozen for one year and still live to tell the tale about it. All right. Hopefully you not letting any fleas live and hopefully you’re not letting any fleas survive that or near you or your loved ones.
Hopefully, those are getting taken care of. But if you do suspect that your freezer your animals have fleas in the house fleas in the yard give us a call. You’ve probably heard about us we are the premier exterminator Tulsa. And we take care of fleas we take care of ticks. We take care of all sorts of different bugs. OK. Now as far as fleas go. If you don’t have fleas inside the home there is some major prep work that needs to be done before we can come out and treat the fleas before we can come out and eliminate the situation limit the problem that you’re facing. I remember one.
You do need a vacuum and you need to dump the bags on the exterior of the home. Now what happens is is that for flu lay eggs that those eggs will sit up.
Dan has designed them where when a host walks by. So when an animal walks by when a person walks by when something that they can feed on.
By the way, fleas eat blood with something they can feed on walks by it sends up vibration those vibrations hatch the eggs in the and the newly born please jump onto their host right away and latch on that way they can feed. Very interesting design. The way that that nature or the way that God has designed them that way they hatch when they’re ready when they hatch when they can feed they hatch when they can eat. All right. But if you just don’t want to deal with fleas. At all. Give us a call you might have heard from a friend you might see a billboard that says exterminator Tulsa. Yes just call us what we’ll get you all squared away. It’s taken care of where you are not dealing with fleas anymore. OK. Just gives a shout. So. Exterminator Tulsa
Here’s a situation with fleas. OK. The true story sometimes people call us because they have fleas. Sometimes people move into homes that are loaded with fleas and those fleas jump all over them.
We’ve done a number of homes where we walk in well first of all the foods are bad. We were a disposable Tyvek suit. Right. It covers our feet. It covers our heads. It covers her body. We zip them up and they’re white. And so with that please stand out very easy on those Tyvek suit. So we might say hi. Suzanne with ProMED or something along those lines you know that will help. Please help kill the fleas. Before we go to these homes there are some homes that we go into and our legs are just immediately covered with fleas. And so they can be a very bad problem in a short amount of time. OK. So if you suspect your animals do have fleas. Get them treated for fleas. Don’t wait on that. Just just go and get them done get them treated. But at the same time that they do get treated you’re going to want to call us and have us treat your home. And if you’re wondering who we are we are exterminator Tulsa. We will take care of your home. And keep it for you from. Please keep her free from other pests as well. So sometimes we go into homes and we inspect homes for people buying homes.
And so sometimes we go into these homes and then all of a sudden we are covered with fleas right away. The home inspector is cover. The reporters are covered with fleas. The buyers are covered with fleas. Now if this ever happens to you if you find yourself at a friend’s house or another location where fleas are all over you.
Be careful not to bring them into your vehicle because they will jump on you and they will catch a ride. And oftentimes what happens is you jump in your vehicle with your clothes that they had the fleas on them you will go immediately home you’ll strip down all your clothes neatly in the washer in the dryer and you think the problem’s over with you think it’s done. Well, you jump in the car the next day and you head out to work and lo and behold you’re getting bit by fleas. That’s because the police are right on you. And then they jumped off in the vehicle.
So once you jump back into vehicle once you come back inside the vehicle the police are going to jump on you and they’re going to try to get a little blood mill from you on your way to work which is no good if you have fleas in your vehicle or flees anywhere. Don’t hesitate to look us up. You might even see a billboard that says exterminator Tulsa. If you do give us a call that’s going to be us. We will take care of your situation or any other pest situation that you are dealing with at this time. But the thing is nobody likes fleas. They bite they leave little bumps that itch. They’re no good. All right. They do not belong in your home. Take control. They do not belong in your home or anywhere near your loved ones. So if you think they are.
Look this up looks up online at platinum passed in on dotcom You can also give us a call our phone numbers 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
Not only will we take care of your families we will take care of your ticks we’ll take care of your spiders your brown recluses.
We will take care of the flies. Termites. Take care of mites. Ants will take care of carpentry and Meryl’s barrels. You name it. We’ll have the solution there for you.
And the best thing is is that if you Luca’s give us a call your first service is only going to be a dollar. We are very confident our service that once you have this out and once we treat your house we will become your premier exterminator to get the job done for you in the future.
So once again you are first serving is only one dollar that’s a no brainer you cannot pass it up. Give us a call 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or Luca’s up on the web at Platinum fast and on dot com.