Good morning Tulsa Welcome to the podcast Puttnam Peston lawn where we leave you with the perfect lawn and your past and gone. We are. Look actually today we’re going to talk about ticks and why nobody likes ticks and how to get rid of ticks. We are a family-owned and operated company here in the Tulsa area. In fact, if you drive down the road and if you look up and see a billboard that says exterminator Tulsa. It could be our billboard but. But anyways you give us a call that way we can take care of all your pest and lawn needs. You can always reach us. At 9 1 8. 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can find us online. At Platinum. Pest and lawn dot com. OK. So today we are talking about Ticks. Why nobody likes Tick’s why they are dreaded and why it keeps people out of the woods and outside dirt during the summer months. OK so so Tosa. First and foremost if you are dealing with ticks at your house you need to google exterminator Tulsa. There you will find us our Web site. Platinum pest and lawn look us up. Give us a call we’ll come out there and take care of those ticks there for you. OK. So tell why to do people, not like ticks. Number one they’re disgusting. Right. There’s nothing worse than going outside and coming back and realizing that. That what she had what she thought was a mole was actually a little vampire attached to your skin sucking your blood.
And then if they’re not removed properly they can cause infection and they can just become a bad situation. And even after you remove them they bother you implied you for about a month afterwards sometimes more and they’re itchy and disgusting and no good. And so you can feel the effects for a long time afterwards just from going outside and not and not being protected. However, if you have an exterminator Tulsa that takes care of those issues like platinum and pestilence then the good thing is you don’t have to worry about that happening in your yard. OK. So when it ticks like like to be where do you ticks thrive. Well ticks that thrive in vegetation.
So if you have long grass around your home around your property those could be areas that ticks like to hang out in. Also on plants as you walk through vegetation as you walk around outside you’re going to brush up against vegetation you’re going to brush up against plants and that’s where the ticks are going to are going to get on. They’re going to get on your clothing and then from there they’re going to crawl around in there so small if you don’t fill them and they’re going to get typically increases and in areas that are tight where they feel safe in secluded areas of the typical areas that they enter is going to be around your waistband there in your pants also socks. You know the seams the socks plastic that tight area they like to get underneath there. And and. Do their business. And so. Once they get in and they start you know they attach on to you and they start having their blood meal which unfortunately is your blood and they’re and they start sucking your blood. Right. So why are tics so bad. Well number one they cause diseases. Right. They can make you sick very badly. Lyme disease is a bad disease. However, if you don’t want to get Lyme disease from ticks go ahead and google exterminator Tulsa and you will see our Web site platinum Peston. Give us a call. We’ll take care of it. To help prevent that from happening. Lyme disease. And you know they don’t.
They can attack anybody. They are they aren’t picky. If you’re an animal. You know if you’re human if you have blood it can happen to you. It’s happened to celebrities it’s happened to common people that they get bit by ticks and then the next thing you know you have Lyme disease. So how do you know if you get Lyme disease from it? Well, number one a telltale sign is where the tick bite occurs. You’re going to see what looks like a target. Your target Target store you know a symbol that targets the red in the middle of the writing and the outer band of red in essence that’s what.
I took that could look like if you were infected with Lyme disease it doesn’t always happen that way but that is a telltale sign. There are also other diseases like Rocky mountain fever these are severe. These are bad things that last for months, not something that you want to happen. Not something that you want to want to have happened to you to mean to your loved ones. And so if you’re looking at ways to prevent this just just call exterminator Tulsa. That’s us. That’s platinum pest and lawn. And we will get you will help. Prevent this from happening to your family. And in some diseases are bad. They affect lots of people that get hit by ticks over here in Oklahoma. You know people talk about deer ticks. There’s a Lone Star tick. There are dog ticks. There are so many. There’s the brown dog take that there’s the brown tick that there are so many ticks that. That man that is here in the Oklahoma area that causes problems and you just don’t want to take the chance. You know you don’t want to take the chance of that happening. So if you know that you are going outside if you’re going to spend some time outside in the yard or exploring you know beautiful Oklahoma it’s important that you do a few things. Number one. With long sleeves and long pants that will help that you want to. You want to spray down.
You want to spray your clothing before you head out with permethrin and you let that dry on your clothes after you have sprayed your clothing with permethrin and in stride. Then as you go out you want to make sure you spray down with DEET as well. If you do that if you spray down with permethrin it significantly reduces your chances of getting ticks and contracting lung disease or racking down a fever. Or any of that the tick carrying diseases. Now the great thing about spring you’re closed down with permethrin is once they join your clothes they’re good for a while. You know they say that they’re good for up to six washings in the washing machine but it’s just important that you store them in a closed container where you know you have sunlight and oxygen. Sunlight and oxygen are going to be what breaks those down with breaks down the parathion or breaks down the protection that you have on your clothes. Clothing from Frontex. So again before you head out into the woods is important to spray your clothing with permethrin let it dry then and. Afterwards as you before you head out into the woods. Spray down with DEET. Typically when I do that I’ve had great success with is I’ll spray my clothes with permethrin and then all spray with DEET in strategic locations such as around the waistband of my pants when my socks come together. I won’t wear my socks. The very tips of my socks were they are up on my legs and all sprayed those areas real well with DEET in any areas where they might have contact or act or have access to my skin. And so by doing that you’re able to reduce.
Ticks entering in and biting you in dealing with that itch and with that scratch. And with that nonsense. And so that’s very good advice.
Before you head out into the woods or before you go and do your work around your home but if you’re looking to prevent all these issues if you just don’t want ticks around your house around your yard or around your property.
Google Glass Google exterminator Tulsa give us a call rapid come out there and take care of that for you. So once again we are platinum past and on. You can find us on the web a platinum pest and lawn dot com you can give us a call at 9 1 8.
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