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Ralph TASA platinum passed along the pod cast I am Jim Johnson founder of platinum Peston and long my wife Jennifer. We are the premier exterminator Tosa And so we take care of everything from mosquitoes to bed bugs termites to spiders ants you name it.
We’re going to take care of it.
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Or you can visit us on the web at Platinum past and Amon dot com. Ok so today we are talking about mosquitoes. We talked about mosquitoes in the last pod cast and we are going to talk about mosquitoes again in this podcast. If you were in green country in the Tulsa area at some point you have dealt with mosquitoes. In fact my being called an exterminator to get that job done you would not see any more mosquitoes in and around your property. OK. Well let’s talk about these pesty little critters. We’re going to do a little trivia today when it comes to mosquitoes. We’re going to question we’re going to ask questions about mosquitoes and hopefully you guys will know the answers or at least by the time we are done with this podcast you will know the answer. All right. True. Or false. Only. Female mosquitoes. Bite human beings. OK. True or fast. Only female mosquitoes bite human beings. You ready for the answer. Ding ding ding ding ding. That answer is true only the females were bite humans. They need the protein to help reproduce and lay their eggs. Mars just feed on plant nectar. That’s a fundamental fact for you. So females are the only ones set by humans. OK let’s let’s see why people not like like mosquitoes. Number one they bite you they suck you blood they’re little vampires like that. Most people do not like that happening to them or their loved ones. But also the bites itch right. Who itching. Exterminator Tulsa
Some people react pretty badly to mosquito bites but mosquitoes spread diseases as well. All right. Pink Tarsa What are some well known diseases that mosquitoes spread. OK let’s see. Have any of you ever heard of. The West Nile virus. Chances are you probably. Have. In fact there was a mosquito caught in a trap or so this year that was confirmed positive for West Nile. So something to keep in mind. Something to think about. Also they didn’t bring malaria. Right. So there is no good. Nobody wants malaria. Also pregnant ladies out there. Beware. Mosquitoes also carried the Zika virus which has been known to cause all sorts of birth defects in the children especially if you’re pregnant. Pay particular attention to the mosquitoes and prevent them from from from biting you. OK. So. Let’s talk about let’s talk about mosquitoes and in the ways to help prevent mosquitoes from biting you. Well first off if you’re looking at ways forbid mosquitoes from biting you chances are you might have to actually to eliminate mosquitoes you might have actually googled exterminator Tesa. If you do you will find us on the top of the group. And there you can click on our link and we’ll take you to the Web site and you’ll find out all sorts of stuff about mosquitoes OK what ways to prevent mosquitoes. You can. Get rid of any bother any good things around get rid of things around your home and that might be conducive to an environment that that Faibish mosquitoes.
Examples that might be in standing water around your home maybe tire maybe in the kiddie pool. You know they also like moist soil. Those type of things are going to are going to track mosquitoes and they’re going to they’re going to breed around those areas there. And so. It’s important to get rid of any of those areas. Now if you are going outside you’re on the woods or in a mosquito infested area. And brew a few things so to prevent them right. Exterminator Tulsa
Or at least keep more of you and your family spraying down with DEET. Oftentimes it’s going to be an off. In the brain or spraying down with DEET on any exposed skin that you have also on your clothes. It doesn’t actually kill mosquitoes but it does actually deter them to disorient them and they look elsewhere for food. So DEET is something great. A bathroom and something great to put on your clothes the spray on your clothes let them dry before you put them on. And in fact they actually make clear.
So if you’re driven with Katherine and in the clothes so you actually have bug repellent mosquito repellent woven in the clothes. That does help. So if you a big outdoorsy. Type of person that’s something that you are going to want to consider doing. Is is purchasing some clothing with some permethrin. Oftentimes those are good. Up to 70 washings worth 70 washings. Yes I did say 70 washings. And it’s important to store those in airtight containers out of the light. That way it will it will help help the active ingredient permethrin last long last as long as they can possibly last there. And so that’s.
And so that’s that is important. And so those are some things that you can do there to help prevent getting bit by mosquitoes in and around your home. Another thing that you may want to do is is is when you’re sleeping outside for instance where mosquitoes aren’t heavily populated you probably want to get some mosquito netting that will help you know they’ll help prevent you from getting bit while you’re while you’re camping why you’re sleeping outdoors.
OK. But overall I mean if your area is prone to mosquito activity and if you have a lot of vegetation around your home what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to call an exterminator Tulsa to get the job done. And so we would show up for instance if you called us word the mayor as premier exterminator we were sure. We would we would take care of those. Those mosquitoes for you the way that we do that is weesh was originally Poso product. Exterminator Tulsa
We have a backpack mister that we would missed all the vegetation around your home but that’s going to do is I don’t only if you noticed before you might you may or may not have noticed that mosquitoes really do like to hang around vegetation plants trees shrubs bushes that type of thing. And so they rested in these areas I don’t know if you ever walked by an area that had. Had a bunch of mosquitoes resting on resting on the plants. I mean as you walk by all of a sudden it seems like they try to carry you away. What we’re going to do is we’re going to treat all those vegetation areas ofttimes on the underside of the vegetations where they like to hang out. So we’re going to pay particular attention to those areas and we are going to mist it with some products that are formulated to take care of the mosquitoes permit through and it’s typically going to be one of those products that we mix in with our with our mosquito treatment to get the job done to get the job done right.
And so take back your backyard this summer. Go outside enjoy it. Have fun with your family now outdoors don’t worry about the mosquitoes. OK. You can always call us Puttnam pest and lawn. We take care of a variety of things. Mosquitoes mice rats termites and spiders you name it we take care of it. You can give us a call you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 1 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 that 5 7 you can also find us online. Exterminator Tulsa
At Platinum pest and lawn dot com. Give us give us a ring in fact if you call us and you you talk to us you want to come out there and get your home taken care of we’ll do the first service for only one dollar right. Yeah you heard right. First service is only one dollar. So call platinum pest and lawn. Perfect lawn and Pest gone. Exterminator Tulsa